Saturday, July 17, 2010

An Avilion Order member!

Pionia loved Avilion since day one....! She applied to be an Avilion order...immediately...She read the Avilion Charter and agreed to all rules and guidelines within it. Also, she agreed to uphold the laws, guidelines, and values in the Avilion Charter and promised she will be as active as possible within the Avilion Order community, and be an active participant in role play. After she filled out an application card to be accepted into the order.
1. Second Life® Name & Today's Date: Pionia Destiny rezzed on the 08/07/2009
2. Second Life® Account Creation Date: 11/1/2007
3. Character's role play race:  Half Human and half Elf
4. Character's role play story & history:

Pionia was born in the Realm of Maracaibo.. a kingdon far from any land.... known as the Land Beloved by the Sun.  When living there, she was one of the  tutors of the  court of King Alonso de Ojeda. She used to teach languages to the king's children. King Alonso was a cruel king that slaved his people...He ordered to kill Pionia because she dared to talk about slavery and how cruel this practice was to his children Prince Armando and Princess Zulia. The king's spies told him about Pionia's teachings of peace, love, tolerance and freedom.  He ordered his son to kill her.  Prince Armando, a gentle caring boy helped her scape instead.  She had to leave in a hurry and didn't have time to say goodbye to her dear family. They don't know where she is .. she just vanished from their lives. The king thought, his son Prince Armando has carried out his order to kill her. He conviced his father that he hated her and have made sure she was dead. She left her family there and her heart, too. Even her true love thought she was dead.  When living her home, she promised to herself to come back and help Prince Armando and Princess Zulia fight for freedom and peace. Since she left, she has  been on a journey to different lands, learning as much as she can the secrets of different cultures and worlds. Most of her days have been spent in the forest and its Myst. One rainy cold day, she arrived to Avilion. There, for the first time she felt a wave of white energy running throught her blood. .....magic... someone said... the white  wave of energy felt warm and comforting. It gave her peace.

5. Plan on incorporating her character into Avilion's history & role play:
She's  a foreigner looking for a place to call home again. She will be learning the ways of this land and trying to help with her skills.

6. Why she wants to join Avilion Order:
She wants to to learn about roleplaying.. and  finds Avilion fascinating. She loves the respect, tolerance and the living together of different races.

7. Do you role play in other sims?  Yes or No?:
No. ( at the time she joined Avilion .. she didn't belong to any other realm and didn't have any experience on roleplaying)

8.  What she has done in Second Life® (Other than Role Play):

She is an EFL professor in Real Life.. and most of her adevntures in SL.. are related to educational and teaching pourposes.

9. Why she believes she should be an Avilion Order member:
Avilion is a place full of peace, love and understanding. It stands for what She believes in. It fits her and shes thinks she can offer her teaching and language skills to continue learning and helping others to understand that love, tolerance and peace are possible.

10. Received recommendations from any Avilion Order members:
Avignon Beaumont

(12. Please read the agreement below:

By filling out and submitting this application, you here-by declare that you have read over the Avilion Charter, and agree to all the rules, guidelines, and terms within.  Check the box signifying you agree, and then sign the application.  This application is an agreement between you and the Avilion Administration.

    [ X ] : I agree to the terms within this application as well as within the
           Avilion Charter notecard.
    Signed, Pionia Destiny, on 08/07/09.

End of application.

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