Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Healers and a Blacksmith

The master mage gets back home after a long adventure in far lands. Enters the tavern to find ne faces.

[15:48] Pionia Destiny: greetings
[15:49] francisodwyer turns and nods politely to the woman.
[15:49] Elayne Carpathia: greetings
[15:49] Pionia Destiny: smiles warmly.
[15:49] Shandra Datura: greetings
[15:49] Elayne Carpathia: Please help yourself to the fresh pie I baked.
[15:49] Pionia Destiny: My name's Pionia Destiny
[15:50] Pionia Destiny: mmm pie.. smiles warly.
[15:50] Pionia Destiny: Thanks. You are very kind
[15:51] Elayne Carpathia: turns around and sees Shandra.
[15:51] francisodwyer turns and smiles to Shandra, then reaches out to take a piece of the pie. He looks up to the other woman and nods, "Well, hello Pionia Destiny."
[15:51] Pionia Destiny: looks at the lady.. are you the new cook?
[15:51] Shandra Datura: greetings elayne
[15:51] Elayne Carpathia: "how did your patient do?"
[15:51] Shandra Datura: greetings, francis
[15:51] Elayne Carpathia: "No, I'm the healer."
[15:51] Shandra Datura: he seemed better this morning
[15:51] Elayne Carpathia: "But I like to bake."
[15:52] Pionia Destiny: The healer.. smiles.. There are some new healers..
[15:52] Shandra Datura: i gave him more willow bark, and changed the poultices
[15:52] Pionia Destiny: nods and smiles. Maggie is doing a great job..
[15:52] francisodwyer takes a bite from the pie, speaking with his mouth full of food, "Hello, Shandra."
[15:52] Elayne Carpathia: I was so worried about him.
[15:53] Pionia Destiny: I am a master mage. I was away on a quest.
[15:53] Pionia Destiny: Nice to meet you all.

[15:53] Elayne Carpathia: "I remember helping to heal you of poison."
[15:54] Pionia Destiny: Looks at the man talking and eating.. and giggles
[15:54] Elayne Carpathia: "You fainted by the gate."
[15:54] Pionia Destiny: looks up trying to remmeber.. oh yes..
[15:54] Pionia Destiny: you were with maggie at the time..
[15:54] francisodwyer swallows down the pie, reaching for a second slice before the first is even down. He takes a huge bite of the second, no longer paying attention to the conversation around him.
[15:55] Pionia Destiny: Nice to see you again. Thanks for your great help
[15:55] Pionia Destiny: it was awful. The way I felt.. *shivers*
[15:56] Shandra Datura: what happened?
[15:56] Pionia Destiny: I got poison by some evil herbs on the way to the gate
[15:57] Shandra Datura: oh no! are you all right?
[15:57] Pionia Destiny: looks at the young healer and giggles
[15:57] francisodwyer swallows down the second slice, reaching for a third, eating quickly. Filling from the pie falls down the front of his shirt. He reaches up and wipes it off with his hand and continues eating.
[15:57] Pionia Destiny: that was some time ago my dear
[15:57] Shandra Datura: oh i see
[15:57] Elayne Carpathia: My first healing I think
[15:58] Pionia Destiny: looks at the man and wonders..sir.. you must be starving.
[15:59] Elayne Carpathia: "How was your quest, Pionia?"
[15:59] francisodwyer looks to the woman with a bit of surprise and swallows down the third slice of pie, pushing the pan back towards Elayne, "I'm doing fine, miss." He uses a thumb to wipe the crumbs from the side of his mouth.
[15:59] Pionia Destiny: *Pretends she didn't listen to the healer's inquire on her quest* well, i am glad we have more villagers.. we need all the people we can get..
[16:00] Elayne Carpathia: Francis is considering taking over the job of blacksmith.
[16:00] Pionia Destiny: smiles ..that's great news...
[16:00] Elayne Carpathia: We don't have one here, do we?
[16:00] Shandra Datura: that's good news, we could use the help.
[16:00] Shandra Datura: i haven't heard of one
[16:01] Pionia Destiny: my poor horse needs new shoes.. giggles.. well..he's the horse of a mage..he crosses a lot of portals..

[16:01] francisodwyer nods slowly and studies Pionia carefully. "It seems to be a need here that I should be able to fill. Willing to put in the work."
[16:01] Pionia Destiny: have you talked to lady Min.. she runs the village..
[16:01] Elayne Carpathia: Smiles at Francis,"Great to hear you found a place here with us."
[16:02] Pionia Destiny: I don't know of anyone being the blacksmith..
[16:02] Elayne Carpathia: "Min's off to sea."
[16:02] Elayne Carpathia: Dillard, Min and Kiefer.
[16:02] Pionia Destiny: is she?.. well, she loves the sea..
[16:03] Elayne Carpathia: Bringin' oranges home to us.
[16:03] Pionia Destiny: all of them? .. *smiles.. good that gobblin won't be here for a while.. hopes the sea life makes him smile*
[16:03] francisodwyer nods listening, "I am sure I can manage until they get back." He looks around the room, studying the beams of the ceiling and brings a hand up to rub the back of his neck.
[16:04] Elayne Carpathia: You seem a bit nervous Francis.
[16:05] Pionia Destiny: well.. some things have changed.. that's a natural thing to happen when you are away for a long time..
[16:05] Pionia Destiny: studies the man face looking for what bothers him*
[16:05] francisodwyer blinks and quickly looks in Elayne's direction with surprise, "Nervous? No, not that I know of." He looks curiously to Pionia and nods, unsure of what she is talking about.
[16:05] Elayne Carpathia: "Well, we did have a haunting here last night."
[16:06] Pionia Destiny: I assure you, sir.. this is a nice peaceful village..
[16:06] Pionia Destiny: a haunting?
[16:06] Pionia Destiny: opens her eyes in surprise...what happened?
[16:06] Elayne Carpathia: Yes, she was possessed.
[16:06] Elayne Carpathia: A Queen, can't remembert her name.
[16:06] Shandra Datura: yes, it was quite eerie for a while
[16:06] Pionia Destiny: raises her eyebrow ..who was possed? a queen? in crimson?
[16:07] Elayne Carpathia: Burning sage and such.
[16:07] Shandra Datura: a young woman,says she's a queen
[16:07] Pionia Destiny: there are not queens here..
[16:07] Elayne Carpathia: right here in this room
[16:07] Elayne Carpathia: Let me think.
[16:07] francisodwyer leans his elbows on the bar, listening to the story. "Her name was Sorcha. She said she was a fae queen."
[16:07] Elayne Carpathia: Yes, Lady Sorcha.
[16:07] Shandra Datura: yes, that's right, sorcha
[16:08] Elayne Carpathia: Sighs
[16:08] Shandra Datura: said she had a sense of....doom or...impending evil, something like that
[16:08] Pionia Destiny: shakes her head.. no... never heard that name..mmm
[16:08] Elayne Carpathia: Had to resort to using one of my old mage staffs to cure her.
[16:09] Pionia Destiny: a mage staff.. are you a mage?
[16:09] Elayne Carpathia: Used to be.
[16:09] Elayne Carpathia: Not any more.
[16:10] francisodwyer spins around on the stool, crossing his arms, he leans his back against the counter top.
[16:10] Elayne Carpathia: Don't even like to think about those days now.
[16:10] Pionia Destiny: looks at her with a confused look on her face... you are not anymore?
How can you stop being a mage?
[16:10] Pionia Destiny: the wave is within you ..or not..
[16:10] Elayne Carpathia: Hmmm
[16:10] Elayne Carpathia: Let's say I gave up the dark ways and kept the light ways
[16:11] Pionia Destiny: Now being a's different..
[16:11] Elayne Carpathia: Much different.
[16:11] Pionia Destiny: smiles.. I am a mage of the light..
[16:11] Pionia Destiny: there's nothing dark on my spells..
[16:11] Elayne Carpathia: Do you heal?
[16:12] Pionia Destiny: I used to be a healer.. yes,... I can do it..
[16:12] Pionia Destiny: but I am not allowed to do you healers will be out of jobs here.. *giggles*
[16:13] Elayne Carpathia: I was a different type of mage than you.
[16:13] Elayne Carpathia: From a totally different world.
[16:13] Pionia Destiny: smiles.. I see...
[16:13] Pionia Destiny: but I feel the wave in you.. the fact that you helped that poor woman yesterday.. comfirms it..
[16:14] Elayne Carpathia: I used my staff of the full moon to draw the evil away from her.
[16:14] Elayne Carpathia: Nothing else worked.
[16:15] Pionia Destiny: starlight is my favorite spell.. giggles.. I am an abjurer job is to protect myself  and others from evil attacks..
[16:15] Elayne Carpathia: I'm walking a very fine line here.
[16:15] Elayne Carpathia: We could have used you here last night
[16:16] Elayne Carpathia: But alas, we had only Gadget and he seemed not interested.
[16:16] Pionia Destiny: it was a good thing you were here.. smiles.. That woman owns you..
[16:16] francisodwyer scratches his dirty arm and turns to Elayne, "You seemed to do well enough with what you had."
[16:16] Elayne Carpathia: Owns me?
[16:17] Pionia Destiny: phhh.. Sir gadget.. mmm shakes her head... sometimes he's just in another plane....
[16:17] Elayne Carpathia: How does she own me?
[16:17] Pionia Destiny: Oh, yes... you did good...
[16:18] Pionia Destiny: you helped her as a mage and as a healer.. the light shines on you..
[16:18] Pionia Destiny: she must be thankful.. the least..
[16:18] Elayne Carpathia: a big smile covers her face.
[16:19] Elayne Carpathia: Maggie thinks the healers need to embrace more of the Wiccan ways.
[16:19] Elayne Carpathia: I agree.
[16:20] Pionia Destiny: walks to the counter and sits... now I could use some of that pie..
[16:20] Elayne Carpathia: There's some mead here also.
[16:20] francisodwyer scratches his dirty chin and slides the plate down towards Pionia, "It is good pie."
[16:21] Pionia Destiny: looks at the plate.. and looks at the blacksmith hands...well, I think some wine will do.. for now.. smiles
[16:21] francisodwyer: "Do your druids use the wiccan ways? I would have thought they did, but I have not met any that I know of here. Sounds as if you could work together some."
[16:23] Goblet of Sylvan Wite Wine whispers: Pionia Destiny finds reason to reflect upon life as the Sylvan white wine works its magic on them.
[16:24] Elayne Carpathia: Shandra, you think that man will live?
[16:24] Elayne Carpathia: He was so full of poison.
[16:24] Elayne Carpathia: Infection, I mean.
[16:24] Pionia Destiny: listens attentively..
[16:25] Pionia Destiny: wonders what man can be.. hope sis not a villager*
[16:25] Elayne Carpathia: Seems as soon as Lady Sacha left, we had another emergency on our hands.
[16:25] Elayne Carpathia: Alaric Mistwalker
[16:26] Pionia Destiny: glances back to the healers... busy night, mmm
[16:26] Elayne Carpathia: Very
[16:26] Shandra Datura: i think he will, if his will is strong enough, and we stay on top of the poisons
[16:27] Elayne Carpathia: Bull, the centaur , brought him to us.
[16:27] Pionia Destiny: sips on her wine savoring it and letting linger on her tongue before swalowing... no.. haven't heard of that name either..
[16:27] Elayne Carpathia: Lots of newcomers
[16:27] Pionia Destiny: Sir Bull... brought him.. you said..
[16:27] Elayne Carpathia: Yes
[16:27] Elayne Carpathia: Carried him on his back
[16:28] Pionia Destiny: maybe he found him on the side of the road..
[16:28] Shandra Datura: yes, there are a lot of new faces here, some stay, some don't *shrugs*
[16:28] Pionia Destiny: he's a good man.. sir Bull
[16:28] Shandra Datura: he was very helpful
[16:29] Pionia Destiny: finishes drinking her wine and smiles.. satisfy...
[16:29] francisodwyer sits quietly listening to the conversation. He scratches his arm as his gaze goes from face to face, studying each of tthe three women as they talk.
[16:29] Shandra Datura: by the way, how are your feet, francis? any trouble with them today?
[16:29] Pionia Destiny: Good wine .. thinks to herself..
[16:30] Pionia Destiny: turns her head and looks at the man ... with grimance...
[16:30] francisodwyer widens his eyes and looks to Shandra, then down at his boots, "My feet? They seem to be holding up okay." He wiggles the toes inside of them, "Nice and clean. You took good care of them from what I can tell." He offers her a friendly smile.
16:31] Elayne Carpathia: giggles
[16:31] Shandra Datura: *smiles back and nods* good to hear. if you do need any more care for them, let one of us know
[16:31] Elayne Carpathia: People say the healers want to bathe everyone.
[16:32] Shandra Datura: *laughs* yes, i've heard that too
[16:32] Pionia Destiny: well.. some could use it..
[16:32] Chimera Cosmos is online.
[16:32] Shandra Datura: oh, i daresay
[16:32] Pionia Destiny: mumbles.. and giggles..
[16:33] Elayne Carpathia: Do you know Sir Wrheck, Pionia?
[16:33] francisodwyer blushes slightly at Elayne's giggling and looks back down
to his boots, "I will be sure to let you know if I need anything else. Thank you for your kindness." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "Is there anything the healers are needing? I hate to keep taking health care without doing my part in exchange."
[16:33] Pionia Destiny: I know a mage student that could use it.. but she refuses to take a bath..
[16:33] Shandra Datura: one woman was in here not long ago, and i swear she hadn't bathed in...ever...if i had to guess
[16:33] Elayne Carpathia: Anna
[16:33] Shandra Datura: yes, that was her
[16:33] Pionia Destiny: giggles.. yes.. chuckles.. Anna
[16:34] Shandra Datura: well, francis, that is what we are hear for, to help
[16:34] Pionia Destiny: the other daymaggie and I forced her to bath.. but there were not good xconsecuences.. *rolls her eyes*
[16:34] Shandra Datura: we don't expect payment, as long as our villagers and friends are healthy
[16:35] Pionia Destiny: you healers .. are a blessing..
[16:35] Elayne Carpathia: In time you will sense what we need from you, Francis.
[16:35] francisodwyer nods and looks back down at his boots, wiggling his toes again thinking to himself.
[16:35] Pionia Destiny: of coourse the rchmage will say different..
[16:35] Elayne Carpathia: It takes time.
[16:36] Shandra Datura: we all do our part; what we can, right?
[16:36] Elayne Carpathia: Yes
16:37] Elayne Carpathia: Wait till you meet Dillard.
[16:37] Pionia Destiny: smiles.. stands and puts back her cup of wine...well.. it was a long trip..
[16:37] Elayne Carpathia: He's the watchman.
[16:37] Pionia Destiny: I need to get home..
[16:37] Elayne Carpathia whispers: Oh, you leaving?
[16:37] Elayne Carpathia: Well, you take care.
[16:38] Pionia Destiny: *listens to the name of the gobblin... * oh, yes, the watchman.. he's delighful..
[16:38] Shandra Datura: oh yes, dillard
[16:38] Elayne Carpathia: Don't let him scare you away.
[16:38] Shandra Datura: well, he does take his role as watchman very seriously
[16:39] Elayne Carpathia: (clears her throat)
[16:39] Shandra Datura: my sister and i had to spend time in the jail because he's so serious about it
[16:39] francisodwyer shuffles his feet below him and listens, "So I have heard. Someone mentioned the watchman yesterday. Maggie, maybe. I'm sure I will meet him and the others when they return. Sounded like they are missed."
[16:39] Pionia Destiny: sighs deeply.... walks a few steps gesturing her hands... if you'll excuse me... it was a pleasure to meet you all.. nice to see you again lady Elayne...
[16:39] Elayne Carpathia: OH, I loved talking to you.
[16:39] Shandra Datura: take care pionia, hope to see you again
[16:40] francisodwyer nods and waves to Pionia, watching her curiously as she leaves.

Role Players: Elayne Carpathia, francisodwyer, Shandra Datura, Pionia Destiny

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