Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Lost Dagger

[17:11] Pionia Destiny: smiles..
[17:11] Pionia Destiny: greetigs, sir
[17:11] Dillard Bloobury waves "Oi, hey there Pionia. Ya know Grobb?"
[17:12] Pionia Destiny: ohhh
[17:12] Pionia Destiny: I think have see him before..
[17:12] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Hello
[17:12] Pionia Destiny: mmm
[17:13] Dillard Bloobury leans his elbow against the gargoyle, "This is Grobb. He works outta Annwn. Grobb, this is Pionia, a mage and a great dancer."
[17:13] Pionia Destiny: *giggles ad looks at his pants*
[17:13] Pionia Destiny: smiles.. pleased to meet you, sir..
[17:13] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Hello Pionia, it's a pleasure.
[17:14] Pionia Destiny: i think we talked once... a night in Artstonia
[17:14] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Perhaps, I stayed there for a while.
[17:14] Pionia Destiny: yes.. i remember you now..
[17:14] Dillard Bloobury pats the gargoyle on the nose with a giggle, "So Pionia, ya likin' this new guild hall ya'll got here? Seems awfully fancy"
[17:14] Pionia Destiny: it was the night we got the most terrible news about our dear village..
[17:15] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *nods to the Mage*
[17:15] Pionia Destiny: *smiles*yes..
[17:15] Pionia Destiny: i love i..
[17:15] Dillard Bloobury: "You stickin' here, gal, 'r are ya headin' back in there t' fight them Romans?"
[17:15] Pionia Destiny: and it is fancy...
[17:16] Pionia Destiny: shakes her head* well.. there's nothing there to fight for..
[17:16] Pionia Destiny: we lost our battle..
[17:16] Pionia Destiny: we had to leve he village
[17:17] Pionia Destiny: leave*
[17:17] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *asking the Mage* Most people make it out?
[17:17] Dillard Bloobury leans his elbow on the statue again, picking at his teeth, "good t' hear. Ain't worth dyin' over. Glad yer here now. Figured more folks'd just end up dead t' the Romans"
[17:17] Pionia Destiny: nods at the gobblin with the funny pants*
[17:18] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Well that's good.
[17:18] Pionia Destiny: yes.. fortunelely.. most scaped.. there's only the dead.. there now
[17:18] Dillard Bloobury: "Who all's dead then? Gadget?"
[17:19] Pionia Destiny: Tal's head is resting there
[17:19] Dillard Bloobury giggles
[17:19] Dillard Bloobury: "Poor Tal, went an' lost 'is head. Err....his head lost his body. Somethin' like that"
[17:20] Pionia Destiny: I wanted o bring him along.. but .. I am not a relative so i couldn't bring him along... he'll be just a memory ,,lost in the ashes of the village
[17:21] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *notices that he has lost his favorite dagger*
[17:21] Dillard Bloobury: "I'm sure he'll be a'right. Prolly havin' a good ol' time down there with them worms."
[17:21] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *scans the ground franticly*
[17:22] Dillard Bloobury darts his glance over, watching Grobb, "whatcha lookin' fer?"
[17:22] Pionia Destiny: *sighs*... well, sir gobblin.. sir grobb..
[17:22] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): My dagger! I must have dropped it somewhere
[17:23] Dillard Bloobury giggles and looks around, "I don't see it...... Was you sayin' somethin' Pionia?"
[17:23] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *kicks at the dirt* Drat!
[17:23] Pionia Destiny: +looks around*
[17:23] Pionia Destiny: where did you drop it, sir?
[17:23] Pionia Destiny: we can go look for it..
[17:24] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *mutters* If I knew that...
[17:24] Dillard Bloobury shrugs, "Maybe ya drop'd it on th' ship when you was comin' in off th' docks?"
[17:24] Pionia Destiny: Looks in her boots..
[17:25] Pionia Destiny: *gets a dagger and passes it to the gobblin* here, sir.. you can have mine..
[17:25] Dillard Bloobury tilts his head and quirks an eyebrow watching as Pionia reaches into her boot.
[17:25] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Ugh, I doubt I'll be sing it again... Hope I don't run into any trouble til I get a replacment.
[17:25] Pionia Destiny: it's a good dagger
[17:25] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *reaches for the dagger*
[17:26] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): thanks a lot Pionia. Appriciate it.
[17:26] Pionia Destiny: smiles ... as she hands the dagger*
[17:26] Dillard Bloobury: "Daggers is usually easy t' come by."
[17:26] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): This one was my favorite one though. *shrugs*
[17:26] Pionia Destiny: I got some more back home
[17:26] Dillard Bloobury turns his attention back to Pionia's face, "you wanna see my office?"

[17:26] Azriel Danick: good day to you all
[17:27] Pionia Destiny: They are easy to use and fast to cut with.. smiles
[17:27] Azriel Danick: *truns and bows his head* LAdy
[17:27] Dillard Bloobury jumps back for a second surprised by Azriel's sudden appearance, "Oh hey there, fella."
[17:27] Pionia Destiny: *looks at the newcomer..* greetigs, sir ..
[17:27] Azriel Danick: I see you have some new friends
[17:27] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Greetings.
[17:28] Azriel Danick: *looks at the goblin and nods*
[17:28] Pionia Destiny: *smiles * nice to see you, sir..
[17:28] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *notices Azriel's necklace* My dagger! it looks just like the one I was talking about!
[17:28] Dillard Bloobury shifts on his feet and watches Azriel with interest
[17:29] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Cept mines a lot bigger than that.
[17:29] Azriel Danick: *looks down at the necklace and then at the goblin* you mean this necklace is yours or that it looks like your
[17:29] Pionia Destiny: *looks at the necklace* mmm that's indeed beautiful, sir Azriel..
[17:29] Azriel Danick: ahh, I see
[17:29] Azriel Danick: thank you Lady Pi
[17:29] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Looks like it, too small to be the dagger I lost though.
[17:30] Azriel Danick: well Im sure it isn't here
[17:30] Pionia Destiny: I have seen it before.. It always caught my eye.. but I was to shy to compliment on it.. *looks at her hands*
[17:30] Dillard Bloobury looks confused, "How could you be sure a that? "
[17:30] Azriel Danick: and who might this be* looks at the other creature*
[17:30] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): How are you sure of that?
[17:30] Azriel Danick: this is a new land so it couldn't be here
[17:31] Azriel Danick: and if it were I would know
[17:31] Dillard Bloobury: "Well, he had it earlier an' then dropped it. I doubt you can really inventory this entire town like that."
[17:31] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *puzzled by the response*
[17:31] Azriel Danick: *turns his attention to Pionia* shy Lady why woul dyou be?
[17:31] Azriel Danick: where were you then
[17:31] Pionia Destiny: Sir azriel.. this is Sir Dillard..
[17:32] Azriel Danick: *nods to Dillard*
[17:32] Pionia Destiny: and old artsonian... and this is his friend .. sir grobb
[17:32] Dillard Bloobury snorts and gives Grobb a glance before turning back to Azriel, "A'right then, fella, tell me everything that sits in the Tavern down there right at this second."
[17:32] Azriel Danick: *nods again*
[17:33] Azriel Danick: *chuckles* I don't think I need to do that
[17:33] Dillard Bloobury: "So ya don't know, I take it?"
[17:33] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *looks a Dillard* Nah, he don't know.
[17:33] Azriel Danick: if I did why would I have asked where you were when you droped it?
[17:33] Pionia Destiny: *looks at the gentlemen and smiles amused at their conversation*
[17:33] Dillard Bloobury: "Huh?"
[17:34] Azriel Danick: *shrugs* never mind
[17:34] Dillard Bloobury: "Ya said you knew his dagger wasn't here an' that ya knew everything in this village. Seems kinda odd"
[17:34] Pionia Destiny: Sir Dillard.. Sir azriel is an honorable warrior..
[17:34] Azriel Danick: I meant I hadn't seen it if I had I would have returned it
[17:35] Dillard Bloobury: "You said you could assure us it wasn't here. Doesn't make much sense. Did ya know we was up here before ya saw us?"
[17:35] Azriel Danick: nor have I seen either of you .*coughs* gentlemen here before
[17:35] Pionia Destiny: *nods at what the warrior says*
[17:35] Pionia Destiny: yes...
[17:35] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *scratches his head* I've seen you at the tavern here several time. Figured you know everyone that set foot here.
[17:35] Azriel Danick: I didn't know if anyone was here I come here on rounds
[17:35] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *times
[17:36] Azriel Danick: I have seen you once in the tavern yes
[17:36] Azriel Danick: bri9efly I should say
[17:36] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *nods*
[17:36] Dillard Bloobury: "So ya coudnt have assured anyone that there are currently no goblins at th' guild until ya walked up here, but you can assure us that a li'l bitty ol' dagger is nowhere in this entire big village."
[17:36] Pionia Destiny: Sir Grobb.. as sir dillard says .. maybe you lost it the ship..
[17:36] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *shrugs*
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[17:37] Azriel Danick: *begins to grow tired of the goblin and frowns*
[17:37] Pionia Destiny: I am sure alexius.. cn help us find it.. if it's here
[17:37] Azriel Danick: if I can be of help I sahll
[17:37] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Alexius?
[17:37] Dillard Bloobury: "So basically when ya said you can assure us his dagger is not here anywhere you was lyin'? Why'd you do that, fella?"
[17:38] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *laughs*
[17:38] Pionia Destiny: *feels sorry for the gobblin* .. I know .. what it is o lose someting special.. mmm
[17:38] Azriel Danick: *his green eyes flare at being called a liar* I didn't lie about anything
[17:39] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Seems like you might have exagerated a bit though.
[17:39] Dillard Bloobury: "How'd you help us find it if ya already claimed it's nowhere t' be found? You stated somethin' as fact that you'd have no possible way of knowin'. Sounds like a lie t' me."
[17:39] Pionia Destiny: *opens her eyes and smiles nervously* .. Oh sir azriel.. sir dillard didn't mean that..
[17:39] Dillard Bloobury: "Perhaps tryin' t
[17:39] Dillard Bloobury: ' be a braggart? I dunno, but ya sounded like a damned fool, elf."
[17:40] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *whispering to Dillard* lucky I lost my dagger...
[17:40] Pionia Destiny: Oh,,, *places her hand on her face*...
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[17:40] Azriel Danick: it would seem I can be of no help then. I suggest you continue your search post haste
[17:40] Dillard Bloobury: "Excuse me?"
[17:40] Azriel Danick: *his anger becomeing very plain to see on his face*
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[17:40] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *Nah, I ain't been nowhere called Post Haste. It couldn't be ther.
[17:40] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *there
[17:41] Pionia Destiny: *look at the gobblin and back at sir Azriel*
[17:41] Dillard Bloobury: "You mad, fella? Gonna tell us some more stories? Tell me errthing that is currently on th' bookshelves in th' lieberry. "
[17:41] Pionia Destiny: *stands up* .. well.. why do't we just go around and look for it... *getting betwee the warrior and the gobblin*
[17:42] Azriel Danick: *looks to Pionia* perhaps it wouldbe best if I went on my rounds now
[17:42] Azriel Danick: before I am accussed of somemthing else
[17:42] Pionia Destiny: Nods at the warrior* yes, sir..
[17:42] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Hey, if you find that dagger... well you know.
[17:42] Pionia Destiny: that sounds like a good idea..
[17:42] Azriel Danick: *looks at Grobb* oh indeed I do
[17:43] Dillard Bloobury grins evilly at Azriel, "run along then, boy. Maybe on yer rounds ya could think about how dumb it is t' guarantee things ya have no way of actually knowin'"
[17:43] Pionia Destiny: f course .. he will let you know,...
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[17:43] Azriel Danick: *turns to Piona* M'Lady *bows his head breily and turns to leave*
[17:43] Pionia Destiny: sir, bows back
[17:43] Pionia Destiny: and smiles..
[17:43] Pionia Destiny: nice seeing you, sir
[17:43] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *waves*
[17:43] Azriel Danick: little man I would suggest you walk lightly
[17:43] Dillard Bloobury spits on the ground
[17:44] Pionia Destiny: *sighs deeply*... well..
[17:44] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *agrees* Yeah that might be daggers laying around!
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[17:44] Pionia Destiny: *that was close...phhh..*
[17:44] Dillard Bloobury: "The hell's wrong with that guy?"
[17:44] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Wonder how he knew my dagger is not here?
[17:44] Pionia Destiny: *shakes her head*... well. boys will be boys..
[17:45] Pionia Destiny: chuckles*
[17:45] Dillard Bloobury lowers his voice and makes a goofy face mocking azriel, "I can guarantee it's not here. Durrrrr"
[17:45] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *laughs*
[17:45] Pionia Destiny: laughs and shakes her head*
[17:45] Dillard Bloobury: "He ain't. He was tryn an' look smart in fronta senorita here, but just made himself look like a damned fool. Makin' stuff up."
[17:45] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *mockingly stomps around growling at Dillard*
[17:46] Dillard Bloobury doubles over with laughter
[17:46] Pionia Destiny: *tries not to laugh ..but can't make it*
[17:46] Pionia Destiny: shakes her head and looks at the floor*
[17:46] Dillard Bloobury closes his eyes and rubs his temples, "I guarantee there are exactly 12 rats in the tavern right now. Trust me, I know."
[17:46] Dillard Bloobury giggles
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[17:46] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *still giggling*
[17:46] Pionia Destiny: chuckles*
[17:47] Pionia Destiny: are you sure? *laughs*
[17:47] Dillard Bloobury laughs, "No, but apparently that elf 'd know fer sure."
[17:47] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *looking at Dillard* How many leaves are on that tree Elf?
[17:47] Pionia Destiny: well, that's his job.. he's here to praotect the village..
[17:47] Dillard Bloobury: "He acts like I'm knew 'round here. He don't even know who he's foolin' with."
[17:48] Pionia Destiny: *giggles*
[17:48] Dillard Bloobury closes his eyes mockingly again, "Durrr, seven leaves on that tree? I guarantee it."
[17:48] Pionia Destiny: Sir,.. you are been too hard on the warrior.. and he doesn't seem tohave a lot of patience..
[17:49] Dillard Bloobury giggles "He don't seem t' have a lotta brains neither."
[17:49] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Prolly got more patience than smarts.
[17:49] Pionia Destiny: *sighs* .. well, warriors are not that smart.. you know..
[17:49] Pionia Destiny: giggles..that's why the fight
[17:49] Dillard Bloobury laughs
[17:50] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Speak of the devil!
[17:50] Pionia Destiny: *looks at the warrior* sir.. you are back?
[17:50] Dillard Bloobury turns over his shoulder, "Oi, welcome back. You off countin' mugs in th' bar?"
[17:50] Pionia Destiny: did you fid the dagger?
[17:50] Pionia Destiny: find*
[17:50] Azriel Danick: I just looked around the arean and the reat of the grounds no dagger
[17:50] Dillard Bloobury: "How many stones 'r in that' walkway?"
[17:51] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *nods* Probably on the ship then.
[17:51] Azriel Danick: I dont know maybe you should count them
[17:51] Pionia Destiny: That was very kind of you, sir azrel.. * at him warmly*
[17:51] Azriel Danick: of course using yuour fingers and toes wil be limiting
[17:51] Dillard Bloobury: "Well, you said you know errthing that's here. Why'd I count 'em if ya already know?"
[17:51] Azriel Danick: my pleasure Piona
[17:52] Azriel Danick: *ignnores the goblin*
[17:52] Dillard Bloobury laughs, "My pleasure Pionia. Durrp"
[17:52] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): *giggles*
[17:53] Pionia Destiny: have you see the library¿?
[17:53] Dillard Bloobury giggles as the elf walks off again
[17:53] Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin): Well, I think I'm going to go hunt my dagger. I ain't going to trust that elf.
[17:53] Dillard Bloobury: "Yeah, I seen it. Naeve was up here th' other night puttin' books up."
[17:53] Pionia Destiny: come let me show it to you..
[17:53] Dillard Bloobury: "Say, is that elf related t' Destiny?"
[17:54] Pionia Destiny: Sir Destiny?
[17:54] Dillard Bloobury calls to Azriel, "Oi, elf? You related t' Destiny? Ya'll remind me a lot a each other. "
[17:54] Pionia Destiny: mmm
[17:55] Azriel Danick: czn I help you?
[17:55] Azriel Danick: can*
[17:55] Pionia Destiny: *looks at the ligst*
[17:55] Pionia Destiny: lights*
[17:55] Dillard Bloobury: "Both gettin' all mad an' claimin' stuff ya got no idea 'bout. Seems like two peas in a pod, y' know him?"
[17:55] Pionia Destiny: firelies... says to herself
[17:56] Azriel Danick: *chuckles* I'm nothing like Destiny
[17:56] Pionia Destiny: Sir Destiny was really sad.. last time I saw him..
[17:56] Azriel Danick: I haven't seen in a long while

[17:56] Dillard Bloobury kicks his feet and tilts his head again, watching Azriel with interest, "Ya, seem like brothers, t' me. Tellin' stories, gettin' mad all th' time, tryin' t' impress all th' ladies."
[17:56] Azriel Danick: him*
[17:57] Azriel Danick: I didn't know I was trying to impress anyone
[17:57] Dillard Bloobury laughs, "then why else'd ya lie like that an' claim ya knew everything tht was in this village all th' time? I doubt it was t' impress me."
[17:58] Pionia Destiny: *feels embarrassed* Sir, Azriel is a perfect gentleman.. and sir Destiny is even more... a gentleman.. sir Dillard...
[17:58] Azriel Danick: and as far as my being angry I would think you would be used to that
[17:58] Dillard Bloobury giggles, "Oh, it don't bother me. I think it's funny. Yer a big ol' laugh t' me."
[17:58] Azriel Danick: I imagine you have that effect om a great many people
[17:58] Pionia Destiny: *looks at he lights and wonders where they come from*
[17:59] Azriel Danick: where is the other goblin Lady?
[17:59] Pionia Destiny: *looks back at the goblin...mmm why is it that the goblin is so mad at the warrior..mmm*
[17:59] Dillard Bloobury grins, showing his teeth, "Why? Cause I call loud mouthed liars out on their bullshit? Yeah, that makes folks mad sometimes, but it don't bother me none."
[18:00] Pionia Destiny: Oh... he was here a minute ago,...
[18:00] Pionia Destiny: *shrugs her shoulders * probably he went to look for his dagger
[18:00] Azriel Danick: well in the future I will be more careful of the words I choose
[18:00] Dillard Bloobury laughs louder, "So ya can guarantee that no little dagger is anywhere 'round here, but ya don't even know how t' find a whole goblin? I figured you knew where he was at all times"
[18:00] Azriel Danick: I only meant that I was sure that the dagger was not here
[18:01] Dillard Bloobury doubles over laughing
[18:01] Pionia Destiny: *looks at the warrior.. and now she's impressed*
[18:01] Azriel Danick: well as this is the hall for all the guilds I'm sure he will be safe enough
[18:01] Pionia Destiny: *admires his patience and tact on dealing with the goblin..mmm smiles*
[18:01] Dillard Bloobury slaps his knee and wipes tears from his eyes, "but that's my whole point, fella! How in th' world would ya know that it ain't here? "
[18:01] Azriel Danick: of course there are things that might enjoy a little goblin dinner
[18:01] Pionia Destiny: Yes..
[18:02] Dillard Bloobury: "So ya know everything that's in them cabinets behind ya?"
[18:02] Azriel Danick: I'm sure he will turn up.. one way or the other
[18:03] Dillard Bloobury narrows his eyes and waits for a response
[18:03] Azriel Danick: Me? of course not I never look into others belongings
[18:03] Pionia Destiny: *gigles.. and wonders how much more patience the warrior have*
[18:03] Dillard Bloobury: "So you know the dagger, aint here. But ya also don't know what's in the cabinets? I don't think ya understand what yer sayin'"
[18:03] Azriel Danick: of course I do help take out the trash if needed* looks down at the goblin and smiles*
[18:04] Pionia Destiny: *shakes her head and giggles quietly*
[18:04] Azriel Danick: or remove unwanted guests if asked
[18:04] Dillard Bloobury puffs his chest out and narrows his eyes with a grin, "I ain't sure ya realized who yer talkin' to, boy. "
[18:05] Azriel Danick: nor you
[18:05] Pionia Destiny: *sighs and rolls her eyes... here it comes... *
[18:05] Azriel Danick: *he smiles while looking the goblin in the eyes*
[18:06] Pionia Destiny: *clears her throat...* gentlemen..please.. I am so thirty..
[18:06] Pionia Destiny: why don't we go find something nice to drink
[18:06] Dillard Bloobury: "I know I'm talkin' t' somebody that is still statin' facts that he can't back up. An' if ya wanna talk 'bout uninvited guests, I suggest ya talk with Minniver an' check t' see if my name is on yer guest lists. I'm far from new 'round here, boy."
[18:06] Azriel Danick: if you like Lady. I would be happy to escort you
[18:06] Pionia Destiny: some nice red wine.. sounds delightful..
[18:07] Azriel Danick: I didn't say you weren't
[18:07] Pionia Destiny: Sir, azriel.. Sir Dillard is an old villager and he came here as everybody else..
[18:07] Pionia Destiny: he's one of us..
[18:08] Dillard Bloobury laughs and shakes his head, "You might very well be th' dumbest person I ever met. An' that includes Nick an' Gadget."
[18:08] Pionia Destiny: and he's a wonderful dancer, too
[18:08] Azriel Danick: I'm sure he has and all are welcome of course
[18:08] Pionia Destiny: so.. shall we go for a drink.. smiles t the gentlemen..
[18:08] Azriel Danick: if you like
[18:09] Azriel Danick: are you alright?
[18:10] Pionia Destiny: yes.. waiting for you
[18:10] Azriel Danick: *chuckles* oh I keep up
[18:10] Pionia Destiny: where's the goblin?
[18:11] Azriel Danick: sorry. he's in the guild hall I guess
[18:11] Azriel Danick: to busy talking to walk?
[18:11] No room to sit here, try another spot.
[18:11] Azriel Danick: Im sure he cant steal anything
[18:12] Pionia Destiny: well, sir..
[18:12] Azriel Danick: yes
[18:12] Pionia Destiny: thanks for your company
[18:12] Azriel Danick: my pleasure
[18:12] Pionia Destiny: I need to get back to my place..
[18:12] Azriel Danick: okay, g'nite
[18:13] Pionia Destiny: safe paths, sir
[18:13] Pionia Destiny: gesture her hands and steps in the mist.

Role Players: Azriel Danick, Dillard Bloobury, Pionia Destiny and Grobb Foulblood (thegrumpygoblin)

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