Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New beginnings

New Beginnings
Losing  Crimson Chaos and her beloved mage guild to the tsunami that wiped her home marked the end of an era in the life of this mage.... the former archmage sits at her desk looking out of the window to the sea. The familiar sound of the waves and cries of the seagulls bring back memories lived with brother and sister mages she had the honor to shared with during his life in the small village. Walking the shores and searching high and low, in the deep and shallows of her heart, she still blames herself for letting that tragedy happened. She failed them and the priced paid was way too high. Hoping she can find some of the ones that could scape the terrible fate of the village. As a way to ease the heavy load in her soul, promises herself to start all over again somewhere from the very beginning, forget she once was an archmage, since she was a terrible one and couldn't protect the people she sword to protect. Stands up with the energy of a decision made.  Turns her head back to look at the room where she's lived since then, heads up to the door and to a new life.

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