Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pionia Becomes an Ovate

Druid Initiation Ceremony
  a report by Rhiannon Skinstad, Druid of the Mist
Dateline: Avilion August 30 1:00 PM

With summer drawing to a close, and in the wake of all that has taken place in our fair realm, the Druids of Avilion showed us that life indeed goes on, that what was, is, and shall continue to be. Coming on the heels of the rebirth of our lands, we Druids held our Initiation Ceremony at the new Druid Shrine, in the company of friends and loved ones, for all the realm to bear witness to.

Looking as fair as the day was warm and sunny, Lady Osiris LeShelle, the leader of our Order, came forward and spoke thusly.

"Welcome everyone to this special ceremony where we will embrace our friends who have chosen the path of the Druid," she said. "Today some of them will be invited to accept the title of Ovate of Avilion, a title inidcating they are in training to become a Druid of the Mist, and others will be invited to accept the title of Druid of the Mist...a title they have earned in the past months."

After calling upon the four spirits to witness our gathering, she spoke again. "Before I start the real initiation I want to tell you something....
 Behind me stand the Aspirants, Ovates and Druids of Avilion. We began almost 2 years ago...and we came a long way. me it doesn't matter whether someone is an Aspirant, an Ovate or a Druid, with us for 1 week or 2 years... I am so very proud of them all, because of their enthusiasm, their support, their help and their friendship! It's a really great bunch of down to earth terms, and sometimes that just needs to be said!"

" Now...for the festive part!", she continued, and all smiled in anticipation.
" In ancient times a Druid was a priest, teacher, diviner, and magician. Now, in Avilion, a Druid is a teacher and caretaker and healer.  We strive to maintain balance in Avilion and we show the true nature of our community...which is to respect all, and be open to others."

With that, the Initiations of the new Druids began, and when they had been completed we had three new Druids of the Mist. The new Druids are, Lady Polaris Triellis, Lady Miriam Heartsdale, and Lady Theta Marseille. This title is not lightly given, but earned through much hard work and dedication over a matter of months. A title well earned and richly deserved by all three ladies. Ancient and Druid of the Mist, and Sun Grove Elder Aztel Congrejo presented them all with the Silver Sickle, which is given to all Druids upon initiation, to harvest herbs and wear as a symbol of their chosen path.

Then it was the Ovate's turn. Lady Osiris spoke again to us, explaining what an Ovate is in Avilion. "In ancient times an Ovate was a prophet, seer, healer and diviner. Now, an Ovate is one who studies or practices herbalism, healing, combat and behaviour within a Druidic context, someone who has entered the Ovate level of training with the Druids of the Mist."

She then asked the 7 new Ovates to accept admittance to a Grove of their choosing and to continue studying with the Druids. All accepted and were admitted to their chosen Groves. The new Ovates are Fish Emerald (Water Grove),  Lilika Northman (Earth Grove), Pionia Destiny (Sun Grove),
 Saffron Foxclaw (Water Grove), Traeldor Kuhn (Earth Grove),  Violet December (Sun Grove), and Jilyan Aabaye (Sun Grove). Many congratulations are in order for all the new Ovates, and best wishes on their continued studies with the Druids of the Mist.

Lady Osiris then asked the Druids if they accept the Ovates as brothers and sisters and all happily agreed to do just that.

At this time Lady Osiris then said, "There is one amongst the Druids who bested all others during the trials. This Druid has truly earned a special honor.  This Druid, who bested all others, and who will bear the honorary title of Champion of the Druids, is... Lady Rhiannon Skinstad!" I was honored and humbled, and gladly accepted the Golden Sickle from my brother Aztel. I only hope I can represent the Druids of the Mist as their champion over the next three months with grace and dignity, at which time I will relinquish the title to another deserving Druid.

Lady Osiris then completed the Ceremony. "Great Goddess, Mother Earth. Your presence had held us, protected us, guided us, and blessed us at this time of welcoming Spring. We thank for your many blessings, for your grace and goodness, for your beauty and wisdom.  Stay if you will, go if you must. Blessed Be.  May there be light in our hearts now that we finished this ceremony.  May our memories contain what our eyes and ears did gather. The circle is open, but not unbroken.
Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. Blessed Be!"

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