Saturday, January 19, 2013

Healing Combat Class with Rhi

Pio gets back to Avilion to get together with her dear sister druid Rhiannon Skinstand. Rhi is also her druid mentor and guides her on healing and fighting to protect her sisters and brothers from Avilion. Since Pio has been traveling the world she is way behind on her training. Brother Ryu the dragon is the weapon caster who has forged new magic staves for healers. In this mentoring session, Rhi describes the use and healing magic of the new staves.

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Hallooooo.
Pionia Destiny: smiles.  Besitos
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Can you get your staves? You'll need your ACS meter and HUD, and the Druid Staff HUD, as well as the staves.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, that staff is the Naturalist staff. It's a utility staff with a little offense and a little healing.
Pionia Destiny: this is v1.02
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Yes, that's current :)
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yayyyyyyy!!!
Pionia Destiny: ok. I guess
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): kewlies :)
Pionia Destiny: meter
Pionia Destiny: I got everything now. Hud for the meter and three staves. I hope it is what I need
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): mmhmm :) You have to wear the meter for the staves to work.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): OK! Let's get started :)
Pionia Destiny: potions, too?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad):: You know how to raise and lower the staves, right?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): We'll do potions another time.
Pionia Destiny: the hud
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yep :)
Pionia Destiny: smiles.  I remember that
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): And you have to raise the staff to pick a spell.
Pionia Destiny: yes
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): We probably won't get everything covered tonight, but we can at least go over one staff, maybe 2 :)
Pionia Destiny: smiles. That'll be great
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Let's look at the Purifier staff first, cuz that's what you will most likely use the most in a CTA.

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This staff is all healing. It has 8 spells on it. There are targeted healing spells, group healing spells, self healing spells, a stamina group heal, and a resurrection spell.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad):Now, if you look at the big board I've set out behind you, it will tell you which buttons on the staff HUD are for which spell.
Pionia Destiny: it's still blurry
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): awww.  ok, I'll go over them :)
Pionia Destiny: I think I must have a texture with those
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): I think one comes with the staves.
Pionia Destiny: Yep.  but it's also blurry
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, the first row of buttons under the raise and lower buttons are where we'll start.
Pionia Destiny: my graphic card is awful
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The button furthest to the left is Inner Serenity.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This is the stronger self healing spell.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It heals you for 45 health points at a cost of 20 mana.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Inner Serenity
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It has something called 'diminishing returns', though
Pionia Destiny: what's that?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Say you've cast it once. If you cast it again before 30 seconds have passed since the original casting, it will not heal you as much.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): that's to keep us from being able to just constantly cast that and stay alive through any attack.
Pionia Destiny: giggles

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, the other self healing spell, which isn't as strong, is the furthest button to the right in that row, and is called Inner Calm.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It heals you for 25 health points at a cost of 12 mana.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, those are our self healing spells.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Inner Calm
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Inner Calm :)
Pionia Destiny: the one in the middle?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Getting to that now :)
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The one in the middle, and the one right under it are the targeted healing spells. The one in the middle is called Holy Bolt. It is the stronger targeted heal.
Pionia Destiny: aye..that's to heal others, right?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yes, exactly. The one under that is called Healing Ray
Pionia Destiny: is that one for healing others?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Holy Bolt heals for 23 health points at a cost of 20 mana. I use this one if I need to heal someone up really fast.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Healing Ray is the heal I use most of the time. It heals for 15 health points at a cost of 12 mana. I use this one because it saves on my mana.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Current Spell: Holy Bolt
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, next row down.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Current Spell: Healing Ray
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The buttons on the far left and far right are group heals.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The one on the left is Holy Radiance.
Pionia Destiny: mm how do I use it.. mouselook?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This is the stronger of the group heals.
Pionia Destiny: I forgot that part
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): No, you click the button on the HUD to work the group heals.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Mouselook is for the targeted spells.
Pionia Destiny: aye
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, Holy Bolt and Healing Ray are the ones you'll be in mouselook for.
Pionia Destiny: important
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Self heals, group heals, and resurrection will be cast by clicking on the HUD buttons out of mouselook.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): okies
Pionia Destiny: aye
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Holy Radiance. This spell heals everyone within 12 meters for 50 health points, and costs 60 mana. Holy Surge is the weaker group heal. It heals everyone within 12 meters for 35 health points at a cost of 40 mana.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Holy Radiance
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, an important thing to remember about the group heals: When you cast them, you are held in place for 10 seconds.
Pionia Destiny: it means..I won't be able to move
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Exactly.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, that's something good to remember :)
Pionia Destiny: aye
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, the middle button on that row is the group stamina heal.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It's called Invigorate.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Invigorate
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It heals stamina for 25 at a cost of 20 mana. For everyone within 12 meters. And lastly, the bottom button is the resurrection spell, oddly enough, called Resurrect.
Pionia Destiny: can we resurrect?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, in ACS when a person first falls, they are mortally wounded for 90 seconds before they die. In that 90 second time period, a Druid may bring them back, at half health, half stamina, and half mana.
Pionia Destiny: oops...giggles
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This is another spell that holds us in place for 10 seconds
Pionia Destiny: using resurrection?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yes
Pionia Destiny: ok.. I ge it

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, the resurrect spell on THIS staff will bring back anyone who is mortally wounded. There is another resurrect spell on another staff which will only bring back people who have the same meter color as you.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): But this spell costs 99 mana to cast. Actually that's not right. It costs 30 mana to cast
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): hang on
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Resurrection
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): I'm gonna kill you really fast, be still :D
Pionia Destiny: aye

Pionia Destiny: laughs
ACS Meter <2 .1.3=".1.3"> shouts: Pionia Destiny Has Been Mortally Wounded
Rhi: there :)
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Notice, though, that you still need healing. Do you know about sitting down and what that does? Sitting recharges your stamina. But, also,....
Pionia Destiny: raises stamina
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It charges your mana at double speed.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Normally our mana recharges at 1 point per second, sitting down recharges it at 2 points per second.
Pionia Destiny: nods
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, that's the Purifier staff. Any questions? :)

Pionia Destiny: nope I just need to practice and with this class.. I won't have any trouble. you are the greatest...
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): awww fankies :). We are looking forward to having you in CTAs again very much :)
Pionia Destiny: I will have to stop now... real life realm is on my need. oh yes.. I will give it a try... I love CTAs
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Want to meet again next Wednesday and go over another one?
Pionia Destiny: thanks for the time you are giving me dear
Pionia Destiny: yes..of course. smiles
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): I'll always be your Mentor, sissy. :))
Pionia Destiny: yes.. my dear sister.. always
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Huggs!
Pionia Destiny: besitos mi linda..
Pionia Destiny: hugs you tight
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad) grins
Pionia Destiny: safe paths
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): And you too :)

Roleplayers: Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad), Pionia Destiny
Realm: Avilion

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