Monday, May 2, 2011

Dillard Awakens!

Louis Khalim wakes up as the sun shines through the curtains in his room.  Wiping the sleep from his eyes he pushes himself up from the bed, the wooden floorboards are cold against his bare feet.  He dresses and makes his way down the stairs, stopping to stand over the goblin's body.  He looks around the room, noticing the food and blankets that Jenna had left out for him.  Momi must have gone out to catch her breakfast, as he sees no sign of her.

Dillard Bloobury lies on the bed in the infirmary.  His body moving slightly as he has begun to breathe.  The effects of Naeve's resurrection spell finally starting to take hold.

Louis Khalim whispers, "Oh, thank Pelor".  He extends a hand, nudging at the goblin's shoulder.

Dillard Bloobury's breath picks up.  He begins to blink ever so slightly. 

Louis Khalim leans forward, shaking the goblin gently and smiles, "Dillard?  Feeling better?"

Dillard Bloobury blinks again, his eyes opening wide as he gasps for air.  Disoriented he begins to thrash his arms about, "Dammit!  Let me outta this.."

Louis Khalim shushes the goblin, placing a hand on his shoulder to calm him, "Dillard.  It's Louis.  Relax, you're okay now.  We're in the infirmary.  Naeve was able to bring you back.   We waited all night for it to take hold.  Jenna stayed up all night watching over you."

Dillard Bloobury stops his thrashing and stares at Louis with wild eyes, "Whaddya mean, brought me back?!  Ya mean, Pionia kilt me?!  She drownt me with whatever black magic run up all that water?  I just remember she said some words an' there was all this water an' blackin' out."  He narrows his eyes and reaches to find his sword as he starts to jump to his feet, "I'm gonna kill 'r fer this."

Louis Khalim places a steady hand down on the goblin's shoulder, pushing him back into the bed.  "It appears that she did.  Your sword is upstairs, but there's no need for it now.  First, you need rest.  If you take off running out of here like a bat out of hell, you're going to pass out.  Second, it's being handled.  Azriel was on the scene to question her before I even showed up.  She will stand trial before the Druid Council and they will decide what the best course of action is."

Dillard Bloobury spits, "Aww, th' heck with that.  She kilt me, just go 'head an' hang 'r already.   Take me t' her jail cell."

Louis Khalim sighs and makes his way to the food Jenna had prepared.  He pushes the bowl to Dillard, "Eat up.  You have to be starving."

Dillard Bloobury snatches the bowl and scarfs the food down quickly.  After finishing the bowl he drops it on the bed and starts to sit up before stopping as his head spins. 

Louis Khalim shakes his head and chuckles quietly, "See?  You have to rest.  Now either you can listen to me and stay there in bed, or I can sit on you and hold you there.  It's your decision.   Dying once was enough, no one wants to deal with that for two days in a row."

Dillard Bloobury grumbles a series of curse words and folds his arms across his chest, flopping back down on the bed. 

Louis Khalim makes his way over to the desk and has a seat, hoping to finally get some work done while also keeping an eye on the goblin.

Dillard Bloobury stares at the ceiling angrily, though narrowed eyes.  He taps a long green finger across his arm as he thinks things over.

Roleplayers: Dillard Bloodbury and Louis Khalim

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