Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Mage Progression

Soltel'vayas nods at Minn "Hello... Master Minniver."
Pionia Destiny: Greetings
Soltel'vayas takes some of the items
Pionia Destiny: Thanks fo joining us... lady Minn
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Nods:: Master Pionia
gadget Cyberstar: sorry bout the hold up
Soltel'vayas takes the items from his pouch, he sighs looking at them, an already cold piece of coal and a melting icycle, the feather wet and the shrums rotting.
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Looks around:: Ent been here in sometime
Pionia Destiny: *feels really excited about what's about to happen.. smiles ..assured ..her student will shine this evening*
Pionia Destiny: Greetings, sir gadget..
Soltel'vayas "I hope these still shine after the time i've been holding on to them, i did what i could to maintain them."
Pionia Destiny: thanks for joining us... smiles warmly*
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Looks over at the sadly wilting components. Trying to sound cheery:: I be sure they will be fine, Sol
Pionia Destiny: Greetings, sir...
Markis (markis.paine): *nods* greetings all... Sorry I am late
Soltel'vayas (lord.hannu): ((during the ritual, oposed to the usual, the four atending master go on the NW... NE... etc instead of north south etc.))
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::nods:: Markis
gadget Cyberstar: eh, you can't help it, that's how you are
Markis (markis.paine): *nods*
Pionia Destiny: Sir Edge will be here .. in a few seconds..
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Idly strolling over to the position of the West::
Soltel'vayas turns "Archmage, what a pleasure to see you attending."
Pionia Destiny: so we'll be ready to start..
Markis (markis.paine): I would not miss it, *smiles*
Soltel'vayas smirks "Oposed to the banality of tavern dancing... perhaps your dancing steps can help me during the summonning of fire."
Edge Fairport: Greetings Mages
Edge Fairport: ...oh!
Markis (markis.paine): Edge, good to see you
Pionia Destiny: Archmage will you please.. take your position within the circle
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::A nod:: Edge
Edge Fairport: Likewise sir
Pionia Destiny: smiles.. sir edge .. welcome
Edge Fairport: Greetings Pionia , Master Minn..
gadget Cyberstar: evening, edge
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::she looks around:: Quite a good turnout
Edge Fairport: Sol....
Edge Fairport: smiles*
Edge Fairport: smirks a bit*
Edge Fairport: Gadget!
Soltel'vayas "Edge..." nods "Glad you came."
Edge Fairport: hehe ..
Pionia Destiny: Glad to have you all here on this special time..
Edge Fairport: And i´m glad you came ..
Soltel'vayas shrugs "Couldn't resist to come to my ritual."
Edge Fairport: Listens to Sol´s Master *
Edge Fairport: hehe
Pionia Destiny: smiles...
Pionia Destiny: are we all set?
Markis (markis.paine): *nods*
Pionia Destiny: *looks at her student and smiles*
gadget Cyberstar: aye
Soltel'vayas places the element representation items at his feet, ready to begin "Yes."
Edge Fairport: Minn ..
Edge Fairport: extends his hand*
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): Edge
Edge Fairport: Join us , will you?
Soltel'vayas smiles "I won't bite... wait for Keri's turn at this."
Pionia Destiny: Dear brothers and sister Mages... I am proud to present before you of the finest mage students we've had....
gadget Cyberstar: *resists the urge to make a comment*
Pionia Destiny: Sir Soltel'vayas....
Markis (markis.paine): *glances at Gadget*
Edge Fairport: ohhh.. that i didn´t know..
Edge Fairport: looks surprised*
Pionia Destiny: Sir sol has worked hard on his studies and is ready to procee on his progression within our beloved guild
Soltel'vayas grabs the already cold piece of coal, playing with it and smirking, throwing it up looking at Minn "Master Minniver, please step closer."
Edge Fairport: nods with a bit more respect *
Pionia Destiny: Lady minn...please would you place yourself within the circle
Pionia Destiny: smiles... thanks..
Markis (markis.paine): *nods*
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::uncomfortabel in such close quarters, she takes the needed step forward::
Pionia Destiny: we are now ready to start.. sir sol..
Soltel'vayas places the piece of coal on the floor, taking a step to the South, he summons the element of fire, moving his hands and arms widelly, motion carryed along his body, he summons "Hail Guardians of the South, i summon the powers of Fire! Blazing flame, crackling fire, the quickened pulse of heart's desire. With Energy, the power of will, i invoke you!"
Edge Fairport: pays attention to the drows hands if are shaking*

South: Heat coalesces around the rock, at first tinting its core, then working outward until it glows brightly with inner fire, bursting into flame, the essence of the fire elemental which hovered on the air.
Markis (markis.paine): *smiles slightly*
Edge Fairport: ..weird or not , notices just that his ears wiggle fast than usual*
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::A smile to the Masters and then her attention turns back to Sol::
gadget Cyberstar: *just thinks that edge is wierd*
Pionia Destiny: *smiles looking at the glowing coal*
Markis (markis.paine): *smiles remembering an old fact*
Soltel'vayas takes a step back at the sigh of the vivid flames, using the same motion to crouch and pick up the mushrooms, a turn to the North, placing the item on the floor, yet courching he sets his palm on the ground, and summons "Hail Guardians of the North, i summon the powers of Earth! Cave of darkness, standing stone, the celebration of flesh and bone. With Stillness, the power of silence, i invoke you! "
gadget Cyberstar: *wonders if the old fact is edge's wierdness*

North: Shooting spores into the circle they grow into full mushroom's whose seemingly simple roots pierce the soft loam. The roots animate digging into the earth and surrounding themselve in its richness until it forms a sphere of dirt.
Edge Fairport: smiles paying much attetion to every Sol´s moves and determination of words*
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::her smile widens and she nods encouragement to the drow::
Pionia Destiny: *smiling pleased and proud... magic is strong tonight*

Soltel'vayas slides the hand he had on the ground across the circle, grabbing the feather and placing it to the East, takes a moment and focuses on his breath, a pause, and he summons "Hail Guardians of the East, i summon the powers of Air! Windswept meadow, breath of life, fantastic torrent removing strife. With Clarity, the power to know, i invoke you! "
Markis (markis.paine): *remembers now he has to teach Anna to fly*

East: At first a small puff barely felt, not even stirring the feather, yet invisable pressure increased into a breeze swirling gently then picking up speed and gathering motes of dust, adding color. A small vortex rotates with savage power confined in the space. Air in its most elemental form; invisible but powerful.

Edge Fairport: gives a quick glance at Markis and to the others and back to Sol´s presentation*
Edge Fairport: mmmhmmm..pretty good
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::smiles and nods to herself, well pleased::
Edge Fairport: says almost mumbling*
Markis (markis.paine): *looks about, very impressed*
Soltel'vayas feels the air growing powerfull, messing theire hairs brefelly before it sets to moderation, he picks the final items fron the ground at his feet and turns to the West, placing the melting icycle with a kneelling motion. He closes his eyes, shut to his thoughts, remembering past felt emotions as he summons "Hail Guardians of the West, i summon the powers of Water! Rushing stream, vast, dark ocean, poetry of the soul in motion. With Intuition, feeling, the power to dare, i invoke you! "

West: Ice, water frozen in time, drips until it begins to form a puddle. Deep in the puddle the crash of each drop strikes with force sending waves through itsself, striking each other. The wave become a current, the current bends and dips becoming a downward spiral pulling itsself in until the single ice dagger is a whirling living thing dynamic, forceful, potent. No longer frozen it is a living thing of
Edge Fairport: nods*
Soltel'vayas is envoloped within the elements, the surround him with theire essence, provinding him shelter, providing him power. He feels the bound with them.
gadget Cyberstar: *head lolls to the side*
Edge Fairport: feels the energy gather*
Markis (markis.paine): *gasps slightly* Very well done indeed
Edge Fairport: remembers his past*
gadget Cyberstar's eyebrows get a little scorched

Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Closes her eyes as the energy of the Weave seems to spark the very air around them. She murmers:: Very well done!
Markis (markis.paine): *nods slowly* This is outstanding...very well done
Edge Fairport: sees The Elementals crossing the air between them , forming circles and waves in a slight and windy cloud*
Pionia Destiny: *a wide smile on her face... feels the energy filling her and everyone in the room*
Edge Fairport: claps* ..oops!

Soltel'vayas overwhelmed with the elemental protection he slowlly, trying to hold on to the present moment, draws a small dagger from his belt, the dagger blade as the elemental symbols graved on it. He highers his arms holding the dagger up "The quality and grace of the dagger peircing motion, oposed to the strenght of the sword, follow not intuition if you possess the power of word." He summons his inner element, his spirit "As above, so below. As within, so without. Four stars in this place be, combined to call the fifth to me! circumference and center, woven together, to make the circle complete! "
gadget Cyberstar: *keeps his eyes closed, knowing full well what is lurking beyond his eyelids*

Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Can hear a faint hum around them. A thought that this drow has a deep connection to the Weave. So connected he has enveloped all of them in this surge of power. Behind that thought is only a slight nagging feeling of worry and dread::
Soltel'vayas had the elments drainned whithin him, before his spiritual element reveils itself to theire eyes on a darker color, the effect focuses on his and his felt by them, it's cold and evil.

Markis (markis.paine): *smiles*
Markis (markis.paine): *knowing this power and force*
Edge Fairport: Knowing that it will be a dagger to be carried for Sol´s like ahead , he touches also his sword that is filled with the Elemental´s energy*
Soltel'vayas drops a knee to the floor and it is done as he sheaths the dagger back to his belt. He looks at them.
gadget Cyberstar: *opens his eyes to look at the power, his face shows nothing, but his eyes show a hint of worry*
Markis (markis.paine): *nods again* Very well done Sol
Pionia Destiny: *sighs... well... he's a drow.. after all.. but he's muy bueno at being evil ...gigggles quietly*
Edge Fairport: like / life*
Edge Fairport: claps* .. indeed!
gadget Cyberstar: jolly good show
Edge Fairport: Weldone!
Soltel'vayas he rises, slowlly, as if awaken "Good?"
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::She smiles and applauds:: Well done, well done, indeed ::yet thereis that same hint of worry mirroring Gadget's in her eyes::
Markis (markis.paine): Embraced well
Edge Fairport: I wasn´t expecting that much ..but i have to be condescendent now
Markis (markis.paine): I truly enjoyed the way you found the power you can weild
Soltel'vayas draws a smile "thank you for assisting Masters."
Edge Fairport: From my judgement i think he deserves to pass ..
Edge Fairport: nods*
Soltel'vayas is not aware they had felt and glanced at his inner self.

Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::A glance to Pionia, then to Markis, then to Gadget and finally to Edge. She draws her gaze back to Sol.... A fine ritual, indeed.... I ha' no doubt he has passed this progression.

Pionia Destiny: *looks at her student ... proud of his accomplishments...* well , sir Sol... brothers and sister mages.... here we have a new philosophus...
Markis (markis.paine): *nods* Well deserved, Sol well done, and to you as well Master Destiny
Pionia Destiny: claps proudly
Soltel'vayas (lord.hannu): Philosophus
Edge Fairport: Yes..
Edge Fairport: You agreed Gadget?
Pionia Destiny: Please... he's a brilliant student
gadget Cyberstar: estyqomziayopheenoj
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): Welcome, Philosophus, Soltel'vayas
gadget Cyberstar: congradulations
Edge Fairport: Ah !!
Edge Fairport: ok..
Edge Fairport: Congratulations then!!
[17:22] Edge Fairport: claps*
[17:22] Soltel'vayas reestablishing from the exaustive ritual he's rather kept to himself, and his ego, inflated, keeps a selfish grin on him.
Pionia Destiny: we should celebrate...
Edge Fairport: claps ina way that seem a crowd*
Soltel'vayas coughs and draws his dagger "I'm sure i can open some bottle with this."
Pionia Destiny: smiles*
Edge Fairport: well.. a new Phylosophus
Pionia Destiny: I will properly anounce the good news..
gadget Cyberstar: now then, if all will excuse me, i have two other rituals to attend today
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Another worried glance to Sol, quickly covered by a polite smile:: Please, have a drink or tow on me tab this eve
Edge Fairport: pat´s the drow back*
Edge Fairport: ..But this won´t be so easy from no on...Right Masters?
Soltel'vayas raises a brow, unnaware it ment he did a good job, looking at Edge, confused
Markis (markis.paine): Yes, Drinks on Minn
gadget Cyberstar: it will be interesting, but not easy
Edge Fairport: hehe
Pionia Destiny: smiles
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): Master's.... Sol... if ye will excuse me... ::Shae pauses:: Pionia.. we have a new studnet who needs a teacher, when ye have time
Edge Fairport: notices Markis is a bit envolved on his thoughts*
Edge Fairport: Everything ok , Archmage?
gadget Cyberstar: *bows to all and steps back, vanishing into shadows*
Markis (markis.paine): *sighs, grumbling about never getting students*
Pionia Destiny: mmm.. alexius..
Markis (markis.paine): See you all soon, I need to go feed the owls
Pionia Destiny: he's the one assigning teachers
Edge Fairport: hmm..
Edge Fairport: Ok
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): Ahh :: a nod:: thank ye, then Pionia
Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Raises her hand and she herself fades into darkness
Edge Fairport: slaps Sol on his back head* ..paff!
Edge Fairport: there you are! .. you thought you would escape from it?
Soltel'vayas is still holding the dagger and turns at Edge "What now?"
Pionia Destiny: Felicitacioes, sir sol
Edge Fairport: chuckles*
Pionia Destiny: parabems
Edge Fairport: Elaine couldn´t come , but wished you luck
Soltel'vayas bows "Thank you all for atending, and proving me the streight to perform."
Edge Fairport: steps back*
Edge Fairport: hehe
Pionia Destiny: smiles
Pionia Destiny: you did great..
Pionia Destiny: best ritual so far... whispers*
Soltel'vayas "master Pionia, i'll be expecting my new study sheets at any time, for now, i espect to rest, for a while before i celebrate."
Edge Fairport: Keep this ritual in memory .. we won´t see this performance very often
Soltel'vayas (lord.hannu): ((we will from now on))
Pionia Destiny: it was a great night..proud of you... nods and smiles
Edge Fairport: crosses his wrists and vanishes*
Soltel'vayas nods at them again and moves away, walking slowlly, evently tired.

Pionia Destiny: Looks around still feeling the strenght of the wave in the place.. smiles.. great magic was accomplished tonight. Places her hand on her face mumbling to her self 'we'll see how far this drow will go. He's strong and evil. He knows what he wants.. warninings has been given. Turns around glancing at the magic hall one last time before motioning her hards and steping into the mist.

Role Players: Soltel'vayas (lord.hannu), Pionia Destiny, Edge Fairport, Markis (markis.paine), Minniver (minniver.endsleigh), gadget Cyberstar.

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