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Emoting Class: RP encounter which could result in IC RP combat.

Pelinor Aurotharius
Emoting Class: RP encounter which could result in IC RP combat.
Teacher: Lady Pelinor Aurotharius

Getting ready to Roleplay

Pelinor Aurotharius: Welcome Pionia
Zero (zerokristos): greetings
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): Hello
Pelinor Aurotharius: Now what do we have here for characters? Two fighters for sure....
Pionia Destiny: walks into the room looking for Lady Pelinor
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): a future Ranger here..
Pelinor Aurotharius: We are OOC until the RP begins Pionia :)
Pelinor Aurotharius: Alright Aurora would be equipped as a Ranger
Pionia Destiny: smiles at the the ones already there.. bowing her head slightly
Pelinor Aurotharius: Pionia what Guild are you dear?
Pionia Destiny: smiles. Mages
Pelinor Aurotharius: Ok you can Roleplay as a Mage with Abilities at your level.
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): I have not trained with sword yet, so i will be in trouble in melee
Pionia Destiny: not sure what my abilities are already. I'm just starting my schooling
Pelinor Aurotharius: You can Roleplay your weapons Aurora... this Class is about Emoting
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ok : )
Pionia Destiny: smiles
Pelinor Aurotharius: Pionia can Roleplay a Mage Level 1
Pionia Destiny: wonderful. The right class for me..
Pelinor Aurotharius: No big explosions :)P
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) giggles
Pelinor Aurotharius: Alrighty... is everyone ready for the Mission?
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): yes!
Zero (zerokristos): ready
Pionia Destiny: what's the mission...?
Pelinor Aurotharius: The Mission involves an IC investigation as to why a local farmer is missing any cows he puts to pasture in Alasse.
Pelinor Aurotharius: You are to WALK to Alasse and discover who or what is causing this.
Pionia Destiny: I see
Zero (zerokristos) nods
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) nods, she is used to walking
Pelinor Aurotharius: It's a Roleplay... now when encountering others you must TAKE TURNS with your emotes :)
Pelinor Aurotharius: Remember in Roleplay you may ATTEMPT to do something but it's Success is dependant on another in RP :)
Darra (darrakristos) ducks and looks about looking for the source of the eagles cry
Zero (zerokristos) looks at the eagle and smiles to see such majestic animal
Pelinor Aurotharius: Okey dokey... Zero will you 'lead' the journey there?
Zero (zerokristos): aye
Pelinor Aurotharius: Great, stay together and enjoy the RP...
Zero (zerokristos): alright
Pelinor Aurotharius: You may begin :)

The Walk to Alasse

Zero (zerokristos): alright , if you please follow me then
Pelinor Aurotharius: Have fun :)
Pionia Destiny: walks into the room... I was told you need it a mage..
Pelinor Aurotharius: Hurry hurry Pionia :)
Pionia Destiny: what seems to be the problem..looking at the man in charge
Pelinor Aurotharius: The adventurers need you... please follow Zero dear.
Darra (darrakristos): I'll take up the rear
Darra (darrakristos): go ahead my Lady
Darra (darrakristos): do you need help ?
Pionia Destiny: It's my eyes..
Pionia Destiny: I need to get used to the light here... Walks faster trying to catch up the group
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) takes in her new surrondings
Zero (zerokristos) makes the journey towards the plaza as they head for alasse
Zero (zerokristos) he looks behind them and states the the rest of the party falls behind

The Gobblin
Darra (darrakristos) notices the stranger on the side of the road
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) notices a stranger on the side of the path as well
Aurora (aurora.carminucci)'s keen eyes spot a goblin in the plaza
Zero (zerokristos) as they arrive at the plaza zero notices a goblin standing in the middle looking at the welcome center . He nods to him as he passes by and keeps his close attention
Darra (darrakristos) makes a flanking manuver
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) moves within bow range of the strange creature
Pionia Destiny: hurries to keep up . the cold is getting to her..making breathing harder
Zero (zerokristos) he looks behind him to check on the party statues , he smiles as he see's darra in the back
Pionia Destiny: finally catches the party... offering her hand to the one in charge, ...introduces herself
Pionia Destiny: My name's Pionia Destiny, sir
Pionia Destiny: turns her gaze to the gobblin in front of them
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) whispers to Pionia, "should we question him?"
Fibber (fibbs) picks his nose
Pionia Destiny: greetings, sir
Fibber (fibbs): ello
Pionia Destiny: looks at him all over.. grimancing at his nose picking
Zero (zerokristos) zero bows to the woman and introduces himself as well " my name is zero I am a warrior of sylvhara and motions to the beautiful woman next to him " this beautiful woman is Darra my wife pleasure to meet you
Darra (darrakristos) smiles
Darra (darrakristos) bows to Fibber
Darra (darrakristos): he is a local here
Pionia Destiny: turns her head to the woman smiling warmly
Fibber (fibbs): zero da hero
Fibber (fibbs): ha ha ha ha
Darra (darrakristos) grins
Zero (zerokristos) we should not delay , we are to be in Alasse with haste
Darra (darrakristos): good one
Zero (zerokristos) he looks at the goblin and narrows his eyes before turning to the path" please do follow us it is a important matter
Pionia Destiny: looks surprise ..they are bringing a jester with them...
Pionia Destiny: humps..
Darra (darrakristos): Pionia I must take up the rear for safety sake, go ahead it will be all right
Zero (zerokristos) looks down at the goblin " what is it fibber ?"
Pionia Destiny: mods to Darra..please
Fibber (fibbs): lets go folks, try to keep up
Pionia Destiny: turns to the ranger... my name's Pionia
Darra (darrakristos) smiles " a beautiful name "
Pionia Destiny: tries to cover her eyes,,, the light it hurts my eyes. Can't see where we are headed
Pionia Destiny: thanks the leader for his courtesy of guiding her
Darra (darrakristos): turn around young one the path is behind you
Darra (darrakristos) nods
Darra (darrakristos): they went between the pillars
Darra (darrakristos): Ah, Zero
Darra (darrakristos): we must go slower
Zero (zerokristos): alright my love
Darra (darrakristos): our mage is having, problems with her vision
Darra (darrakristos): this the daylight
Darra (darrakristos) watches the mage wishing Bahamut had left her with her healing powers, as the mage struggles with the railing
Darra (darrakristos) was reminded of the beautiful "Snow White" of legends when she looked at Pionia, her heart went out to her
Darra (darrakristos): I have friends who are drow they have the same problem , you are doing far better
Zero (zerokristos) aye " he nods " we are almost there
Pionia Destiny: thanks the wave for the kidness of her companions
Eagle ((Yilix) shouts: SKREEEEEeeeee...
Pionia Destiny: the many nights by the candle studying.. have hurt my eyes
Darra (darrakristos) nods in understanding

The Good Healer: Linwe Zifanwe the Red Magister

Aurora (aurora.carminucci) spots the person standing nearby
Zero (zerokristos) he tilts his head in greetings to the woman that stands there while he waits for the others he also looks at the sky and notices that the eagle has been following them
Darra (darrakristos) looks about for the noble eagle
Linwe (Linwe) arcs a brow "What be this trouncing about through the Wellspring?
Pionia Destiny: the heavy rain also makes it worst for her... she struggles to keep in the path
Linwe (Linwe) nods to Pionia whom she recognizes form teh Hall
Zero (zerokristos) lady aurora our mage is having issues we must proceed slowly
Darra (darrakristos) looks to the near blind mage and up at the woman on the house steps ,bowing to her continues on
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) nods impatiently, she is not used to the company of others
Pionia Destiny: slips on a rock and fells on the ground..dirt get to her face. Feels her anger growing within her.. she's so clumsy.
Darra (darrakristos) her eyes go wide and she reaches down one arm under hers and offers to help her upward handing her a bandage to wipe her face with
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) notices the mage's frialty for the first time
Linwe (Linwe): Do Pionia be ill?" she demands
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "May i help you as well?"
Pionia Destiny: turns her face to the woman offering help... Thanks
Darra (darrakristos) she is, having problems with her vision My Lady, ~Darra bows~
Linwe (Linwe) approeacheds, assessing her aura as she walks
Zero (zerokristos) he turns around and gasps as the woman goes down , but his wife was already helping her as well as aurora " aye please do help he i assure you this will end very soon "
Pionia Destiny: getting back on her feet... all wet and cold.. and half blind..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) walks up to Darra and offers her arm
Pionia Destiny: listens to a voice demanding to know her well being
Darra (darrakristos) takes her arm and holds it firmly
Linwe (Linwe) scowls at the oterhs"This woman be nae well..her spiurits are in ill humoir!"
Darra (darrakristos) looks back puzzled
Linwe (Linwe): Unless ye be a healer, release her and let me helkp herf, for she be a sister of the Ithryn Hall"
Darra (darrakristos) looks besiegingly, "Is there a cure ?"
Pionia Destiny: the voice sounds familiar to her but doesn't know who it belongs to
Linwe (Linwe): I duna know until I can ascertain the problem
Darra (darrakristos) nods
Zero (zerokristos) he nods to the woman that just came" she is not used to the light "
Darra (darrakristos): Zero, this Lady is of good standing among our people, perhaps, we should accept her help
Pionia Destiny: I am allright.. I will get well.. it's the rain it gets in my eyes..
Linwe (linwe.zifanwe): \/e walks up to Pionia and lays a gentle hand near to her skin, not touching but feeling her essence
Zero (zerokristos) aye indeed we should , please do help her anyway you can if you have something that will ease her we will apreciate it
Pionia Destiny: feels she's being a burden for the people she's supposed to help
Darra (darrakristos) being a Samurai, means honor, discipline and following orders, she stand still, holding Pionia's arm awaiting a decision patiently
Darra (darrakristos): No Pionia ou are not a burden
Pionia Destiny: listens to the steps approaching to her but sees only a blur of a person coming close to her
Darra (darrakristos): but I fear, you may be injured without help
Zero (zerokristos) indeed you are not , no one is left behind " he nods
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) scowls at the intrusion of the so-called healer, wondering if they will ever make it to Alasse Meadow as ordered
Linwe (Linwe) steps back. These people obviosuly do not know where they are or who she is
Zero (zerokristos) i already asked you to help , please do so there is something we must do "
Pionia Destiny: a wave of enegy burns her skin calming her anger
Linwe (Linwe): Know that ye have walked across the yard of the magister and of the Guardian of this Temple...go now...but take care of the acolyte for Ondine will look ill upon ye if ye do nae"
Linwe Zifanwe the Red Magister casts Kerradunath – ‘The End of Privation and Want’ and restores 30 points of food and stamina to all those in a small area.
Linwe Zifanwe the Red Magister casts Fhoeldin Durr – ‘The Thousandfold Way’ and restores 20 points of health to all those in a small area.
Darra (darrakristos) the dragoness nods in appreciation
Zero (zerokristos) we shall take very good care of her , do not worry " he nods and smiles
Darra (darrakristos) carefully tries to help Pionia
Linwe (Linwe) looks off "Best to be on eyr way"
Darra (darrakristos) looks back and nods "Of course My Lady and thank you
Zero (zerokristos) nods and signal to them , it was time to go
Linwe (linwe.zifanwe) sings: Let all on whom Selune's light falls trust in her radiance.
Linwe (linwe.zifanwe) sings: Know that all love alive under her light shall know her blessing.
Pionia Destiny: bows her head to the good lady that helped her.. feels safe now and in peace.
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) wonders aloud about the strange magic she felt for the first time
Zero (zerokristos) alright let us go my friends , we are almost there " he looks at the healer , , thanks you kindly '
Zero (zerokristos):  we wil just take it slower
Pionia Destiny: turns to the party...shaking her head..please..let's go on.. I don't want to delayed you in the mission
Darra (darrakristos) slowly leads her forward
Pionia Destiny: wonders if it is too far.. this place where they are headed..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) takes her other arm to help

Three Headed Hydra
The Cow Eating Hydra

Darra (darrakristos): Stop
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) is startled to see a 3 headed dragon
Darra (darrakristos): its a Hydra !
Zero (zerokristos) get behind us my lady " zero draws his blade as he sees the 3 headed dragon " who are you ?'
Darra (darrakristos) pulls Pionia back
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) she draws her bow and fits an arrow
Darra (darrakristos) pulls her elven crafted Polearm and stand between Auror and Pionia
Pionia Destiny: steps back feeling the energy of the beast in front of them
Three Headed Hydra blinks and looks down at the woman in the blue dress, looking from one head to the other... "Me thinks the dinner bell just rang Alphonse."
Three Headed Hydra 's other head looks to another... "Agreed Stan"
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) moves to the left slightly to take a bead on the beast's heart
Zero (zerokristos) the samurai lowers his torso his hands gripping the jilt of his katana as his feet begins to widden the space between them . the samurai stands in front of the hydra w narrowed eyes he prepares for battle " i don't think you wil eat anyone "
Pionia Destiny: the energy doesn't seem to be friendly... fear growing...
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head speaks up... "Now now you both, maybe these ones are here peacefully hmmm?"
Darra (darrakristos) holds her hand up in the universal signal for hold on for a bit
Darra (darrakristos) whispers to Zero, perhaps this is what has happened to the cows
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head inquires: "Now what do you pinkskins want hereabouts?"
Pionia Destiny: breath deeply trying to keep cool.. there were no hydras in her scrolls..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) holds her arrow and her words to see what the others will do
Darra (darrakristos) whispers to Zero, maybe an agreement could be reached, like offer a cow every so many days and this, Dragon could, protect the island ?
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) snorts... "Cows? Cow? What's a cow?"
Zero (zerokristos) the samurai eases his stance a bit and looks upon the hydra " a farmer claims that his cows dissapear when they come top pasture here " he nods to darra " know anything about it "
Darra (darrakristos) looks up with wide eyes surprised that she could be heard
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) chuckles
Pionia Destiny: feels safe in the company of the warriors... but looks into her pouch for her book of spells... a shield of protection should be in order if needed it
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) rolls his eyes at the other two and looks to the bipeds... "Now what is this all about hmmm?"
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) focuses intently on the strange creature, ready to respond with a shot if needed
Pionia Destiny: keeps quiet letting the leader do the talking..
Zero (zerokristos) like i said to your ..... other head ' he stops and thinks of his statement for a while and then proceeds " there is a situation with cows dissapearing everytime they come to pasture here , do you know anything about it ?"
Three Headed Hydra 's left and right heads nod in the negative while Reginald groans and says: "I knew this would happen, these two have been snatching cows when I wasn't looking."
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) snorts and quips... "We were not."
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) whispers to Zero" Perhaps we could relieve him of the errant heads?"
Darra (darrakristos) smiles at her and shakes her head no
Pionia Destiny: laughs quietly listening to the talking heads..
Darra (darrakristos) whispers if you cut the head seven more will grow in its place
Three Headed Hydra 's middle middle head ( Reginald ) sighs... "They just grow back, it's insufferable... this is what I have to deal with."
Darra (darrakristos) wishes Percy Jackson were here
Pionia Destiny: whisers to the ranger... doesn't seem like a good idea.. they might argue but they are together
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) , astonished at Darra's whisper, bites her tongue
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) says: "I have a solution; lets eat these four and leave off the cows for a bit... maybe they will not be missed."
Darra (darrakristos) speaks slowly
Darra (darrakristos): Would you not prefer a constant supply
Darra (darrakristos): perhaps you could come to an agreement with the villagers
Pionia Destiny: steps back as she listens to the ugliest head talking..
Darra (darrakristos): a cow brought here to you, an offering if you , protect this area
Three Headed Hydra 's left head blinks at Darra... "Can we have a supply of villagers instead?"
Darra (darrakristos) shakes her head sadly
Darra (darrakristos): There is not as many villagers as their are cattle
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) snickers
Pionia Destiny: now, they are getting gready..
Zero (zerokristos) i dont think they will listen to reason my love " he draws his katana and looks at the hydra , for what you have done you must pay and for the answer  you just gave us that means you have no intention of stopping , you must be put down
Pionia Destiny: three heads.. four of us... nods..
Darra (darrakristos) whispers heatedly to Zero
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) steels herself for the possible result of Zero's words
Darra (darrakristos): maybe they should be given a chance to discuss the proposition
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Alphonse ) makes a sour face... "Look it's not my fault these tow are moronic reptiles."
Darra (darrakristos): Lords Hydra, if you eat the villagers, you would have the cattle, but then they too would be gone
Darra (darrakristos): IF you leave the vilagers they can breed the cattle, and you will always have food
Darra (darrakristos): You would become well respected in the land
Darra (darrakristos): For keeping it safe
Darra (darrakristos): and then more people would just give you offerings,
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) blinks at Darra... "I don't understand."
Darra (darrakristos): Well, people, know how to make more cattle
Darra (darrakristos): if you eat them,
Darra (darrakristos): you will have the cattle
Darra (darrakristos): but you will eat them too
Darra (darrakristos): and your food will run out
Darra (darrakristos): IF the villagers are left alive
Darra (darrakristos): they can make more cattle
Darra (darrakristos): keeping you supplied
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) wrinkles his nose... "I still don't get it."
Darra (darrakristos): and anything that is here to harm the villagers who feed you, well, you would want to guard your supply
Pionia Destiny: feels energy drawing from the beats itself. the tips of her finger attracting the wave
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) impatiently wonders aloud why this thing would be worth even just the cattle offerings
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) rolls his eyes again... "Lady you are speaking to a rock, can't you see?"
Darra (darrakristos): I do not think you are a rock Reginald
Three Headed Hydra 's right head ( Alphonse ) looks to Reginald... "Stan was deprived of air in the womb it's true."
Darra (darrakristos) looks sad
Darra (darrakristos): That is a shame, so Stan would need the constant food perhaps more, do you look after Stan ?
Zero (zerokristos) there is no other way , the hydra is a danger to sylvhara . we must kill it
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) groans... "Death would be better than enduring this...."
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "Darra, we have not consulted the farmers of the region as to whether they would be willing to give up their cattle to this beast!"
Darra (darrakristos) looked very sad upon hearing this, The Hydra had a right to live, as much as any other living being, she had hoped that a compromise would be reached
Three Headed Hydra 's left head ( Stan ) snorts... "I'm hungry, I want a monkey!"
 Darra (darrakristos): Should we fail in our mission they will lose their cattle regardless, however, by loosing one or two cattle per farmer, they are saving the rest from many other dangers
Darra (darrakristos): and this Hydra can handle most other forms of attackers
Darra (darrakristos): pirates included
Pionia Destiny: wonders if there monkeys in sylvhra.. haven't seen one... mmmm
Darra (darrakristos): so a bonus
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "Then we must not fail"
Pionia Destiny: have you got any rope to tie those heads down.. whispers to the ranger..
Zero (zerokristos) prepare yourself , zero raises his sword and pounces towards the left head , raising his blade above his his objective to slash the left head completely decapitating it , if the blow lands
Darra (darrakristos) with a heavy heart, her polearm heavy in her hands she waits,
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): "noooooooooooooo not the head!!!!
Pionia Destiny: we could tie them down
Pionia Destiny: I coudl get a sleeping spell..
Pionia Destiny: I have one somewhere in the book.. rummages her pouch for her spell book
Darra (darrakristos) tosses a read of fire on the decapitated head
Darra (darrakristos) backs up giving herself room, a silver mist writhes round her slowly circling and going upward
Pionia Destiny: stop she shouts..
Pionia Destiny: don't kill him..
Pionia Destiny: he could be of benefit to the realm
Darra (darrakristos) as the mist goes upward it spirals quicker spinning faster, flashes of silver course out of the maelstrom
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) looks to Zero... "So you want to be the hero hmmm?" Stan jerks back, the blow narrowly missing his nose. Alphonse responds in kind, sending a jet of black acid at the Samurai from his gaping maw.
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) looses an arrow at the beasts heart
Darra (darrakristos) the mist shimmers and falls like rain, the beads bouncing and disappearing into the ground, she readies her breath to use dragons fire on any severed head, and is ready to leap and pounce upon its back, her sharp talons ripping at the earth
Pionia Destiny: steps back out of the way of the dragon warrior
Zero (zerokristos) the samurai misses he lands and rools out of harms way narrowingly avoiding the acid that was tossed towards him , zero regains his footing few meters away and Analise the beast as he spots darra in her true form he grins and nods to her he then tells the other " only way to kill it is to sever its heads and burns he stomp
Pionia Destiny: turns to the leader..please.. don't kill it..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) fits another arrow to her bow
Pionia Destiny: shakes her head... he'll be a great pet to sylvhara.. once we tame him.. of course.
Darra (darrakristos) whispers ,her voices a low growl, I have begged for another outcome, even the wise one wishes for death, I will do whatever the leader tells me
Zero (zerokristos) he responds to the mage " we have to the other heads are as irrational as door nobs they will keep taking cattle and afte that villagers if we dont act now their blood will be in our hands " he talks as he cirlcles around the beast to join the group
Darra (darrakristos) speaks louder to Zero, "IS there no other way ?"
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): (still waiting for the beast to respond to the first arrow))
Three Headed Hydra 's middle head ( Reginald ) snorts and frowns as an arrow embeds itself in his thick hide... "This is going to get nasty me thinks, you folks better run along and bring more than a sword and a puny drake the next time... this is FAR from over!" ...the beast would now slither into the lagoon, thinking to ready for the morrow's visitors.
Zero (zerokristos) no " he responds to darra " as he spots the hydra retreating " we lost it
Pionia Destiny: looks at the beast sink in the lagoon...

The Review
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Great work... I think we should pause since we are well over an hour and a half lol ))
Darra (darrakristos): (( ok , review ?? ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((sounds good))
Zero (zerokristos): aye)
Pionia Destiny: ((giggles.. it was fun))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: I'm glad everyone got an opportunity to emote and I saw some great ones :)
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((sorry it took so long to get here, we had some IC encounters along the way))
Pionia Destiny: feels glad the beast is gone.
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Any questions on what occured or rules regarding the RP? ))
Zero (zerokristos): so far no
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): was a good experience
Pionia Destiny: ))ye((that's why i don't fight in sylvhara lag always blinnds me..))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: I can help with your settings Pionia. ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((you RP'd it well though))
Zero (zerokristos): (yep )
Pionia Destiny: ((my settings are alright I guess... It's my internet service.. I need a faster computer, too))
Zero (zerokristos): ( this looks great so far , man an hydra )
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((i like the way each of our characters came out in response to the threat))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Very good point Aurora ))
Zero (zerokristos): (yeah it was cool , i liked it too )
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Sorry we could not do a rock em sock em fight but the time was getting on :)P
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((good though to try and practice diplomacy by those who were so inclined))
Zero (zerokristos): ( it had diferent aproaches to the subject , that is what makes it good
Darra (darrakristos): (( am not normally the diplomat, but since turning Samurai, they would prefer to not fight than to fight ))
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Yes you tried... the next encounter might be a Metered one :)
Darra (darrakristos): (( am normally the first in fang fire and claws ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci) smiles in anticipation
Pelinor Aurotharius chuckles ))
Zero (zerokristos): oh ... so this was just a taste of what is to come ?
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Yes Darra )
Darra (darrakristos): (( is the Hydra a Paladin/Templar/Cleric ? ))
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((excellent))
Zero (zerokristos): ( sweet )
Pionia Destiny: I think i'll pass on that one..
Darra (darrakristos): lol
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: Ummm... Hydra's can't multiclass :)P
Darra (darrakristos): Dinner time
Darra (darrakristos): unless your like psycho bambi
Pionia Destiny: it's a pain to move..
Pionia Destiny: thanks so much for the class..
Pelinor Aurotharius: OOC: I will Note this and give everyone an Attendance Card for advancement. ))
Pionia Destiny: it was great..
Aurora (aurora.carminucci): ((thank you!))
Pionia Destiny: thanks so much

Roleplayers: Pelinor Aurotharius, Zero (zerokristos), Aurora (aurora.carminucci), Pionia Destiny, Darra (darrakristos), Linwe (linwe.zifanwe), Fibber (fibbs)

Realm: Sylvhara

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