Sunday, December 16, 2012

Light and Shadow Roleplay Group

This is a group Pionia belongs to.. a wonderful repository of stories and adventures of Roleplayers....

As we can read from its description... " The Light & Shadow Roleplay Group group is meant to be a channel for posting live and ongoing roleplay, either into group im or, photos and logs posted into notices to keep everyone updated on running, and ongoing RP storylines.
Live action RP is encouraged but, a limited amount of non-live is acceptable, in the form of letters and incidences of isolation.

The roleplay posted must be relevant to Sylvhara, Taure Ru, Island of Shadow, Sentinal, Vana, Wayrest, Menel-Dur, Uhre, Zolio, Fellowship of the 4th Age, Uhre"

This kind of group serves as a communication mean to let know roleplayers of stories happening in the different realms that make up the Great Alliance. The Great Alliance holds together different roleplayer realms in an intent to agree on rules to be better roleplayers and help each other learn from different communities. The Light & Shadow Roleplay Group has 1146 members. Joining is free.

Now, what does this group has taught Pionia about Roleplaying? .. Well, it has become a school of roleplaying... since she gets their notices. She can read and learn from excellent roleplayers. She can follow story lines and see how they develop and grow. Also the kind of exchanges.. how roleplayers hint their partners on what they mean and how partners follow and react to those hints.

Example of a notice
Members of the group share their roleplays by copying them into notecards, adding images and even artifacts to illustrate their stories. These little notes..or scrolls as Pio uses to call them, keep the memories of a community of passionated storytellers and a wonderful resource for the ones learning and exploring into roleplaying.

These live roleplay logs are full of contextual language. So learning how different characters from different races, realms, classes use the language is really easy. From now on Pio will be posting some intersteing exchanges and commenting on what's going on and how roleplayed is run in the many different scenarios.

So, keep posted for fun interesting stories.. :)

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