Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Guardian of the Mist!!

After joining the Avilion Order and becoming an Avilion Order, she had to decide on what Class to join. Possibilities were: Knight of the OrderRanger of the Order, Rogue of the Order,  Magus of the Mist, Druid of the Mist

But first she had to become a guardian of the Mist.. What's an Avilion Guardian..?.

"Guaridans of the Mist" members have completed the Guardian Quest  and are those that call Avilion Home.   Avilion is their Base commuity where they spend most of their SL time.  They have shown that they are more active in the community.

After participating in different activities and expending some time in the drum circle, Pionia was invited to belong to the Avilion Guards. That means, she can attend all classes ad participate in all of the events.

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