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Sabbat of Lammas with the Torgans

Sabbat of Lammas with the Torgans on PhotoPeach

The invite:
Where: Mountain Stone Circle

As some may or may not know, The 1st of August was the Sabbat of Lammas for the Pagan Druidic believers here.  Lamas is also known as  Lughnassadh, The  First Harvest. It marks the beginnings of the Three  Autumn Harvests. The Torgan Druids welcome you to this special day (A bit belated) And cordially invite you to come and watch, And join in on the Ritual of the Harvest.


A little about the Torgans
'The Kingdom of Taure Ru - The Torgan Empire - a Medieval Fantasy realm is owned by 'The Torgan Empire'

Black Mamba decides to adventure in new lands. Looking for a new home, the demon wanders in the Mountains of the Torgan Realm. A fire on top of the mountain gets her attention and wonders what's happening there. Climbs the road up to the top to encounter a group of Torgan Druids and their King.

09:57] Scatha: Merry meet
[09:58] Scatha: Merry Meet Broder
[09:58] Broder (blitz.dover) smiles "Hail Scatha."
[09:59]  Black Mamba (Pionia.Destiny): looks around and smiles. steps in the back quietly
[09:59]  Broder (blitz.dover) kneels before his king
[09:59]  Scatha: Hail King Zig.
[10:00]  Sab'Rae curtsies the king
[10:00]  Zig (grotch.qarnac): Tal Dag to you
[10:00]  Black Mamba (Pionia.Destiny):  lowers her head to honor the king
[10:01]  Mishi Nori: Tal Nag King Zig
[10:01]  Zig (grotch.qarnac) nods the Aspirant

[10:02]  Vasa (vasa.vella): -shifts the tip of his staff slippin aneath tha long while kilt ta seek out and destroy tha ith about tha base of his hoof..."Greetins Zig..." He says noddin to tha King...
[10:04]  Scatha: We will begin by drawing the circle, and Invoking the elements
[10:05]  Zig (grotch.qarnac) nods to the druid
[10:05]  Scatha takes his ritual wand and walks around the circle, pointing the wand at the floor
[10:05]  Mishi Nori: "Is beannaithe thu, a thimpeal, l'uisge".
[10:05]  Zig (grotch.qarnac): Is beannaithe thu, a thimpeall, le tein
[10:06]  Scatha walks to the eat and says "Is beannaithe thu, a thimpeal, l'aer"
[10:07]  Vasa (vasa.vella): -moves to the North and raises his head to the starry nights skies..."Is Beannaithe thu, a thimpeal, le cruinne" He says inna clear, melodic tone....
[10:07]  Scatha nods "The Quarters are Called, The circle is cast, Let us begin my friends"
[10:07]  Scatha faces north infront of the ater and raises his hands to the sky
[10:08]  Scatha: What will be is. What was will be.
[10:08]  Scatha: The Wheel of the Year forever turns.
[10:08]  Scatha: Dark to light, light to dark
[10:08]  Scatha: each season passes with lessons learned
[10:08]  Scatha takes a knee
[10:10]  Vasa (vasa.vella): -moves next to his Brother and kneels down....hands rested upon his knee..."We plant with love, tend with respect,"
[10:10]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "and at Harvest time our yields reflect The bounty of our Mother Earth"
[10:11]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "ripened by our Father Sun."
[10:11]  Mishi Nori: As each day passes, shorter than the last.
May we each be reminded of the seasons that have passed.
[10:11]  Scatha: The marriage and the seeding of the Goddess back in May,
[10:11]  Scatha: Her womb swollen with life anew at Summer Solstice Day,
[10:12]  Scatha: All this time the Father Sun has shone with so much pride.
[10:12]  Scatha gestures all to rise
[10:12]  Scatha (donney.dagger): Rising early, setting late,
[10:13]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "and now that he's supplied The warmth and light to bring to bear"

[10:13]  Mishi Nori: the Goddess and the lands He knows that his death is drawing near -
[10:13]  Scatha: but this secret he understands, that with the turning of the wheel, his rebirth has been planned
[10:14]  Scatha places his wand on the alter and holds his hands over the loafs of lammas bread
[10:14]  Scatha: Truly blessed are we that receive the bounty of the Harvest,
[10:14]  Vasa (vasa.vella): Blessed be our Mother Earth
[10:15]  Mishi Nori: the Goddess and the lands He knows that his death is drawing near -
[10:15]  Mishi Nori: Blessed be our Father Sun
[10:15]  Scatha: As he teaches us of life, death, and rebirth
[10:16]  Vasa (vasa.vella): I honor Thee, The Two that are One
[10:16]  Scatha picks up a loaf and holds it up to the God and Godess "Blessed be the Harvest,"
[10:16]  Vasa (vasa.vella): Blessed be the Corn Mother,
Blessed be the Grain God
[10:17]  Mishi Nori: For together they nourish both body and soul.
Many blessings I have been given
[10:17]  Scatha: I count them now by this bread
[10:18]  Scatha offers Sava some bread "Take some bread, and give thanks, to what you are thankfull for"
[10:18]  Scatha (donney.dagger): Vasa*
[10:19]  Vasa (vasa.vella): -takes the bread...."I thank tha Mother for tha blessings that have been bestowed upon me...a safe haven...a warm cave...vigorous lovers...and good hunts..."d
[10:20]  Mishi Nori: takes the bread with reverence~"I am thankful for my life in the forest, for the good mentors I have and for the gift of the white raven"
[10:20]  Scatha offers some bread to Mishi
[10:21]  Scatha offers some bread to gracelin
[10:22]  Lammas Bread whispers: eating a piece of Blessed Lammas Bread
[10:22]  Gracelin Maeve Aithne (gracelin) takes some " i am thankful for good friends, a safe home and safe place to help others.
[10:23]  Scatha smiles
[10:23]  Scatha offers Black Mamba some bread

[10:23]  Black Mamba (Pionia.Destiny): takes the bread...."I thank tha Mother for tha blessings that have been bestowed upon me ..being welcom ein strange lands...good hunts.. and the strenght to fight
[10:23]  Scatha smiles
[10:24]  Scatha offers broder some bread
[10:24]  Broder (blitz.dover) takes some bread "I am thankful for good friends and mead to share with them."
[10:24]  Scatha laughs and nods and gives a smile
[10:24]  Scatha offers Sab'Rae some bread
[10:24]  Sab'Rae takes the bread and in a clear voice says "I thank the earth mother for her blessings of a pure heart and new friendships." smiles to Scatha with a wink.
[10:25]  Scatha takes a knee before King Zig and offers his up the bread

[10:25]  Zig (grotch.qarnac) takes the bread in one hand and his flask of wine in his other, the raises them both high above his head. "As you bless these lands, these peoples, so do you bless me. That which i am i have given to you and so have you given to me." lowers his arms, eating of the bread and drinking the wine. he then kneels down crumbling bread into the stone and pouring wine over it.
[10:25]  Scatha smiles warmly as he stands and returns to the Alter
[10:27]  Scatha takes some bread and turns to face everyone "I give thanks to The Mother and father, For their blessings. For them granting me the blessing of friendship and for the world we live in. " he takes a bite, and then places the piece on the alter "I offer my bread as thanks my lord and lady"
[10:28]  Scatha pulls out and hand full of grain from his pouch and holds it in an open hand infront of him
[10:28]  Scatha: Guardian of the East, I pray for your indulgence.
[10:29]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "Hear me now as I request your aid in the cycle of life." He says inna boisterous voice....
[10:31]  Mishi Nori: As your winds blow through fields of ripened grain
[10:31]  Scatha: Carry loosened seeds upon your back That they may fall amidst the soil, that is our Mother Earth.
[10:32]  Scatha blows across his hand, Scattering the soft grain into the winds
[10:32]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "I give thanks to the Great Mother,Goddess of fertile land."
[10:32]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "And to the Great Father, Consort and Provider."
[10:33]  Mishi Nori: For as their bounty sustains my life, so does their bounty sustain my brethren;
[10:33]  Scatha: All living creatures of wood and field, Of lake and stream, and of air.
[10:34]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "Of these blessings I partake And share.
Blessed be this Harvest Night, The Givers and the gift."
[10:34]  Scatha gestures all to kneel once more, He takes a knee infront of the alter
[10:34]  Scatha: All things have their season. "he says softly"
[10:35]  Vasa (vasa.vella): " Again the wheel has turned and brought us To the season of the First Harvest." He says with raised eyes resting upon tha horizon....
[10:35]  Mishi Nori: : A time when we think about sacrifices and reborn hope
[10:35]  Scatha: A time when we reflect on what we have sown by what we reap "he says as he touches the alter with his hand"
[10:36]  Vasa (vasa.vella): " A time when we gather our memories,"
[10:36]  Mishi Nori: And from those lessons that we have learned,
[10:36]  Scatha says with a firey passion "We plan for the future!"
[10:37]  Scatha stands up and shoots both hands into the air " Blessed Be our Mother, whose womb contains and bears all life.!!"
[10:37]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "Blessed Be our Father, whose seed plants all life." He says knockin tha tip of his staff loudly against tha stone beneath them....
[10:38]  Mishi Nori: Blessed Be the Two that are One,
[10:38]  Scatha: From Them life flows and flows back again. "he says loudly in a booming voice"
[10:39]  Scatha turns and smiles to everyone "We shall now close the circle, Take this time to reflect on all things you are thankfull for, and offer a prayer to the coming seasons"
[10:39]  Scatha goes to the middle of the circle "Slan abhaile spioradai de Carraig n’ Duille agus talamh. Go raibh mile mhaith agaibh "
[10:41]  Mishi Nori: Slan abhaile spioradai de Grian agus Tine. Go raibh mile mhaith agaibh
[10:41]  Vasa (vasa.vella): -moves slowly back to his station...Once there he calls out..."Slan abhaile spioradai de Spéir n’Gaoithe agus Néal . Go raibh mile mhaith agaibh"
[10:41]  Mishi Nori: and moves back to the edge
[10:41]  Zig (grotch.qarnac): nods to Scatha "Slan abhaile spioradai de Gealach n’ Uisce agus Muir. Go raibh mile mhaith agaibh"
[10:42]  Scatha: Scaoilim sciath de draiocht seo. Go raibh mile mhaith agat
[10:42]  Scatha: We release the elements, and give thanks to all who have joined us in the celebration of Lammas
[10:42]  Sab'Rae wispers Blessed Be
[10:43]  Zig (grotch.qarnac) lowers his head with eyes closed
[10:43]  Scatha removes his mask, and places his wand along with the mask, on the Alter
[10:43]  Scatha takes a knee and says a small prayer, Giving thanks to all those he holds dear
[10:44]  Scatha smiles "Thank you all for coming, I pray you have a bountifull harvest "
[10:45]  Mishi Nori: looks around a the people with joy in thankfulness in her heart , giving thanks for all the gifts of the Mother and the Father
[10:45]  Zig (grotch.qarnac) raises his eyes "Thank you all"
[10:45]  Sab'Rae lowers her head
[10:45]  Broder (blitz.dover) lowers his head
[10:45]  Vasa (vasa.vella): -draws his fingertips up to his lips...placing a kiss upon them....His head lowers as does his hand, resting for a moment upon his heart....Then kneeling his places his palm flat upon the ground....
[10:45]  Mishi Nori: "This was so beautiful, thank you for letting me part of this important celebration"
[10:45]  Zig (grotch.qarnac): And thank you to Vasa, Scatha, Mishi and all that helped today
[10:45]  Sab'Rae looks up and beams at Scatha
[10:46]  Gracelin Maeve Aithne (gracelin) respectfully nods her head at all "Thank you for letting me be a part of this today."
[10:46]  Scatha smiles to Mishi "You are most welcomed Earth Sister"
[10:46]  Lammas Bread whispers: eating a piece of Blessed Lammas Bread
[10:46]  Scatha: Feel free to take some bread with you on your travels
[10:47]  Vasa (vasa.vella): "Now ifn ya will all pardon..." He says nodding to the host..."Am runnin a wee bit late fera date...succubi...sisters....Ifn am late they will start without me...Ne'er a good thing..."
[10:47]  Black Mamba (Pionia.Destiny):  Looks around with thankful eyes.. wonders if this place could be call home one day. Lowers her gaze and thanks everyone.
[10:47]  Zig (grotch.qarnac) nods to all then turns to depart, still silent wrapped in his thoughts.
[10:47]  Scatha laughs "Enjoy yourself Vasa!"
[10:48]  Scatha gives Sab a warm embrasing hug
[10:48]  Sab'Rae wispers "You did well, my heart."
[10:49]  Broder (blitz.dover) waves as he leaves "Was a wonderful experience to witness this."
[10:49]  Mishi Nori: "be well and walk a safe path" with on last look at the Altar Mishi leaves the sacred place
[10:49]  Sab'Rae: I'm not eating all that bread.
[10:55]  Black Mamba (Pionia.Destiny):  smiles... and waves good bye,... safe paths.. and thanks for allowing me here
[10:55]  Sab'Rae smiles
Role Players: Sab'Rae, Black Mamba (Pionia.Destiny), Mishi Nori, Broder (blitz.dover), Scatha, Zig (grotch.qarnac) , Vasa (vasa.vella),

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