Monday, May 2, 2011

Role Play: Emotes, Vocabulary and Expressions

Dillard, Pionia,  Azriel... and the gobblin visitor..
These are some useful expressions when roleplaying....

Greetings, fair ones....
A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting
Good (day/morning/afternoon/evening)
Greetings (everyone)
It has been too long
My heart sings to see thee
Pleasure meeting you
Well met
Hail all!
Merry meet!

Fair winds
Good (day/afternoon/evening/night)
Good hunting
May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown
May the wind fill your sails
May thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back
May your ways be green and golden
My heart shall weep until it sees thee again
Rest well
Sleep well
Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet
Until later (then)
Until next we meet
Until then
Until tomorrow (then)

Ever is thy sight a joy
You are a mighty warrior
You are a skillful bowman
You are beautiful
You did well
You look good
Your beauty shines bright
Your heart is that of the lion
well fought
well cast
Good fight

Positive Endearments
Ancient one(s)
Bearded one(s)
Foe of my foe
Friend of my friend
Little father (An adult male dwarf)
Love of my life
Lovely one(s)
Loyal one(s)
Mighty one(s)
My beloved
My champion
My friend   
My friends
My lady
My lord
My love
Pure one(s)
Short one(s)
Tall one(s)
Valiant one(s)
Wise one(s)


Emotes are an integral part of role play. Without them RP would be pretty dull and flat. They are used to convey moods, actions, and many other bits of information about our characters.

    * To describe an emotion we use: laughs, giggles, chuckles, snickers, crying, weeping, etc.
    * To describe an action we use: pointing, jumping, falling, crawling, lurking, spying, etc.
    * To describe a reaction we use: arching an eyebrow, narrowing the eyes at someone, rolling your eyes, scratching your head, etc. 

Examples of the role playing vocabulary and expression use:

* smiles an curtsies to her teacher and mentor. She tilts her head appropiately and smiles with admiration and adoration.
* smiles and blushes and winks at Lady Freezya
* continues to smile as she nods to others around her that she knows and loves. She quietly backs out of the group and walks away.
* cups her chin in her hand, elbow on the table, and sighs
* sneezes, rubbing her nose
* gives a happily malicious grin
* inquires innocently.
* "Very funny," growles.
* scowls, grabs her cloak, and follows.
* chooses a rock and sits.
* huddles on the ground, leaning back against a rock.
* gasps. "You can't possibly mean you don't trust me!"
* blinks and then grins.
* feels her bones freeze.
* blushes hotly.
* laughed softly.
* pauses and develops a pensive expression.
* teases fondly.
* gives him a cheerful grin.
* Grinnes back
* pauses, glancing at the sea far below.
* ruffles his brown hair and teases him fondly.
* makes a face halfway between a grin and a grimace.
* frowns slightly
* The honor is mine.*replies with an elegant bow*
* "No," says in harsh tones.
* eyes sparkling.
* says playfully.
* lowers her gaze to her lap
* feels profoundly grateful
* chuckles silently
* feels herself turn green, dreadfully sick and finally faints.
* pushes herself upright, feels every muscle in her body bruised with the violence of the combat, and groans.
* a kind smile brightens her face
* smiling in sympathy
* smiled uneasily.
* eyes her friend.
* Changing her tone, she askes
* admits sourly.
* smiles in delight
* beautiful as a starry night.
*gives a quick hug
* is unable to believe her luck.
* asks curiously.
* Pionia's eyes shine.
* enchanted with the thought of hugging him once more..
* cocks her head to one side.
* shifs uncomfortably and apologizes
* Her cheeks flush as she looks at his eyes
* enjoys being caught looking at him with crisom cheecks
* feels slightly delirious.
* tension goes out of her.
* gasps in astonishment before she recognizes the teasing note in his voice.
* chuckles. "Has anyone ever told you you're impossible?"
* shifts nervously as she sees ...... sits too close.
* her eyes roll skyward.
* winks an eye and smiles softly...
* wears a devilish grin
* sighs happily.
* sips at her wine, then nods
* blinks and turns crimson.
* casts a disgusted glance at..
* bits her lip
* "I expect everything of you—and I've never been disappointed."
* says unhappily.
* "Please, milord, sit and be comfortable."
* takes a seat next to ......
* turns and smiles warmly, inclining her head to ...
* playfully waves to ....
* blinks in surprise as ............... sits next to her "errr... greetings"
* remains silent
* stirs some honey in to her tea making a tinkling noise, her chin resting in her palm as her mind drifts
* gulps down his wine and pours some more.
*  narrows her eyes at the mention of ..........
* growls at the .......................'s behavior
* looks at ............................. with concern
*  is blushing from ...................... behavior but can not supress a giggle
* chuckles softly
* grabs her sword on the way out
*  burries her face in her hand
* looks about for her old friend
* puts her arm around ..........
* approaches the table slowly with a smile on his face
* widens her eyes at .............'s magic
* leans back in her chair
* speaks a little bit louder
* leans forward, speaking in a hushed voice to .............., "Are they still on about the rat? I just dont quite get it....
* gives ............. a puzzled look
* looks pleadingly to .......... for some ............
* shakes her head, rather amused
* shudders and supresses a shriek
* shudders at the memory of the demon

* If you will excuse me, I am being called away. This has been a most interesting tea today. Farewell Queen Comet. Farewell, all.
* slowly rises from her chair, "Forgive me Queen Comet, but I'm afraid I'm being called away. Thank you for your gracious hospitality

* opens a portal
* ::Eyes shining with delight::
* closes her eyes a little as she feels the peace and calm wash over her.

* Pionia gets out her parchment and quill, and throttles the fire spells so she can take notes.

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