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Vocabulary Building: Describing raiders

Describing the Raiders of Rohan from the Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers

Their horses were of great stature, strong and clean-limbedtheir grey coats glistened, their long tails flowed in the wind, their manes were braided on their proud necks.  

The Men that rode them matched them well: tall and long-limbed; their hair, flaxen-pale, flowed under their light helms, and streamed in long braids behind them; their faces were stern and keen. In their hands were tall spears of ash, painted shields were slung at their backs, long swords were at their belts, their burnished shirts of mail hung down upon their knees.

Without a word or cry, suddenly, the Riders halted. A thicket of spears was pointed towards the strangers, and some of the horsemen had bows in hand, and their arrows were already fitted to the string. Then one rode forward, a tall man, taller than all the rest; from his helm as a crest, a white horsetail flowed. 

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The Sylvan Legends Book 1: The Early Legends

Book 1:  The Early Legends

Eyrturheru was born a Sindari prince (of the High Elves), and the heir to the House of Varda.  In his younger life, he often wandered the woods of the Sylvan North, and came to love the traditions of the people there.  Legend has it that he fired an arrow into the air, declaring to his companions that where it landed would be founded his house; but as the arrow fell it struck and killed a doe in the forest.  When Eyrturheru’s party came to the spot, in a clearing, Linnea was there attending to the fallen animal.  She showed the healing touch – a hint of the powers borne by the women of her line – in healing the doe and setting it free.  Eyrturheru was immediately taken; and in time fell in love with her; and they eventually married.  Where the arrow fell, they built the House of Eyrturheru, and at its core the city of Taur-na-Sylvhara.

For over two hundred years, Taur-na-Sylvhara was a place of joy and brightness; and the land prospered under the King and Queen of the Northern Sylvan People.  But a malevolent power grew in the west, beyond the borders of the realm.  And its violence pierced the borders with the slaying of the Dragon King, Dragollich, and the attempt to slay the dragon heirs.  The heirs were rescued by Linnea and her Guard, and sent into hiding in exile. But by the heroic act of the Lady of the Wood was created a bond with the dragons.  

The Elven Council met, and agreed that the dark force in the west was Nargoroth, the Witch King and one of the seven archwizards of Netheril.  They saw his rise to power as the fulfillment of Prophecy; and they determined to take war to Tal Nargor, the stronghold of Nargoroth, to deal with the threat before it could gain its full strength.  The King himself led the army out on the March to throw down Nargoroth; but as they made their plans for the assault on Tal Nargor, word came from a loyal fae – Rowenna d’Noir – that forces of the Witch King had circled about to the North and fallen upon Taur-na-Sylvhara, where a fierce battle raged.

Eyrturheru led a large group of elven warriors, borne by dragons, to return at once to the City; but arrived too late.  Queen Linnea had been taken by the attackers.  Lady Comet, however, had miraculously escaped capture.  Eyrturheru came to learn that Linnea had been taken to Mori Tarma, the dark tower stronghold to the north of Tal Nargor.  He gathered his best warriors and archers, including Linnea’s loyal cousin Elohim, and the group sped on dragons to attempt the rescue of the Queen.  The party found her in the tower; but was surprised by the dark elf leader of Nargoroth’s guard, Tz’arkan, who killed Elohim before being defeated by Eyrturheru and Linnea.  The King escaped the tower with his Queen, but before they could make a clean escape (on Bragollach, a mighty and renowned dragon), Linnea was shot by a poisoned arrow from the Witch King’s bow.  Linnea died in his arms in an open field, close to the wood she so loved.

Nargoroth was incensed by his loss of the captive elf-queen, the full reasons for his anger known only to him at that time.  He vowed to take the Elven heirs, the daughters of Eyrturheru; and dispatched one of the Sereg’wethrin – fell creature bred from an unholy experiment combining dragon and man, and trained their entire lives as spies and assassins bred – to kill the King and capture the heirs.  The one selected, Darakh’urra, was among his most loyal followers – a half-breed raised as a son to the Witch King from the time of his birth.  He was sent to Taur-na-Sylvhara in the guise of a human warrior seeking an alliance with the Sylvan People.

Unknown to Nargoroth, Darakh’urra had found himself  in private dialogues with Linnea during her time of imprisonment in the tower, before her death.  The teachings of the Elf Queen opened the Dragon Lord’s heart, and let the light touch it; and love grew in what had been barren ground.

The assassin, now called Darius as he traveled in his disguise, did not know who Linnea was when he set out on his mission, or that she had died.  Darius succeeded in penetrating the House of Eyrturheru, and earned enough confidence to get close to the Elf King.  However, in the very moment he moved to strike down the enemy of his Master, the King confronted him as a traitor; for Eyrturheru had learned through secret communications from Linnea, before her death, that an assassin would come.  Darius heard the truth about Linnea; and was surprised by Comet as she burst into the room during his confrontation with Eyrturheru.  When Darius saw Comet, he saw the face and spirit of Linnea; and fell upon his knees, distraught from guilt and anguish.

Treachery reared its head, however.  Grindemor – a man of the North and trusted ally to the King – proved to be in league with Nargoroth; and attacked the King, stabbing him with a poisoned blade.  Darius was able to stay Grindemor’s hand from a killing stroke, and disable the Northman’s guards.  But Grindemor recovered; and held his dagger to the throat of the King.   Eyrturheru would have been slain on the spot had it not been for Lady Comet, who – with the help of Lady Rowenna – took her father’s sword in hand and struck down Grindemor before he could administer the fatal blow.

Eyrturheru lay wounded in his bed for some time, incapacitated by the workings of the poison in his bloodstream.  When he finally awoke – nearly three weeks after the attack – he called for Darius to come attend him in his chambers.  There, he spoke to Darius of the Prophecies – of the war that would come to their doorstep and touch the entire world.  He accepted Darius’ petition for service – but not to serve the King’s armies.  Instead, the King surprised him by naming him Dragon Protector for his daughter, Lady Comet; and bidding him to take her to safety in exile.  He gave to Darius the Sylvan Ode – words that would be as a beacon to draw the People back to their Queen when the time was right.  Comet would have to lead the People forward to oppose Nargoroth; for Eyrturheru knew he would decline, and must make the journey to the West.

Lord Darius and Lady Comet left Taur-na-Sylvhara for the last time the next morning, and began to move south across the wild forests.  They had learned that Taur-na-Sylvhara had fallen shortly after their departure; but that a great Elvish army had reassembled at the old ruins of Ta’Valoor and gone into battle with Tz’arkan and the armies of Nargoroth near the port city of River’s Rest.  Tz’arkan was killed and Nargoroth’s army defeated; but the toll was great and Eyrturheru disbanded the remaining elf warriors and sent them to scatter in the wild.

That news was over two months old when Darius and Comet encountered an elf-lord who had been seeking them across the wild lands.  The elf-lord brought two important items to the future Queen of the Sylvan Elves.  The first was a note from Eyrturheru telling her that he had gone to the West; and charging her to be the force that would rally her People to the great cause.  The second item was his sword, Eledhwen, which marked her birthright and, with it, the strength and hopes of the Sylvan People.  

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Vocabulary Building: Horses, cooking, fighting

Well, reading here and there we can find really useful vocabulary and expressions to use in roleplay. This post we'll check on some horse talking... giggles.. talking about horses and looking after them. Next some cooking and serving fun vocabulary and finally some sword talking.

Horse Care:
Take this horse, lead him to the stable. Take off his saddle, give him oats and hay. Look after him, curry him.

The girl listening to her father, leads the horse to the stable where she unlaces his breast-strap, takes off his bridle and saddle  Throws a halter over his head. Rubs him down, curries him. Ties the horse to the manger. Puts plenty of fresh, sweet hay and oats before him.

Cooking and serving tables.

The girl prepares meals in boiling water. Brids on the spit. Ans sets the table with clothes, bread and wine.

Fighting a battle... Justing
.... takes the shield and hangs it about his neck by the strap...
Shields are pierced and broken..
Lances are split and cracked...
Helmets are crushed and made to ring
The clash of the swords is fierce...
Swords rain great blows upon neck and shoulders...
Swords break whenever they touch, cutting the shields and shattering the hauberks.
Swords are red with crimson blood....

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Healing Combat Class with Rhi

Pio gets back to Avilion to get together with her dear sister druid Rhiannon Skinstand. Rhi is also her druid mentor and guides her on healing and fighting to protect her sisters and brothers from Avilion. Since Pio has been traveling the world she is way behind on her training. Brother Ryu the dragon is the weapon caster who has forged new magic staves for healers. In this mentoring session, Rhi describes the use and healing magic of the new staves.

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Hallooooo.
Pionia Destiny: smiles.  Besitos
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Can you get your staves? You'll need your ACS meter and HUD, and the Druid Staff HUD, as well as the staves.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, that staff is the Naturalist staff. It's a utility staff with a little offense and a little healing.
Pionia Destiny: this is v1.02
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Yes, that's current :)
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yayyyyyyy!!!
Pionia Destiny: ok. I guess
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): kewlies :)
Pionia Destiny: meter
Pionia Destiny: I got everything now. Hud for the meter and three staves. I hope it is what I need
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): mmhmm :) You have to wear the meter for the staves to work.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): OK! Let's get started :)
Pionia Destiny: potions, too?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad):: You know how to raise and lower the staves, right?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): We'll do potions another time.
Pionia Destiny: the hud
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yep :)
Pionia Destiny: smiles.  I remember that
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): And you have to raise the staff to pick a spell.
Pionia Destiny: yes
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): We probably won't get everything covered tonight, but we can at least go over one staff, maybe 2 :)
Pionia Destiny: smiles. That'll be great
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Let's look at the Purifier staff first, cuz that's what you will most likely use the most in a CTA.

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This staff is all healing. It has 8 spells on it. There are targeted healing spells, group healing spells, self healing spells, a stamina group heal, and a resurrection spell.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad):Now, if you look at the big board I've set out behind you, it will tell you which buttons on the staff HUD are for which spell.
Pionia Destiny: it's still blurry
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): awww.  ok, I'll go over them :)
Pionia Destiny: I think I must have a texture with those
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): I think one comes with the staves.
Pionia Destiny: Yep.  but it's also blurry
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, the first row of buttons under the raise and lower buttons are where we'll start.
Pionia Destiny: my graphic card is awful
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The button furthest to the left is Inner Serenity.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This is the stronger self healing spell.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It heals you for 45 health points at a cost of 20 mana.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Inner Serenity
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It has something called 'diminishing returns', though
Pionia Destiny: what's that?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Say you've cast it once. If you cast it again before 30 seconds have passed since the original casting, it will not heal you as much.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): that's to keep us from being able to just constantly cast that and stay alive through any attack.
Pionia Destiny: giggles

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, the other self healing spell, which isn't as strong, is the furthest button to the right in that row, and is called Inner Calm.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It heals you for 25 health points at a cost of 12 mana.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, those are our self healing spells.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Inner Calm
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Inner Calm :)
Pionia Destiny: the one in the middle?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Getting to that now :)
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The one in the middle, and the one right under it are the targeted healing spells. The one in the middle is called Holy Bolt. It is the stronger targeted heal.
Pionia Destiny: aye..that's to heal others, right?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yes, exactly. The one under that is called Healing Ray
Pionia Destiny: is that one for healing others?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Holy Bolt heals for 23 health points at a cost of 20 mana. I use this one if I need to heal someone up really fast.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Healing Ray is the heal I use most of the time. It heals for 15 health points at a cost of 12 mana. I use this one because it saves on my mana.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Current Spell: Holy Bolt
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, next row down.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Current Spell: Healing Ray
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The buttons on the far left and far right are group heals.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): The one on the left is Holy Radiance.
Pionia Destiny: mm how do I use it.. mouselook?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This is the stronger of the group heals.
Pionia Destiny: I forgot that part
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): No, you click the button on the HUD to work the group heals.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Mouselook is for the targeted spells.
Pionia Destiny: aye
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, Holy Bolt and Healing Ray are the ones you'll be in mouselook for.
Pionia Destiny: important
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Self heals, group heals, and resurrection will be cast by clicking on the HUD buttons out of mouselook.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): okies
Pionia Destiny: aye
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Holy Radiance. This spell heals everyone within 12 meters for 50 health points, and costs 60 mana. Holy Surge is the weaker group heal. It heals everyone within 12 meters for 35 health points at a cost of 40 mana.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Holy Radiance
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, an important thing to remember about the group heals: When you cast them, you are held in place for 10 seconds.
Pionia Destiny: it means..I won't be able to move
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Exactly.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, that's something good to remember :)
Pionia Destiny: aye
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): ok, the middle button on that row is the group stamina heal.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It's called Invigorate.
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Invigorate
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It heals stamina for 25 at a cost of 20 mana. For everyone within 12 meters. And lastly, the bottom button is the resurrection spell, oddly enough, called Resurrect.
Pionia Destiny: can we resurrect?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, in ACS when a person first falls, they are mortally wounded for 90 seconds before they die. In that 90 second time period, a Druid may bring them back, at half health, half stamina, and half mana.
Pionia Destiny: oops...giggles
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): This is another spell that holds us in place for 10 seconds
Pionia Destiny: using resurrection?
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): yes
Pionia Destiny: ok.. I ge it

Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Now, the resurrect spell on THIS staff will bring back anyone who is mortally wounded. There is another resurrect spell on another staff which will only bring back people who have the same meter color as you.
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): But this spell costs 99 mana to cast. Actually that's not right. It costs 30 mana to cast
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): hang on
Purifier's Staff~v1.02: Casting: Resurrection
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): I'm gonna kill you really fast, be still :D
Pionia Destiny: aye

Pionia Destiny: laughs
ACS Meter <2 .1.3=".1.3"> shouts: Pionia Destiny Has Been Mortally Wounded
Rhi: there :)
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Notice, though, that you still need healing. Do you know about sitting down and what that does? Sitting recharges your stamina. But, also,....
Pionia Destiny: raises stamina
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): It charges your mana at double speed.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Normally our mana recharges at 1 point per second, sitting down recharges it at 2 points per second.
Pionia Destiny: nods
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): So, that's the Purifier staff. Any questions? :)

Pionia Destiny: nope I just need to practice and with this class.. I won't have any trouble. you are the greatest...
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): awww fankies :). We are looking forward to having you in CTAs again very much :)
Pionia Destiny: I will have to stop now... real life realm is on my need. oh yes.. I will give it a try... I love CTAs
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Want to meet again next Wednesday and go over another one?
Pionia Destiny: thanks for the time you are giving me dear
Pionia Destiny: yes..of course. smiles
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): I'll always be your Mentor, sissy. :))
Pionia Destiny: yes.. my dear sister.. always
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): Huggs!
Pionia Destiny: besitos mi linda..
Pionia Destiny: hugs you tight
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad) grins
Pionia Destiny: safe paths
Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad): And you too :)

Roleplayers: Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad), Pionia Destiny
Realm: Avilion

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Sylvhara: Casting a Magic Spell

Basic Mage RP class /INITIATES
Teacher: Ondine Ninetails

Ondine Ninetails

Group Notice From:  Ithryn Mage Guild, Ondine Ninetails

This class is useful in preparation for your duel as well as a continuation of how to RP a  Mage. In the candidate class "Believable Fantasy" we explored how to RP a Mage believably .Today, we explore further RP techniques and the use of spells format to attain this .

Mage Class

Pionia Destiny: Walks into the room looking for a good seat... smiles and bows to the archmage. Looks at the Atchmage.. " greetings, Archmage"
Cymbidium: suilad, Arch Mage, Initiate.
Ondine Ninetails: greetings... Pionia
Ondine Ninetails: Welcome Nith and Cym
Ondine Ninetails: I am not sure if you remember Pionia?
Cymbidium: Yes, We met at the all guild meeting
Ondine Ninetails: excellent
Cymbidium: Pionia this is my mate Nithpantiel
Ondine Ninetails: yes now i remember
Ondine Ninetails: your welcome to come closer if you like Cym and Nith
Ondine Ninetails: greetings... Arch mage Sally
Cymbidium hands the Arch mage a pair of glasses and shoes the faries away from her hands.
Sally Foxdale: greetings archmage
Squish: hellooo all
Ondine Ninetails: Greetings to you Squish
Pionia Destiny: looks around and smiles warmly waving to the ones in the room
Ondine Ninetails passes the last of the cookies to Squish
Squish: mmmmm
Ondine Ninetails: I have been playing with the milder magics to observe potential familiars
Ondine Ninetails: it seems that my workload is increasing and i am in search of assistance in the darker magics.
Ondine Ninetails: finding and trusting is not always one and the same
Ondine Ninetails: but let me not bother this evening's class with my concerns
Ondine Ninetails: lets begin
Cymbidium takes out his previous lesson's and begin's writing in the margins.
Ondine Ninetails: a short review of the former class of believable fantasy

When RPing casting a magic spell, there are 4 stages: ALL should be included in the rp weather in live RP or posted.  Remember this when performing a duel too. Make note of these steps because this is the format you will use for your coming duels well as all coming use of magics and spells

 1.    Provide a context: Convey WHY you are casting the spell, and give a valid reason.
 Don’t cast the spell without any warning, because the spell will hopefully be a spectacular event, and you want it to capture your audience’s attention, but not conflict with any other RP that is currently active.

 2.    Control the elemental force: All casting of elemental magic has an essential component and that is the controlling manipulation ......this is  preparation for the actual casting. This  is most commonly done by meditation,trance, focus etc and  should be part of your RP -  both to explain to your audience that you are, for example, calling on the power of water, and also to create a sense of theater.

 3.    Use an incantation to cast the spell:
 As before, the incantation should both explore how the elemental magic is being harnessed, and the delivery should add to the overall performance. A short poem is the ideal form of incantation, but a few well crafted words will work fine too.
Have some ready in your folders. Something to be drawn in a moments notice for different effects

 4.    Show that the spell has been cast: The ideal way to complete the casting of your spell is with  some effect that might combine visual or audio elements or both.  Be sure to CLOSE*...many actually forget this.
 CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE.  The biggest mistake all casters make is forgetting that all magic must be closed

In some cases the name of the spell you are casting e.g. Sphere of Protection, creates an image in words of what the effect of the spell is going to be, but to actually use a particle effect adds so much more theater and drama!

 Playing out all these 4 stages in a fluid and dramatic way can be quite tricky, and gestures are a good way of orchestrating your charms and spells to create the greatest impact. Think of your spell on a plot line, like the story of a book. There is a rising action (the preparation), a climax (the casting), and the resolution (effects). Then Close.
 Take a moment and look over the 4 steps.

Students attending the class

Ondine Ninetails smiles "I am going to ask you to share a spell USING THE 4 STEPS with the group shortly. You may want to start thinking on it..."
Sally Foxdale hums absebtmindly
Ondine Ninetails: In your former Role Play Class, I am sure you heard the term "God-Moding". It is important enough to repeat here.
Ondine Ninetails: God moding can be considered many things, but a basic description would be anyone who plays an all-powerful, un-touchable, all-knowing character. There is no such Mage....
Ondine Ninetails: Simply put, any Mage, and character, can be injured and can die. Even those who profess to be immortal must have a weakness.
Ondine Ninetails: God moding can also be forcing actions upon another character. Also Forcing results. You cannot just grab someone by the neck and throw them across the room. You must give them a chance to resist or fight back.
Ondine Ninetails: Keeping what I just described in mind, can each of you share a brief spell with the group? you may use particle effects and gestures if you like but i know some of you have not had those classes as yet. So use your words only if you like to describe
Ondine Ninetails: Sally would you like to start and perform a spell for us???
Sally Foxdale: yes
Ondine Ninetails steps back for Sally to demonstrate
Sally Foxdale: while walking through town at dusk she enters an alley as a short cut to the Inn, a gang of cutpurses approach Sally
Sally Foxdale: asking for her purse and fingering their daggers they think the small woman is an easy target
Squish: Squish: flies off not wanting to be in a fight
Sally Foxdale: not wanting to lose her hard earned money she Bangs her staff into the ground and calls forth a mist to surround her
Sally Foxdale: '' oh Dampen earth
 give forth they mist
 so to blind those about me
 to protect this poor soul from danger
 so mote it be
 so be it ''
Sally Foxdale: as the mist emerges and surrounds her she slips away while the bandits are blinded and fumbling around
Sally Foxdale: at the end of the ally sally calls forth a wind to dispel the mist ''oh wind from the east disperse this fog then dispel they self back to the world''
Sally Foxdale: and continues on her way chuckling as she hears the curses been hurled behind her
Ondine Ninetails: well done
Nithpantiel claps
Ondine Ninetails: Sally posed the purpose of the spell...created it and closed
Ondine Ninetails: ALWAYS closed
Ondine Ninetails: nothing is more dangerous than a spell that noone closes
Ondine Ninetails: it will take on a lide of its own if you do not
Ondine Ninetails: Nith or cym??
Ondine Ninetails: would you like to show us a spell
Nithpantiel: I have one I am working on for my duel I suppose I could show
Ondine Ninetails: Be thinking on trying your hand at a small spell Pionia
Nithpantiel: it is rough
Ondine Ninetails: yes please do
Nithpantiel: give me a second to get set up
Ondine Ninetails: nods
Ondine Ninetails: which brings me to mention too to always have folders with particle effects and incantations ready
Ondine Ninetails: for at a moments notice
Ondine Ninetails: always helps
Nithpantiel: oh yes
Nithpantiel: ok I am ready
Ondine Ninetails: nods
Pionia Destiny: writes on her scroll as she listens to the class.. getting ready to show a spell she just made up... giggles
Nithpantiel walks through the woods, fallen leaves rustle on the ground as she walks, the birds sing and she is at peace....
Nithpantiel: me looks around and suddenly in the distance she sees a pack of wolves. She nervously looks around and sees if there is anywhere she can hide.
Nithpantiel quickly dismisses the trees around her realizing she doesn't have time as the wolves have spotted her.
Nithpantiel begins to sing a song of enchantment fingering the ever present jade stone in her pocket....
Nithpantiel: Leave that twirl and wind that blows hide me from my weary foes.....
Nithpantiel: blind their eyes and hide from view any image of me they see....
Nithpantiel: *a mist begins to form around Nith and the leaves at her feet begin to swirl around and around her.....
Nithpantiel continues to hum..."hide me now and blind their eyes vanishing now so I can hide"
Nithpantiel: *in an instant Nith is hidden from view, the confused wolves sniff around, they do not see her as she moves away from them
Nithpantiel: *appearing a short distance away behind a tree she waves her hand and the enchantment falls with a single phrase "Be done"
Ondine Ninetails: well done
Nithpantiel: Thank you, it still needs some work
Ondine Ninetails: again using the four steps
Ondine Ninetails: thankyou Nith
Ondine Ninetails: looking forward to your adept duel, Pionia, are you ready to try your hand at creating a spell?
Ondine Ninetails: you do not have to use effects this time if you do not wish to
Ondine Ninetails: waits patiently
Ondine Ninetails: Upon completion of your Initiate level, you will be annointed Mage Adept. ... As Adept, you will advance through roleplay and study to be Mage.
Pionia Destiny: this is the first time she tries this..
Pionia Destiny: feels already embarrased but tells it anyway---
Ondine Ninetails: that is ok...this is mainly to try and use the four steps

Pionia Destiny: The initiate mage feels danger getting close to her. Tension growing on her body sets her protection alarm. Looks around focusing on the source of the vile vibes, reaching out her arms, stars drawing in the energy of the air calling a wind shield. First a soft wind stars blowing causing her hair and clothing move softly as she chats.. vientos del norte, vientos del sur come to me.. hide me from this.. mote it be. A stronger force of wind surrounds her forming a whirpool around her, the rush of wind hides her for as long as she can hold the spell. Feeling her energy weakening, she tries harder to keep the spell. Finally, the evil feeling seems to go away. Just in time her body loses all its strength, leaving her on the ground exhausted and trembling..

Pionia Destiny: oops sorry if I interrupted the class... blushes
Ondine Ninetails: very nice spell ...very sure that it is closed under YOUR command. Never allow a spell to just disipate on its own. You discribed the drama the use incantation beautifully.
Ondine Ninetails: now how woul dyou close it?
Pionia Destiny: aye.. I was not sure how to close.. since I am just an initiate.. i didn't want to do everything perfect... i am learning...
Ondine Ninetails: remember the movie by disney
Ondine Ninetails: what happened when he could not close it
Ondine Ninetails: the brooms and mops took on a life of thier own
Ondine Ninetails: if you do not close them then you must RP how they get out of control
Nithpantiel nods
Ondine Ninetails: think on it this week
Ondine Ninetails: your homework is to try some spells this week, weave them into yoru rp and use the four steps
Ondine Ninetails: send me 2 of them to read also, when doing a spell try not to para too much
Ondine Ninetails: you will find the drama is better if broken up a bit
Ondine Ninetails: rather than in one mouthful
Ondine Ninetails: it will add to the drama
Ondine Ninetails: the best thing to do is
Nithpantiel: because we have short attention spans hahahaha
Ondine Ninetails: have the four steps separate
Ondine Ninetails: in the postings
Ondine Ninetails: but even on this its up to you as a writer
Ondine Ninetails: if you think its better with a few steps overlapping it is your call
Ondine Ninetails whispers: any questions on that anyone???
Nithpantiel shakes her head no
Ondine Ninetails makes a small gesture to wake up the class with a small storm
Nithpantiel pokes Cym
Ondine Ninetails: chuckle
Pionia Destiny: giggles
Ondine Ninetails nods to the elements with a whisper of completion and turns back to the
Ondine Ninetails: Thank you for coming
Nithpantiel: Thank you Arch Mage
Ondine Ninetails: and Pionia be sure to try this witht the 4 elements
Ondine Ninetails: and send me the homework
Cymbidium places his hand over his head with a frown.
Ondine Ninetails: if no more questions we can end this session this evening
Ondine Ninetails: chuckle
Cymbidium: none
Ondine Ninetails: thankyou for coming Sally and Nith and cym
Cymbidium: pionia?
Ondine Ninetails: and for performing a spell again for us
Sally Foxdale: goodnight all
Ondine Ninetails: Good evening to all
Squish: bye bye
Ondine Ninetails: dark paths and be safe
Nithpantiel: Good night Sally, good night Squish
Nithpantiel: Good night Ondine and Pionia
Ondine Ninetails: Good night Squish
Ondine Ninetails: See you all soon again
Ondine Ninetails spins on her heel and steps through a portal to her cave
Pionia Destiny: smiles as she puts her scroll away and fixes her gown.. stands up looking
at the archmage... Great class!.. smiles at she sees the archmage dissapear in into the portal..

Pionia Destiny: sits back on her seat going over her spell.. thinking of a closing for her spells... pounding on a good closing... she finally writes down a closing. Reads it out loud to herself..

Pionia Destiny: The initiate mage feels danger getting close to her. Tension growing on her body sets her protection alarm. Looks around focusing on the source of the vile vibes, reaching out her arms, stars drawing in the energy of the air calling a wind shield.
Pionia Destiny: First a soft wind stars blowing causing her hair and clothing move softly as she chats.. vientos del norte, vientos del sur come to me.. hide me from this.. mote it be. A stronger force of wind surrounds her forming a whirpool around her, the rush of wind hides her for as long as she can hold the spell.
Pionia Destiny: Feeling her energy weakening, she tries harder to keep the spell. Finally, the evil feeling seems to go away. Just in time her body loses all its strength, leaving her on the ground exhausted and trembling..
Pionia Destiny: the mage whispers viento del norte, viento del sur.. gracias for protecting me.. dispelling the shield.

Roleplayers: Ondine Ninetails, Cymbidium, Sally Foxdalem, Squish, Nithpantiel and Pionia Destiny

Emoting Class: RP encounter which could result in IC RP combat.

Pelinor Aurotharius
Emoting Class: RP encounter which could result in IC RP combat.
Teacher: Lady Pelinor Aurotharius

Getting ready to Roleplay

Pelinor Aurotharius: Welcome Pionia
Zero (zerokristos): greetings
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): Hello
Pelinor Aurotharius: Now what do we have here for characters? Two fighters for sure....
Pionia Destiny: walks into the room looking for Lady Pelinor
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): a future Ranger here..
Pelinor Aurotharius: We are OOC until the RP begins Pionia :)
Pelinor Aurotharius: Alright Aurora would be equipped as a Ranger
Pionia Destiny: smiles at the the ones already there.. bowing her head slightly
Pelinor Aurotharius: Pionia what Guild are you dear?
Pionia Destiny: smiles. Mages
Pelinor Aurotharius: Ok you can Roleplay as a Mage with Abilities at your level.
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): I have not trained with sword yet, so i will be in trouble in melee
Pionia Destiny: not sure what my abilities are already. I'm just starting my schooling
Pelinor Aurotharius: You can Roleplay your weapons Aurora... this Class is about Emoting
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ok : )
Pionia Destiny: smiles
Pelinor Aurotharius: Pionia can Roleplay a Mage Level 1
Pionia Destiny: wonderful. The right class for me..
Pelinor Aurotharius: No big explosions :)P
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) giggles
Pelinor Aurotharius: Alrighty... is everyone ready for the Mission?
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): yes!
Zero (zerokristos): ready
Pionia Destiny: what's the mission...?
Pelinor Aurotharius: The Mission involves an IC investigation as to why a local farmer is missing any cows he puts to pasture in Alasse.
Pelinor Aurotharius: You are to WALK to Alasse and discover who or what is causing this.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Zero (zerokristos) nods
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) nods, she is used to walking
Pelinor Aurotharius: It's a Roleplay... now when encountering others you must TAKE TURNS with your emotes :)
Pelinor Aurotharius: Remember in Roleplay you may ATTEMPT to do something but it's Success is dependant on another in RP :)
Darra (darrakristos) ducks and looks about looking for the source of the eagles cry
Zero (zerokristos) looks at the eagle and smiles to see such majestic animal
Pelinor Aurotharius: Okey dokey... Zero will you 'lead' the journey there?
Zero (zerokristos): aye
Pelinor Aurotharius: Great, stay together and enjoy the RP...
Zero (zerokristos): alright
Pelinor Aurotharius: You may begin :)

The Walk to Alasse

Zero (zerokristos): alright , if you please follow me then
Pelinor Aurotharius: Have fun :)
Pionia Destiny: walks into the room... I was told you need it a mage..
Pelinor Aurotharius: Hurry hurry Pionia :)
Pionia Destiny: what seems to be the problem..looking at the man in charge
Pelinor Aurotharius: The adventurers need you... please follow Zero dear.
Darra (darrakristos): I'll take up the rear
Darra (darrakristos): go ahead my Lady
Darra (darrakristos): do you need help ?
Pionia Destiny: It's my eyes..
Pionia Destiny: I need to get used to the light here... Walks faster trying to catch up the group
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) takes in her new surrondings
Zero (zerokristos) makes the journey towards the plaza as they head for alasse
Zero (zerokristos) he looks behind them and states the the rest of the party falls behind

The Gobblin
Darra (darrakristos) notices the stranger on the side of the road
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) notices a stranger on the side of the path as well
Aurora (aurora.carminucci)'s keen eyes spot a goblin in the plaza
Zero (zerokristos) as they arrive at the plaza zero notices a goblin standing in the middle looking at the welcome center . He nods to him as he passes by and keeps his close attention
Darra (darrakristos) makes a flanking manuver
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) moves within bow range of the strange creature
Pionia Destiny: hurries to keep up . the cold is getting to her..making breathing harder
Zero (zerokristos) he looks behind him to check on the party statues , he smiles as he see's darra in the back
Pionia Destiny: finally catches the party... offering her hand to the one in charge, ...introduces herself
Pionia Destiny: My name's Pionia Destiny, sir
Pionia Destiny: turns her gaze to the gobblin in front of them
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) whispers to Pionia, "should we question him?"
Fibber (fibbs) picks his nose
Pionia Destiny: greetings, sir
Fibber (fibbs): ello
Pionia Destiny: looks at him all over.. grimancing at his nose picking
Zero (zerokristos) zero bows to the woman and introduces himself as well " my name is zero I am a warrior of sylvhara and motions to the beautiful woman next to him " this beautiful woman is Darra my wife pleasure to meet you
Darra (darrakristos) smiles
Darra (darrakristos) bows to Fibber
Darra (darrakristos): he is a local here
Pionia Destiny: turns her head to the woman smiling warmly
Fibber (fibbs): zero da hero
Fibber (fibbs): ha ha ha ha
Darra (darrakristos) grins
Zero (zerokristos) we should not delay , we are to be in Alasse with haste
Darra (darrakristos): good one
Zero (zerokristos) he looks at the goblin and narrows his eyes before turning to the path" please do follow us it is a important matter
Pionia Destiny: looks surprise ..they are bringing a jester with them...
Pionia Destiny: humps..
Darra (darrakristos): Pionia I must take up the rear for safety sake, go ahead it will be all right
Zero (zerokristos) looks down at the goblin " what is it fibber ?"
Pionia Destiny: mods to Darra..please
Fibber (fibbs): lets go folks, try to keep up
Pionia Destiny: turns to the ranger... my name's Pionia
Darra (darrakristos) smiles " a beautiful name "
Pionia Destiny: tries to cover her eyes,,, the light it hurts my eyes. Can't see where we are headed
Pionia Destiny: thanks the leader for his courtesy of guiding her
Darra (darrakristos): turn around young one the path is behind you
Darra (darrakristos) nods
Darra (darrakristos): they went between the pillars
Darra (darrakristos): Ah, Zero
Darra (darrakristos): we must go slower
Zero (zerokristos): alright my love
Darra (darrakristos): our mage is having, problems with her vision
Darra (darrakristos): this the daylight
Darra (darrakristos) watches the mage wishing Bahamut had left her with her healing powers, as the mage struggles with the railing
Darra (darrakristos) was reminded of the beautiful "Snow White" of legends when she looked at Pionia, her heart went out to her
Darra (darrakristos): I have friends who are drow they have the same problem , you are doing far better
Zero (zerokristos) aye " he nods " we are almost there
Pionia Destiny: thanks the wave for the kidness of her companions
Eagle ((Yilix) shouts: SKREEEEEeeeee...
Pionia Destiny: the many nights by the candle studying.. have hurt my eyes
Darra (darrakristos) nods in understanding

The Good Healer: Linwe Zifanwe the Red Magister

Aurora (aurora.carminucci) spots the person standing nearby
Zero (zerokristos) he tilts his head in greetings to the woman that stands there while he waits for the others he also looks at the sky and notices that the eagle has been following them
Darra (darrakristos) looks about for the noble eagle
Linwe (Linwe) arcs a brow "What be this trouncing about through the Wellspring?
Pionia Destiny: the heavy rain also makes it worst for her... she struggles to keep in the path
Linwe (Linwe) nods to Pionia whom she recognizes form teh Hall
Zero (zerokristos) lady aurora our mage is having issues we must proceed slowly
Darra (darrakristos) looks to the near blind mage and up at the woman on the house steps ,bowing to her continues on
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) nods impatiently, she is not used to the company of others
Pionia Destiny: slips on a rock and fells on the ground..dirt get to her face. Feels her anger growing within her.. she's so clumsy.
Darra (darrakristos) her eyes go wide and she reaches down one arm under hers and offers to help her upward handing her a bandage to wipe her face with
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) notices the mage's frialty for the first time
Linwe (Linwe): Do Pionia be ill?" she demands
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "May i help you as well?"
Pionia Destiny: turns her face to the woman offering help... Thanks
Darra (darrakristos) she is, having problems with her vision My Lady, ~Darra bows~
Linwe (Linwe) approeacheds, assessing her aura as she walks
Zero (zerokristos) he turns around and gasps as the woman goes down , but his wife was already helping her as well as aurora " aye please do help he i assure you this will end very soon "
Pionia Destiny: getting back on her feet... all wet and cold.. and half blind..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) walks up to Darra and offers her arm
Pionia Destiny: listens to a voice demanding to know her well being
Darra (darrakristos) takes her arm and holds it firmly
Linwe (Linwe) scowls at the oterhs"This woman be nae well..her spiurits are in ill humoir!"
Darra (darrakristos) looks back puzzled
Linwe (Linwe): Unless ye be a healer, release her and let me helkp herf, for she be a sister of the Ithryn Hall"
Darra (darrakristos) looks besiegingly, "Is there a cure ?"
Pionia Destiny: the voice sounds familiar to her but doesn't know who it belongs to
Linwe (Linwe): I duna know until I can ascertain the problem
Darra (darrakristos) nods
Zero (zerokristos) he nods to the woman that just came" she is not used to the light "
Darra (darrakristos): Zero, this Lady is of good standing among our people, perhaps, we should accept her help
Pionia Destiny: I am allright.. I will get well.. it's the rain it gets in my eyes..
Linwe (linwe.zifanwe): \/e walks up to Pionia and lays a gentle hand near to her skin, not touching but feeling her essence
Zero (zerokristos) aye indeed we should , please do help her anyway you can if you have something that will ease her we will apreciate it
Pionia Destiny: feels she's being a burden for the people she's supposed to help
Darra (darrakristos) being a Samurai, means honor, discipline and following orders, she stand still, holding Pionia's arm awaiting a decision patiently
Darra (darrakristos): No Pionia ou are not a burden
Pionia Destiny: listens to the steps approaching to her but sees only a blur of a person coming close to her
Darra (darrakristos): but I fear, you may be injured without help
Zero (zerokristos) indeed you are not , no one is left behind " he nods
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) scowls at the intrusion of the so-called healer, wondering if they will ever make it to Alasse Meadow as ordered
Linwe (Linwe) steps back. These people obviosuly do not know where they are or who she is
Zero (zerokristos) i already asked you to help , please do so there is something we must do "
Pionia Destiny: a wave of enegy burns her skin calming her anger
Linwe (Linwe): Know that ye have walked across the yard of the magister and of the Guardian of this Temple...go now...but take care of the acolyte for Ondine will look ill upon ye if ye do nae"
Linwe Zifanwe the Red Magister casts Kerradunath – ‘The End of Privation and Want’ and restores 30 points of food and stamina to all those in a small area.
Linwe Zifanwe the Red Magister casts Fhoeldin Durr – ‘The Thousandfold Way’ and restores 20 points of health to all those in a small area.
Darra (darrakristos) the dragoness nods in appreciation
Zero (zerokristos) we shall take very good care of her , do not worry " he nods and smiles
Darra (darrakristos) carefully tries to help Pionia
Linwe (Linwe) looks off "Best to be on eyr way"
Darra (darrakristos) looks back and nods "Of course My Lady and thank you
Zero (zerokristos) nods and signal to them , it was time to go
Linwe (linwe.zifanwe) sings: Let all on whom Selune's light falls trust in her radiance.
Linwe (linwe.zifanwe) sings: Know that all love alive under her light shall know her blessing.
Pionia Destiny: bows her head to the good lady that helped her.. feels safe now and in peace.
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) wonders aloud about the strange magic she felt for the first time
Zero (zerokristos) alright let us go my friends , we are almost there " he looks at the healer , , thanks you kindly '
Zero (zerokristos):  we wil just take it slower
Pionia Destiny: turns to the party...shaking her head..please..let's go on.. I don't want to delayed you in the mission
Darra (darrakristos) slowly leads her forward
Pionia Destiny: wonders if it is too far.. this place where they are headed..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) takes her other arm to help

Three Headed Hydra
The Cow Eating Hydra

Darra (darrakristos): Stop
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) is startled to see a 3 headed dragon
Darra (darrakristos): its a Hydra !
Zero (zerokristos) get behind us my lady " zero draws his blade as he sees the 3 headed dragon " who are you ?'
Darra (darrakristos) pulls Pionia back
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) she draws her bow and fits an arrow
Darra (darrakristos) pulls her elven crafted Polearm and stand between Auror and Pionia
Pionia Destiny: steps back feeling the energy of the beast in front of them
Three Headed Hydra blinks and looks down at the woman in the blue dress, looking from one head to the other... "Me thinks the dinner bell just rang Alphonse."
Three Headed Hydra 's other head looks to another... "Agreed Stan"
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) moves to the left slightly to take a bead on the beast's heart
Zero (zerokristos) the samurai lowers his torso his hands gripping the jilt of his katana as his feet begins to widden the space between them . the samurai stands in front of the hydra w narrowed eyes he prepares for battle " i don't think you wil eat anyone "
Pionia Destiny: the energy doesn't seem to be friendly... fear growing...
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head speaks up... "Now now you both, maybe these ones are here peacefully hmmm?"
Darra (darrakristos) holds her hand up in the universal signal for hold on for a bit
Darra (darrakristos) whispers to Zero, perhaps this is what has happened to the cows
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head inquires: "Now what do you pinkskins want hereabouts?"
Pionia Destiny: breath deeply trying to keep cool.. there were no hydras in her scrolls..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) holds her arrow and her words to see what the others will do
Darra (darrakristos) whispers to Zero, maybe an agreement could be reached, like offer a cow every so many days and this, Dragon could, protect the island ?
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) snorts... "Cows? Cow? What's a cow?"
Zero (zerokristos) the samurai eases his stance a bit and looks upon the hydra " a farmer claims that his cows dissapear when they come top pasture here " he nods to darra " know anything about it "
Darra (darrakristos) looks up with wide eyes surprised that she could be heard
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) chuckles
Pionia Destiny: feels safe in the company of the warriors... but looks into her pouch for her book of spells... a shield of protection should be in order if needed it
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) rolls his eyes at the other two and looks to the bipeds... "Now what is this all about hmmm?"
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) focuses intently on the strange creature, ready to respond with a shot if needed
Pionia Destiny: keeps quiet letting the leader do the talking..
Zero (zerokristos) like i said to your ..... other head ' he stops and thinks of his statement for a while and then proceeds " there is a situation with cows dissapearing everytime they come to pasture here , do you know anything about it ?"
Three Headed Hydra 's left and right heads nod in the negative while Reginald groans and says: "I knew this would happen, these two have been snatching cows when I wasn't looking."
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) snorts and quips... "We were not."
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) whispers to Zero" Perhaps we could relieve him of the errant heads?"
Darra (darrakristos) smiles at her and shakes her head no
Pionia Destiny: laughs quietly listening to the talking heads..
Darra (darrakristos) whispers if you cut the head seven more will grow in its place
Three Headed Hydra 's middle middle head ( Reginald ) sighs... "They just grow back, it's insufferable... this is what I have to deal with."
Darra (darrakristos) wishes Percy Jackson were here
Pionia Destiny: whisers to the ranger... doesn't seem like a good idea.. they might argue but they are together
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) , astonished at Darra's whisper, bites her tongue
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) says: "I have a solution; lets eat these four and leave off the cows for a bit... maybe they will not be missed."
Darra (darrakristos) speaks slowly
Darra (darrakristos): Would you not prefer a constant supply
Darra (darrakristos): perhaps you could come to an agreement with the villagers
Pionia Destiny: steps back as she listens to the ugliest head talking..
Darra (darrakristos): a cow brought here to you, an offering if you , protect this area
Three Headed Hydra 's left head blinks at Darra... "Can we have a supply of villagers instead?"
Darra (darrakristos) shakes her head sadly
Darra (darrakristos): There is not as many villagers as their are cattle
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) snickers
Pionia Destiny: now, they are getting gready..
Zero (zerokristos) i dont think they will listen to reason my love " he draws his katana and looks at the hydra , for what you have done you must pay and for the answer  you just gave us that means you have no intention of stopping , you must be put down
Pionia Destiny: three heads.. four of us... nods..
Darra (darrakristos) whispers heatedly to Zero
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) steels herself for the possible result of Zero's words
Darra (darrakristos): maybe they should be given a chance to discuss the proposition
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Alphonse ) makes a sour face... "Look it's not my fault these tow are moronic reptiles."
Darra (darrakristos): Lords Hydra, if you eat the villagers, you would have the cattle, but then they too would be gone
Darra (darrakristos): IF you leave the vilagers they can breed the cattle, and you will always have food
Darra (darrakristos): You would become well respected in the land
Darra (darrakristos): For keeping it safe
Darra (darrakristos): and then more people would just give you offerings,
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) blinks at Darra... "I don't understand."
Darra (darrakristos): Well, people, know how to make more cattle
Darra (darrakristos): if you eat them,
Darra (darrakristos): you will have the cattle
Darra (darrakristos): but you will eat them too
Darra (darrakristos): and your food will run out
Darra (darrakristos): IF the villagers are left alive
Darra (darrakristos): they can make more cattle
Darra (darrakristos): keeping you supplied
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) wrinkles his nose... "I still don't get it."
Darra (darrakristos): and anything that is here to harm the villagers who feed you, well, you would want to guard your supply
Pionia Destiny: feels energy drawing from the beats itself. the tips of her finger attracting the wave
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) impatiently wonders aloud why this thing would be worth even just the cattle offerings
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) rolls his eyes again... "Lady you are speaking to a rock, can't you see?"
Darra (darrakristos): I do not think you are a rock Reginald
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) looks to Reginald... "Stan was deprived of air in the womb it's true."
Darra (darrakristos) looks sad
Darra (darrakristos): That is a shame, so Stan would need the constant food perhaps more, do you look after Stan ?
Zero (zerokristos) there is no other way , the hydra is a danger to sylvhara . we must kill it
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) groans... "Death would be better than enduring this...."
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "Darra, we have not consulted the farmers of the region as to whether they would be willing to give up their cattle to this beast!"
Darra (darrakristos) looked very sad upon hearing this, The Hydra had a right to live, as much as any other living being, she had hoped that a compromise would be reached
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) snorts... "I'm hungry, I want a monkey!"
 Darra (darrakristos): Should we fail in our mission they will lose their cattle regardless, however, by loosing one or two cattle per farmer, they are saving the rest from many other dangers
Darra (darrakristos): and this Hydra can handle most other forms of attackers
Darra (darrakristos): pirates included
Pionia Destiny: wonders if there monkeys in sylvhra.. haven't seen one... mmmm
Darra (darrakristos): so a bonus
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "Then we must not fail"
Pionia Destiny: have you got any rope to tie those heads down.. whispers to the ranger..
Zero (zerokristos) prepare yourself , zero raises his sword and pounces towards the left head , raising his blade above his his objective to slash the left head completely decapitating it , if the blow lands
Darra (darrakristos) with a heavy heart, her polearm heavy in her hands she waits,
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "noooooooooooooo not the head!!!!
Pionia Destiny: we could tie them down
Pionia Destiny: I coudl get a sleeping spell..
Pionia Destiny: I have one somewhere in the book.. rummages her pouch for her spell book
Darra (darrakristos) tosses a read of fire on the decapitated head
Darra (darrakristos) backs up giving herself room, a silver mist writhes round her slowly circling and going upward
Pionia Destiny: stop she shouts..
Pionia Destiny: don't kill him..
Pionia Destiny: he could be of benefit to the realm
Darra (darrakristos) as the mist goes upward it spirals quicker spinning faster, flashes of silver course out of the maelstrom
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) looks to Zero... "So you want to be the hero hmmm?" Stan jerks back, the blow narrowly missing his nose. Alphonse responds in kind, sending a jet of black acid at the Samurai from his gaping maw.
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) looses an arrow at the beasts heart
Darra (darrakristos) the mist shimmers and falls like rain, the beads bouncing and disappearing into the ground, she readies her breath to use dragons fire on any severed head, and is ready to leap and pounce upon its back, her sharp talons ripping at the earth
Pionia Destiny: steps back out of the way of the dragon warrior
Zero (zerokristos) the samurai misses he lands and rools out of harms way narrowingly avoiding the acid that was tossed towards him , zero regains his footing few meters away and Analise the beast as he spots darra in her true form he grins and nods to her he then tells the other " only way to kill it is to sever its heads and burns he stomp
Pionia Destiny: turns to the leader..please.. don't kill it..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) fits another arrow to her bow
Pionia Destiny: shakes her head... he'll be a great pet to sylvhara.. once we tame him.. of course.
Darra (darrakristos) whispers ,her voices a low growl, I have begged for another outcome, even the wise one wishes for death, I will do whatever the leader tells me
Zero (zerokristos) he responds to the mage " we have to the other heads are as irrational as door nobs they will keep taking cattle and afte that villagers if we dont act now their blood will be in our hands " he talks as he cirlcles around the beast to join the group
Darra (darrakristos) speaks louder to Zero, "IS there no other way ?"
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): (still waiting for the beast to respond to the first arrow))
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) snorts and frowns as an arrow embeds itself in his thick hide... "This is going to get nasty me thinks, you folks better run along and bring more than a sword and a puny drake the next time... this is FAR from over!" ...the beast would now slither into the lagoon, thinking to ready for the morrow's visitors.
Zero (zerokristos) no " he responds to darra " as he spots the hydra retreating " we lost it
Pionia Destiny: looks at the beast sink in the lagoon...

The Review
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Great work... I think we should pause since we are well over an hour and a half lol ))
Darra (darrakristos): (( ok , review ?? ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((sounds good))
Zero (zerokristos): aye)
Pionia Destiny: ((giggles.. it was fun))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: I'm glad everyone got an opportunity to emote and I saw some great ones :)
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((sorry it took so long to get here, we had some IC encounters along the way))
Pionia Destiny: feels glad the beast is gone.
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Any questions on what occured or rules regarding the RP? ))
Zero (zerokristos): so far no
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): was a good experience
Pionia Destiny: ))ye((that's why i don't fight in sylvhara lag always blinnds me..))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: I can help with your settings Pionia. ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((you RP'd it well though))
Zero (zerokristos): (yep )
Pionia Destiny: ((my settings are alright I guess... It's my internet service.. I need a faster computer, too))
Zero (zerokristos): ( this looks great so far , man an hydra )
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((i like the way each of our characters came out in response to the threat))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Very good point Aurora ))
Zero (zerokristos): (yeah it was cool , i liked it too )
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Sorry we could not do a rock em sock em fight but the time was getting on :)P
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((good though to try and practice diplomacy by those who were so inclined))
Zero (zerokristos): ( it had diferent aproaches to the subject , that is what makes it good
Darra (darrakristos): (( am not normally the diplomat, but since turning Samurai, they would prefer to not fight than to fight ))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Yes you tried... the next encounter might be a Metered one :)
Darra (darrakristos): (( am normally the first in fang fire and claws ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) smiles in anticipation
Pelinor Aurotharius chuckles ))
Zero (zerokristos): oh ... so this was just a taste of what is to come ?
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Yes Darra )
Darra (darrakristos): (( is the Hydra a Paladin/Templar/Cleric ? ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((excellent))
Zero (zerokristos): ( sweet )
Pionia Destiny: I think i'll pass on that one..
Darra (darrakristos): lol
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Ummm... Hydra's can't multiclass :)P
Darra (darrakristos): Dinner time
Darra (darrakristos): unless your like psycho bambi
Pionia Destiny: it's a pain to move..
Pionia Destiny: thanks so much for the class..
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: I will Note this and give everyone an Attendance Card for advancement. ))
Pionia Destiny: it was great..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((thank you!))
Pionia Destiny: thanks so much

Roleplayers: Pelinor Aurotharius, Zero (zerokristos), Aurora (aurora.carminucci), Pionia Destiny, Darra (darrakristos), Linwe (linwe.zifanwe), Fibber (fibbs)

Realm: Sylvhara

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tales from the Light & Shadow Roleplay Group: Daza and Juni (2nd part)

Daza and Juni

Daza Portals to Alasse, taking the pixie Kaia with him....
      Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) huffs as she lands on the other side of Daza's portal. She looks up at him with a frown on her face "I see you have your powers back." She focuses her energy allowing her glamour to fall, her body stretching so that she now stands tall in front of the mage, her head reaching his shoulder.

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) looks appreciatively and nods "Yes...more or less all of them are back....and I see you're not a permanent pixie"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) offers Daza a faint smile "I am fae, I appear as I want to be seen."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) narrows his eyes "And just who ARE you? I am looking for Juni but instead I find this Kaia who has the acorn necklace that I gave her"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) gazes at Daza, her black eyes roaming his form as she looks upon his restored form. "I am Kaia....I am that half of your fae which she keeps hidden from the world. I am that half that comes out when there is nothing but survival left for her."

    Daza (daza.mistwalker) eyes the waterfall nearby, thinking "OH? And what if I don't believe you? You remember what Juni did to to a certain blonde elf when SHE tried to explain something similar?"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) nods, a soft smile appearing on her face "Aye, but, I have not changed my appearance....much. Those that know this fisage know who and what I was. You on the other hand, you were altered."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker): "Oh..but you have changed! And I know all about fae and their glamoury! You could be an imposter! Prove to me that Juni still yet resides within you...that you are not some foul possession that needs to be exorcized by a cleric!"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) arches a brow at Daza, her hand moving unerringly to her bow to stroke the smooth wood. She plucks at the string, the twang of the sinew snapping into place giving her comfort. "And what pray tell would you have me do or say to prove to you that I am indeed that fae?"

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) looks into her eyes, which appear entirely too dark and huffs. In some sort of maddened desperation to bring this to closure once and for all he reaches forward with his hands to grab ahold of the fae's neck

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) gasps, her eyes widening in shock as her hands reach up to grasp Daza's wrists. She squeeks, as she flounders for a moment before her eyes narrow on the mage.She chokes out her words "Do you WANT me to fill you with arrows" she asks as tears fill her inky black eyes.

 Daza (daza.mistwalker) feels both the bracelet and the necklace flare with firey warmth and feels a jolt that courses to his bones and releases her suddenly as if he had been burnt and his eyes widen "JUNI! It IS you!"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) falls to the ground gasping for breath, tears burning her eyes as she clutches at her neck. She glances up at Daza and nods as she mummbles to herself "I deserve no less..."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) reaches out instinctively with a hand to help her up, before a part of him warns, but he ignores that voice for the moment and is more puzzled almost as if he had hurt himself "I...I don't know what to ...I was hoping...I mean..." *stammers* "I have been searching for my fae...for Juni...and I find..this...Kaia"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) grasps Daza's hand in hers allowing him to help her to stand. She brushes her self off, swallowing reflexively as her other hand reaches up to her throat. "I am that which has always been there, which has been kept hidden. Be my name Kaia Fea or Juni, I am of the Twyleth Teg....I am both light and dark. Do you not know your fae well enough to understand that?"

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) shifts and fidgets, scrunching his face in confusion for a bit, almost as he had done as Daizy not so long ago "Wellll...I knew Juni as being a bit fickle sometimes....I never thought of her as light or dark.....but certainly not as two different entities!"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) tilts her head and blinks slowly as she speaks, "the fickleness of a fae, especially one such as I, is oft times a tell tale sign of more."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) tries to reconcile himself with this and looks into dark eyes and then shakes his head "Fickleness I know....Juni I know...this Kaia....I do not....SO! I wish to speak with she in there or not?"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) raises her eyes towards the mage, a smile playing on her lips "All you need to do is look deeply, and you will find her"

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) lifts his chin, even though he is a good deal taller than he was just days a ago and then focuses for but a moment. "I KNOW she is in there! Why does behind this other visage? What must I do to have my fae back?"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) lifts her chin mimicking Daza "You did not loose your fae, but your fae became lost when she lost you. How would you go about proving you are not lost to her?"


  Daza (daza.mistwalker) had been mulling over summoning his staff but instead blinks :ummm....I came for my fae...I earched and traversed realms and entered the dark lands of the Empress! I NEVER stopped caring and loving my matter where I matter WHAT I was. I TRIED to be something I was not...even Artemis saw it is time for you to see too." With this he reaches forth to softly caress her cheek before leaning in for a kiss. But this was no ordinary kiss, but a kiss of knowing, for as he kissed he willed his memories of the past weeks and moons into her. His feelings, his lostness, his trials, pains and even a few joys and triumphs.

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) 's eyes widen in shock as Daza's lips touch hers. Her gasp lost upon his lips as the feelings he feeds her assault her senses. Her hands reach up to his shoulders and her fingers curl into his flesh as sher reels back and gasps into his lips. She pulls back, her eyes searching his, and as they move from one of his eyes to they other, they slowly shift in color back to the silver that he is familiar with. Only one word escapes her lips, and it is a softly uttered "Oh"

    Daza (daza.mistwalker) sighs momentarily. There is a reason why he no longer used this particular method, once a signature of many of his magiks. It always left him vulnerable. He looked into her eyes and saw "Juni? It's really you?...OH how I have MISSED you!"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) blinks up at Daza, confusion in her eyes "I didn't go anywhere...." her words drift off as she looks around before leaning into the mage, a soft sigh escaping her lips.

    Daza (daza.mistwalker) holds her close and nuzzles his nose into her hair"I don't want to lose you again...I don't want to be lost to you again"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) leans her head against his chest "then do what you need to do to ensure that does not happen."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) waggles his brows before causing a mist to rise about them. To any onlooker, they would simply be gone when the mist cleared.

Roleplayers: Daza (daza.mistwalker), Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)