Monday, July 16, 2012

Roleplaying a Mage in a Mage School: Hogwarts Mischief Managed

Hogwarts Mischief Managed

I visited the Harry Potter Roleplay sim this week after reading about it in different blogs. The photos showed a beautiful sim, but what I consider best is the possibility of roleplaying a mage in a mage school there. But then, again I realized I will have to learn a big deal of vocabulary and have to be familiar with Harry Potter's books.

Anyway, I got lots of info on how to get started...maybe my students would like to be involved in this kind of roleplay. Everybody seems to love Harry Potter...!!! Let me tell you what this roleplay sim is about...

"Mischief Managed is a Non-For Profit Harry Potter (HP) Roleplaying community. Their intention is to create a fully non-profit immersive HP role play based on the information they have collected through intensive research around Harry Potter's Story. Their role play takes place Post Potter, in the future, year 2019. They do not allow for canon characters written by J.K.Rowling but instead only accept original characters. Which means a world whereby you/your characters get to live out a life at Hogwarts!"

So far...the plot goes like this....... " We are set in the year 2019. Back in H:YS, attacks of dark creatures called by a dark wizard destroyed the castle and although the culprit was caught, the castle was in ruins. The plot ended with the students going back for the summer, as the Staff stayed back to rebuild and restore the exterior of the school." ...... Midway through the summer holiday, letters have been sent out to the current enrolled students of Hogwarts to aid in the restoration of the school. The Hogwarts Express has been called upon to run over time so all throughout this second half of the semester, students may come to and fro to the school to help rebuild it. There will be no classes held but breakfast, lunch and dinner happens as the school is fully staffed with fresh house elves once again. On August first... Our School semester officially begins, students begin to arrive from the Hogwarts express. Owls to first years will be sent before the semester begins, first years to the new semester will only arrive when the semester begins, not earlier (We will accept first year applications but they only receive group invites on August 1st) The sorting hat ceremony will occur and classes begin.

I will definitely give a try.. I will be a student... mmm.. have to create an avie for that, get the uniform and send in the application form ...wish me luck.. I think it's going to be fun..!!! This is the story of my first visit:

I arrived at the famous station and saw the famous red train...

And this cute owl gave me a suitcase with landmarks, and notecards about the sim

Then as in the movies you cross the wall to enter the roleplay sim.

Next I found some info on the uniform.. It's mandatory..for students to wear the proper clothing.

I got my own wanted sign... The photos move like in the movie.. I just love it..

Finally, I met two students.. one that is waiting to be accepted and another that is already a roleplayer. They shared great info to get started in roleplaying here.. I will try to find out more in order to offer my students a project where they can give it a try..

A roleplayer in Harry's Roleplay.
This is the one waiting for approval... he seemed really excited..

After talking to these two smart little ones.. I found out that I will have to be a member of the sim in order to see the rest... :P....

These two Hogwarts students gave me a lot of pointers to keep on researching this kind of roleplay..:

Their wiki:  
SPECIAL ABILITY APPLICATIONS  (Only availiable to existing, and approved members)

Well, It looks like a great way to roleplay and learn the language... Hope to see you there.. more to come..