Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Joining the Druids of the Mist

After being named a Guardian of the Mist, Pionia had to join a guild... or a class... She selected The druids of the Mist.

The Druids were an ancient order of Celtic priests in the societies of Western Europe, Britain and Ireland. The Celtic Druids served their communities by combining the duties of seer, priest, poet, philosopher, historian, scholar, teacher, doctor, astronomer and astrologer. The Celts had developed a highly sophisticated religious system, with three divisions of men who were held in exceptional honor; the lowest division were called the Ovates, the second division were called the Bards and then the Druids. The ovates were the healers and seers; the bards memorised the songs, poems, and stories of the tribe (historians); while the druids taught moral philosophy and were experts in the workings of natural science.

The Celtic Druids were advisers to the rulers of that time, acted as judges in the event of disputes, supervised executions and even controlled the legal system. They were held in such respect that if they intervened between two armies they could stop the battle. The Druid priests and priestesses acted as mediums through which the spirits could be summoned and heard, with rituals throughout the history of the Celtic Druids being enacted in sacred groves of oak trees and circles of standing stones.

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On order to join the Druids.. she had to apply ... again... These were the questions asked and how she answered them..


1. Name of Applicant :
    Pionia Destiny
2. Time Zone Applicant lives in :
3.  Why do you want to be a Druid in Avilion?  I love helping people and healing.
4. Which grove do you apply too?
     Grove of the Sun
5. Why do you want to be a member of this grove?
     To learn more abourt healing and participate in combats and because the Sun Grove members ideals are based on HUMILITY, FELLOWSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY and WISDOM.
6. In which ways would you want to contribute to the grove?
    In anyway my skills allow me to.
7. What kind of Druid would you want to be? Examples....there's Druids in the books by Marion Bradley (see : )  and there's Druids as we know them in Dungeons and Dragons for example.. There's Druids who are lone wanderers and protectors of the lands, and there's Druids who live amongst others, helping them maintain the balance. Do you have an idea what kind of Druid you want to be?

I think like the ones that live among others helping all that need  me

 and that's how she started her training as a ovate... after the ceremony there was a party of course..

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