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Tales from the Light & Shadow Roleplay Group: Daza and Juni (2nd part)

Daza and Juni

Daza Portals to Alasse, taking the pixie Kaia with him....
      Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) huffs as she lands on the other side of Daza's portal. She looks up at him with a frown on her face "I see you have your powers back." She focuses her energy allowing her glamour to fall, her body stretching so that she now stands tall in front of the mage, her head reaching his shoulder.

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) looks appreciatively and nods "Yes...more or less all of them are back....and I see you're not a permanent pixie"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) offers Daza a faint smile "I am fae, I appear as I want to be seen."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) narrows his eyes "And just who ARE you? I am looking for Juni but instead I find this Kaia who has the acorn necklace that I gave her"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) gazes at Daza, her black eyes roaming his form as she looks upon his restored form. "I am Kaia....I am that half of your fae which she keeps hidden from the world. I am that half that comes out when there is nothing but survival left for her."

    Daza (daza.mistwalker) eyes the waterfall nearby, thinking "OH? And what if I don't believe you? You remember what Juni did to to a certain blonde elf when SHE tried to explain something similar?"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) nods, a soft smile appearing on her face "Aye, but, I have not changed my appearance....much. Those that know this fisage know who and what I was. You on the other hand, you were altered."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker): "Oh..but you have changed! And I know all about fae and their glamoury! You could be an imposter! Prove to me that Juni still yet resides within you...that you are not some foul possession that needs to be exorcized by a cleric!"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) arches a brow at Daza, her hand moving unerringly to her bow to stroke the smooth wood. She plucks at the string, the twang of the sinew snapping into place giving her comfort. "And what pray tell would you have me do or say to prove to you that I am indeed that fae?"

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) looks into her eyes, which appear entirely too dark and huffs. In some sort of maddened desperation to bring this to closure once and for all he reaches forward with his hands to grab ahold of the fae's neck

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) gasps, her eyes widening in shock as her hands reach up to grasp Daza's wrists. She squeeks, as she flounders for a moment before her eyes narrow on the mage.She chokes out her words "Do you WANT me to fill you with arrows" she asks as tears fill her inky black eyes.

 Daza (daza.mistwalker) feels both the bracelet and the necklace flare with firey warmth and feels a jolt that courses to his bones and releases her suddenly as if he had been burnt and his eyes widen "JUNI! It IS you!"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) falls to the ground gasping for breath, tears burning her eyes as she clutches at her neck. She glances up at Daza and nods as she mummbles to herself "I deserve no less..."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) reaches out instinctively with a hand to help her up, before a part of him warns, but he ignores that voice for the moment and is more puzzled almost as if he had hurt himself "I...I don't know what to ...I was hoping...I mean..." *stammers* "I have been searching for my fae...for Juni...and I find..this...Kaia"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) grasps Daza's hand in hers allowing him to help her to stand. She brushes her self off, swallowing reflexively as her other hand reaches up to her throat. "I am that which has always been there, which has been kept hidden. Be my name Kaia Fea or Juni, I am of the Twyleth Teg....I am both light and dark. Do you not know your fae well enough to understand that?"

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) shifts and fidgets, scrunching his face in confusion for a bit, almost as he had done as Daizy not so long ago "Wellll...I knew Juni as being a bit fickle sometimes....I never thought of her as light or dark.....but certainly not as two different entities!"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) tilts her head and blinks slowly as she speaks, "the fickleness of a fae, especially one such as I, is oft times a tell tale sign of more."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) tries to reconcile himself with this and looks into dark eyes and then shakes his head "Fickleness I know....Juni I know...this Kaia....I do not....SO! I wish to speak with she in there or not?"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) raises her eyes towards the mage, a smile playing on her lips "All you need to do is look deeply, and you will find her"

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) lifts his chin, even though he is a good deal taller than he was just days a ago and then focuses for but a moment. "I KNOW she is in there! Why does behind this other visage? What must I do to have my fae back?"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) lifts her chin mimicking Daza "You did not loose your fae, but your fae became lost when she lost you. How would you go about proving you are not lost to her?"


  Daza (daza.mistwalker) had been mulling over summoning his staff but instead blinks :ummm....I came for my fae...I earched and traversed realms and entered the dark lands of the Empress! I NEVER stopped caring and loving my matter where I matter WHAT I was. I TRIED to be something I was not...even Artemis saw it is time for you to see too." With this he reaches forth to softly caress her cheek before leaning in for a kiss. But this was no ordinary kiss, but a kiss of knowing, for as he kissed he willed his memories of the past weeks and moons into her. His feelings, his lostness, his trials, pains and even a few joys and triumphs.

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) 's eyes widen in shock as Daza's lips touch hers. Her gasp lost upon his lips as the feelings he feeds her assault her senses. Her hands reach up to his shoulders and her fingers curl into his flesh as sher reels back and gasps into his lips. She pulls back, her eyes searching his, and as they move from one of his eyes to they other, they slowly shift in color back to the silver that he is familiar with. Only one word escapes her lips, and it is a softly uttered "Oh"

    Daza (daza.mistwalker) sighs momentarily. There is a reason why he no longer used this particular method, once a signature of many of his magiks. It always left him vulnerable. He looked into her eyes and saw "Juni? It's really you?...OH how I have MISSED you!"

  Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) blinks up at Daza, confusion in her eyes "I didn't go anywhere...." her words drift off as she looks around before leaning into the mage, a soft sigh escaping her lips.

    Daza (daza.mistwalker) holds her close and nuzzles his nose into her hair"I don't want to lose you again...I don't want to be lost to you again"

    Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley) leans her head against his chest "then do what you need to do to ensure that does not happen."

  Daza (daza.mistwalker) waggles his brows before causing a mist to rise about them. To any onlooker, they would simply be gone when the mist cleared.

Roleplayers: Daza (daza.mistwalker), Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)

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