Monday, May 2, 2011

A Mage's Mistake!

Sitting motionless at her desk the battle mage looks out of the window, her gaze on nothing  mundane but lost in her thoughts. Recalling the unfortunate events that caused the death of the gobblin. The question how this could have happened , echoing like an endless chant on her heart and head. Pionia shakes her head wanting to erase the moment she gestured her hands, chanted the magic words and casted that spell from the book of runes using the water from the sea to soak her victim. Closes her eyes letting her head rest on her right hand.

At first, tries to convince herself that it was a terrible accident.. she never thought the gobblin, a creature with natural magic on him and a fighter was so easy a prey... everything happened so fast ..the spell was way too much.. anger directed her actions... and what was worst.. she lost control.. she should have never tried that on her friend....this happens to early students ..not to her.. A velvet like dark little voice in that back of her mind... says.. you wanted to try those new spells from that book of runes you found on your last trip to far lands... a laughs ending the saying.....All these thoughts make her feel worst  and sadness sat in her heart.

Thinking back at the moment everything started, sees herself sitting at the docks sipping on red wine and feeling the caress of the wind and the pleasant view of the sunsetting in the company of Dillard and her friend Zook.  A nice gathering that ended wrong...when mention of the healer Destiny was made.. Dillard said he was evil and that the mage and the healer were twins so the mage has to be evil, too. The lies of the goblin supported by his friend the halfling angered her in a way that was not her natural self. Next thing the goblin tried a silly trick on the mage leaving her without any hair.

He casted some sheep to pull her hair, the mage's response was to grab the goblin by a leg lifting him downward and shaking him so he would stop his spell and give her back her hair.... she didn't want to hurt him so she put him back on the floor unharmed and stepped in the mist that took her home...

The battle mage sighs in sorrow, coming back to the moment she casted that awful spell..regreting her doings... letting her anger and sense of revenge take over her the way it did...Looks back out of the window her gaze rest on the waves of the sea.... dulling her pain.  Facing the mage and druids to respond for her behavior is nothing compare to the way she judges herself.

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