Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Bard Circle

Pio got a message with an invitation... opens the scroll and reads eagerly. It's been a while since she last went back to Sylvhara.... smiles pleased..

The Bard Circle Will Gather Today (10/14/12) in Beautiful Sylvhara at 1:00 PM pm SLT.
Please come and present your poems or stories or just come enjoy the readings
and the serene surroundings of a magical forest.

Everyone is welcome.

Odil Lumiere: Next we will hear from ShadowDancer
Cerine Swordthain watches the Regent blush
Odil Lumiere: he dreams a lot
Aiden (herb.bricklin) brushes leaves from his hair
Odil Lumiere: Shadow if you please
Pionia Destiny: smiles.. glad she's not too late and can still enjoy some good stories.
ShadowDancer (bob.horton): thank you Lady Odil, yes I dream
Pionia Destiny: sits comfortably looking at the audience.. recognizing some old friends..
Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote): smiles

ShadowDancer (bob.horton): Conversation with a Special Owl

All day long I am thinking about my last dream, the dream of falling out of the sky and how an owl saved me from death. I have to see this owl again, I have to learn about him, talk with him ask him the questions that burn in my gut. Long treks to places I think I might find it do not yield any result. Where does a great bird like that live? What does it do? What does it want with me?
After long day of searching I am weary and hungry. I think I missed what they call a pay day and have no coin in my purse. All I have is an apple. I eat that and look for a hospitable bush to spend the night under. I find an abandoned camp site, the embers are still alive, I fan them to life and warm my cold body at someone else's fire. I stare into the flames for a long time as sleep eludes me and listen to the night sounds of the forest. Finally I sleep... Soundlessly great wings glide though the air, the forest sounds cease as if all creatures know that something significant is taking place. I watch the shadow of the owl but I cannot see it yet. "Greetings from one Shadow to another", - I think.

Me:"Greetings Owl, are you one who saved me?"
Owl: "I am not only that owl I AM THE OWL!"
I look on him with surprise and wonder.
Owl: "It is time for you to fall into the shadow and visit your ancestors, connect with them, learn about them. About their traditions, joys and sorrows".
Me: "How? I do not remember anything about my family I was taken too early for memories".
Owl: "You will find a way", - says the owl.
When I wake up I am even more confused than before and hungry too, I set out to find food.


Spica Inventor: nice story

Cerine Swordthain

Cerine Swordthain: The Wine of Creation

She lounges sleepily in the depths of her mother's cave. Deep blue eyes watch the spiraling dance of flame and ash as slender fingers caress the intricately-carved metal goblet. The aroma of a strong red wine wafts past her nostrils as she breathes with her unseen brethren and the Rhythm that connects them all. Closing her eyes against the light of the leaping flames; time fractures and dissipates as she knew it would...the sound of the fire's crackle becoming a roar in her sensitive ears before all goes blessedly silent. Only darkness now...has she forgotten to breathe? The fragile body gasps and pulls at the surrounding air as blood seeps gently from her nose. The metal goblet whose attention she had sought minutes before, was now in danger of spilling it's fluid onto the exquisitely-woven carpet that lay as a barrier against the chill of the damp cave. She listens as silence reigns in the Pathways. A frisson of fear runs through her...silence held it's place but not here...not in the glen that was her own.

She sits upon the Spring grass she cannot smell and wraps her arms tightly around her knees. Ebony curls lift on an unheard breeze as sapphire eyes survey the edges of her place within the Rhythm. The movement she often sensed outside her own branch in the Pathway was eerily still. "The calm before the storm." She thinks as her eyes shift from the tightly-woven bushes to the Cedar trees lining the edges. She feels for her connection with this place and sighs as she is reassured of it's place in her mind as she even now rested in it's flow.  She laughs suddenly...the sharp sound refusing to echo in the dead quiet. Words run through her thoughts...a lesson from long ago and pertinent even now...

"You will be subject to wild swings of self-indulgent behavior- much of which will frighten and confuse those around you. I went through this, but in the holds of Mori Tarma away from prying eyes. You cannot stop it...only try to contain it to avoid rousing too much interest or objection."

She had asked him how long this would go on...he had merely smiled, his blue eyes crinkling with a true humor and replied, "A thousand years I will give you, Cerine. A day more than that and I shall take measures to curtail your behavior by whatever means necessary." His voice held a promised threat...completely at odds with the timeline given for surely she would have matured far sooner than a millenia?

Self-indulgent for most was self-explanatory but for the evidenced by her recent behavior. She'd played the pieces upon the board with a clarity she should not have and much of the future was murky...pieces moved in a given moment with no guarantee what the next would bring.: And what most would have called spoilt behavior was in fact her testing the boundaries...manipulating...and questioning, always questioning. Who was she to decide another's fate?

Her head snaps up as color bleeds into the dense twilight bringing with it the rushing of thoughts and voices she associated with her brothers. The muted melody of their Chords vibrates within her, causing an instant reaction and the ringing of her own. She holds her breath as they suddenly still...assassins.... all perched listening and waiting. How she hated it when they all turned to her! Growling softly she stifles her own Chord into silence and waits until they continue on with their inner speech in the Pathways of the Sereg'wethrin. Slender fingers relax their hold on the goblet whose flight to the rug below is muffled as metal meets silken fibers and wine stains them blood red. A delicate body slips to the floor in a crumpled heap....

"Centuries of creation
Fashioned and transformed
A mystical ultimate organism that holds expectancy of union with the divine
No surprise that what seems to be insurmountable barriers are merely stopping points gaining our attention
Without bread or wine or altar the sun sets its host of fire upon the trembling chalice of earth
The shades of this fair season reflect in the lake of vineyards
The wine of creation
Blood Red and Real"

Poem by Ondine Ninetails
Cerine Swordthain: ~end~ for now

Odil Lumiere: Please read you poem
Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon): of course
Odil Lumiere: please*

Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon)
Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon): Ode to the Bards Circle Tree
What a delight to behold this tree
In its predetermined cycles,
Undisturbed by human greed
And worshipped by poets and lovers alike.
Take your mind back to first creatures
Who built homes from trees like this
And removed many just like this.

They burnt them for fuel. How tragic.
And how fortunate is this one
Surviving for hundreds of years
In the soil fueled in turn
By fallen decomposing neighbors,
In the unending cycles of life,
worshipped by those who appreciate it's magisty.
We can learn from trees.
Unlike other creatures,trees use discretion in choosing the company they keep.
Hardwoods don't do well in conifer soil,
Hemlocks not with beech.
This grand tree chooses us, we do not choose it.
It chooses poets and lovers to protect.
Thank it for it's protection.
The Ent

Odil Lumiere: applauds and it is a true Ent poem too
ShadowDancer (bob.horton): appplauds the Ent
Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote): applauds
Cerine Swordthain claps
Aiden (herb.bricklin): thank you migthy tree
Zoskia (zoskia): that was winderful
Malakyte Thorne applauds

galadriel Silverspar applaud
Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote): smiles
Spica Inventor: :-) nice poem sequoyah :-)
Doyle Slen (beastmcstien): shakes his leaves

Odil Lumiere: I was ging to read a story today but we are out of time
Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon) smiles at some, winces at others
Odil Lumiere: I will just read a short poem too
Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote): pretty good for wood
Malakyte Thorne: heheh

Odil Lumiere
Odil Lumiere: Dark Moon Nights
by Odil Lumiere

While the moon is hiding
And the winds are still
A lone owl is gliding
Over the empty hill
Only the distant stars are gazing
Coolly upon the land
The milky way is blazing
Like a silver band

The sea is moans it secret sorrows
With relentless beat
And little waves are sobbing
Among the reed
While it is dark you can hear
Small foot steps in the grass
All the creatures that hide in the daytime
Come out at least

Faint mist embraces the hills like smoke
Among them ghosts so restless
Shreds of old memories smote
With pain endless

Only the Moon remembers
What once was such delight
The cooling embers
Tell me I lost you heart

Odil Lumiere: end

Spica Inventor: claps
ShadowDancer (bob.horton): applauds
galadriel Silverspar smiles and claps
Cerine Swordthain applauds
Aiden (herb.bricklin): applauds
Doyle Slen (beastmcstien): appluads, well done loremaster
Frogie Foxdale: claps
Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon) shakes his leaves
Zoskia (zoskia) looks at Odil for a moment, then smiles softly
Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote): smiles
Spica Inventor: one of sequoyahs pine cones hit me on the head
Malakyte Thorne applauds
Odil Lumiere: Thank you all for coming, your presence makes this Bard Circle what it is, a delightful time,
Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon): That was no accident, Spica!
Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon): Thanks for organizing this Odil!
Odil Lumiere: I hope to see you all again next week
Spica Inventor: i know hehe
Malakyte Thorne: Thank you Lady Odil
Cerine Swordthain: Thank you Odil!
Spica Inventor: thanx odil :-)
galadriel Silverspar: Thank you Odil
Odil Lumiere: It is my pleasure and I am so proud of all the talented persons we have here
Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote): Thank you Lady odil
Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote): Thank you everyone
Odil Lumiere: Thank you for coming queen Comet
Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon) tries to stand up but realizes he is already standing

Roleplayers: Spica Inventor, ShadowDancer (bob.horton), galadriel Silverspar, Cerine Swordthain, Aiden (herb.bricklin), Doyle Slen (beastmcstien), Frogie Foxdale, Sequoyah (vlosh.troncon), Zoskia (zoskia), Ǿυεεŋ  Čөмεŧ (comet.quijote), Malakyte Thorne, Odil Lumiere, Pionia Destiny


  1. The Bard Circle is a wonderful event designed to showcase the creativity and talent of our writers and roleplayers. Please remember that these works are often copyrighted and by all means...come visit us in Sylvhara in Second Life!

  2. Lovely Stuff!
    Thank you Loremaster Odil