Monday, May 2, 2011

And the Gobblin got better!

Naeve Greybeard: **enters quietly with a covered tray of hot food*

Dillard Bloobury looks up and sees Naeve, "Oh, hey there, Naeve. I'm stuck in this dumb bed."

Naeve Greybeard: * setting the tray down on the bedisde table she takes moment to run a practiced eye over his face* " How are you feeling Dillard? You had us worried for a bit ."

Dillard Bloobury shrugs and looks up to the ceiling, "I'm doin' a'right I suppose. Kinda weak. Louis, he tell me don't get up. I don't remember much. Gettin' covered in water an' I think I remember hearin' yer voice at some point later on"

Naeve Greybeard: " Perhaps that is just as well." she slips her hand under his jaw, and after a minute nods satisfied with the results." If I prop you up do you think you could take some warm broth? " she turns and lifting the cover shows him the bowl of strained soup, taking care not to smell its wormy aroma too much.

Dillard Bloobury twists his head as she feels under his jaw. He pushes with his hands on the table, easing himself up and nods sniffing at the air, "Oh yeah, I could definitely use somethin' t' eat."

Naeve Greybeard: " you'll likely be a little weak yet " Places a few pillows behind him in case. "Take it slow at first Dillard." She nods happy at his apparent appetite, another good sign and pulls the tray closer.

Dillard Bloobury blinks a few times and eyes the tray. He reaches out slowly for the bowl, bringing it up to his mouth and takes a long, loud slurp. "You make this yerself? It's pretty good."
Naeve Greybeard: Smiles a little" Yes, recipe I was given by Tobrin, one of his favs. “Her voice trails off wondering if that goblin managed to escape.

Dillard Bloobury slurps again and closes his eyes resting them before taking another drink, "Oh yeah, Tobrin. Ain't seen him in a while. So, ya'll hung Pionia yet? Or was ya waitin' fer me t' tie the noose?"

Naeve Greybeard: "That’s a matter for the Druid  Council. There will be no lynching’s here."  She speaks her voice firm. She knows that if they fail in this first major issue the hope for creating a place that was fair and just for all was doomed.

Dillard Bloobury shakes his head and takes another drink, "Well, I'm sure it'll take a while fer ya'll t' determine th' correct method a execution. Reckon when I get up I can go an' see 'r in jail."

Naeve Greybeard: “I think that you need to worry about gaining your strength back and less about Pionia's fate for now."

Dillard Bloobury sets the bowl back on the tray and falls back on the pillows with a groan, "Ah, I'm feelin' a'right. Should be up 'for long. No tellin' how much this down time is costin' me in business though."

Naeve Greybeard: "Now you sound just like my broth. .." She stops and her smile vanishes at the memory of their last meeting. With a sigh she takes the tray from him and sets it back on the table.

Magdalena Easterwood: Hello Naeve. *quietly* How is he?

Naeve Greybeard: Hearing the door, turns, "Hello Maggie, He's doing very well . Ate a whole bowl of strained worm soup ."

Magdalena Easterwood: Good! He should be up for some worm noodles with that soon, if we're lucky.

Dillard Bloobury turns his head and watches Maggie, "I'm doin' a'right. Ready t' be up an' out there."

Magdalena Easterwood: Well look, Dil, don't push it.

Dillard Bloobury exhales through his nose and nods, "Aye, 'at seems t' be th' theme. Sit here an' don't push it. Just waitin' 'round until they execute Pionia, I reckon."

Magdalena Easterwood: Huh?

Naeve Greybeard: "Dillard, we went over that ."

Magdalena Easterwood: Why in heaven would they ever execute our gentle Pionia?

Dillard Bloobury leans back on the pillow and closes his eyes with a groan.

Naeve Greybeard: Looks at Maggie and shakes her head

Magdalena Easterwood: *nods, understanding she'll catch up about it with Naeve, later on*

Dillard Bloobury: "Just watch yerself 'round 'r if she gets out. She's a wreckless murderer."

Naeve Greybeard: Pulls up the blanket and settles it around his chin

Magdalena Easterwood: mmm hmmm, we'll talk about it later.

Naeve Greybeard: "oh? a decision Maggie? " she chooses to ignore his  last remark

Dillard Bloobury mutters under his breath, his eyes still closed

Magdalena Easterwood: I've been to several different villages and I thought I had settled on trying to be a healer in three of them but I will not be working in Cadair..

Magdalena Easterwood: I found myself offended and had to question what it was in me that made me feel that way.

Magdalena Easterwood: So, that is done and over.

Naeve Greybeard: "Perhaps that is wise, you can't spread yourself too thin, or you'll end up next to Dillard here." points at the other cot

Magdalena Easterwood: I'm sure Louis will keep me busy enough here.

Naeve Greybeard: " I worry with so many living in close quarters and so little food , both are conditions thatI have seen lead to the quick spread of disease.

Dillard Bloobury grumbles under his breath again, "Pionia'll keep ya busy with all her murders"

Naeve Greybeard: We may need more hands than we have "

Magdalena Easterwood: Why did Pionia hurt you? It's so not her.

Dillard Bloobury closes his eyes and shrugs again, "I dunno. Bloodlust?"

Naeve Greybeard: Busies herself with tidying the tray and bedside table.

Magdalena Easterwood: Bloodlust! Oh my. *decides to drop that subject as well as it just doesn't fit*

Magdalena Easterwood: *grabs some rags and a basin and starts scrubbing the hearth*

Dillard Bloobury cracks eye open again, looking to Naeve, "So ya'll made any decisions 'bout watchmens yet?"
Magdalena Easterwood: *pours herself a cup of calming tea.*

Naeve Greybeard: Blushes sligthly . " er um.. yes, the council has reached a consensus. The candidate will be formally announced soon. "

Magdalena Easterwood: *busies herself changing the sheets between sips of tea* Got any rum left in here?

Naeve Greybeard: chin points to the desk drawer

Magdalena Easterwood: *rummages through the drawer finding a small flask which she uncorks and dumps a generous shot into her tea.*

Dillard Bloobury nods and closes his eyes again, "Well, I'm sure it'll be a great candidate." He cracks his eye open again to see where the rum is, "I thought we drank all that."

Naeve Greybeard: "I brought in a fresh bottle of home brew last night. Not bad really, it’s a little harsh perhaps." Shrugs

Magdalena Easterwood: It's good enough for me! Naeve, what do we do about the dwindling supplies

Dillard Bloobury: "I fount that one bottle up in Louis's room. Was real good but I ended up drankin' it all. Good t' know ya fount more."

Naeve Greybeard: Sighs heavily and paces to stand before the fire. " Maggie, I brough t in some dried roots from the old woman I got the rum from but I really hated to accept them. We'll need to source more soon .. Maggie do you have a horse or a mount of sorts? We could go on a scouting expedition, see what there is in the nearby hills."

Dillard Bloobury: "I gotta big rat ya'll could borrow"

Magdalena Easterwood: hmmmm. I don't but I wouldn't mind seeing if I could find one that would suit me.

Naeve Greybeard: I managed to barter my healing and my last bit of coin for a good mare, I could take you to the stables later and show you. I named her Zephyr. " A smile spreads across her face at the thought of the lively mare.

Magdalena Easterwood: *smiles* she sounds lovely. I'd love to meet her.

Dillard Bloobury: "When I can get up an' 'round I'll call up my dire rat an' show ya'll. Makes a good mount. I named 'm Destiny."

Naeve Greybeard: " Well once we have someone to keep an eye on our friend here, I'll introduce you "

Magdalena Easterwood: Yeah, don't want nuthin to happen to Dillard.

Dillard Bloobury: "True. Never know what'll happen here. Never know who'll turn out t' be a cold blooded murderer."

Naeve Greybeard: Casts him a hard look while she contemplates lacing some tea with a sedative,and looks at the herbs hanging overhead for some St. Johns wort

Magdalena Easterwood: *shakes her head at Dillard*

Dillard Bloobury waves his feet back and forth under the covers and looks around the room. He tries to lean up on his elbows again, but shakes his head, still dizzy.

Naeve Greybeard: " Hmmmm you know , we could use some chairs or stools in here. I'll have to see if Keifer can make us some at for a low price.

Magdalena Easterwood: especially if we're going to have any meetings.

Naeve Greybeard: Well I think Meetings can be hosted in the warmth of the library

Magdalena Easterwood: I forgot! Wonderful  that we have that to use.

Dillard Bloobury: "Sounds like a good idea. 'course if i hafta stay here much longer, I'll hafta move my business in here. So'll need some type a waitin' area fer folks comin' t' see me."

Role players: Dillard Bloobury, Magdalena Easterwood, Naeve Greybeard

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