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Tales from the Light & Shadow Roleplay Group: Daza and Juni

Daza finds Juni with the help of Jaide  (Part 1)

Reunited And It Faes So Good - RP involving Daza Mistwalker, Juniper Roxley, Jaide Nightifre, and several inhabitants of the IOS. Artemis has restored Daza to his natural state and has asked Jaide Nightfire to find his lost fae, Juni, on the Island of Shadows. As Daizy, Daza had searched for her through Vana's destruction and traced her here under the possible name of Kaia.
Jaide Nightfire enters the tavern about which he was told by Daza. He looks around casually but notes people and exits. he seems drunk when he walks in but is aware of everything. One slight stumble leads him into the bar. "I'll have whatever whiskey ye 'ave back there." He nods to the bartender upon getting his drink. "I'll take the bottle." he says and heads for a table, noting a small fae hovering about.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  walks over to the bar, her small head tilting up to the drunken stranger. She smiles, a mischevious glint in her eye before turning her gaze to the bar.
Elda (tosh.snook) walks up to the estbalishment, noticing the closed sign and debating on whether to barge in or not
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  spreads her wings, lifting her small frame off the floor so that she is on eye level with the bartender. She winks at the woman, reaches in her pouch and pulls out a coin, flicking towards the woman as she nods to wards the barel of meade
Elda (tosh.snook) enters ignoring the sign and makes her way to the bar"brandy"
Jaide Nightfire turns back to the bartender "I'm wondering if you might be able to help me. I'm looking for a fae named Kaia. An old friend needs to see her."
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  eyes the woman who entered, her ears perking when she hears her name. She slowly turns her head towards the stranger, her eyes narrowing as she looks at him. Her voice is soft as she speaks "And who might be seaking out the Kaia fae?"
Jaide Nightfire takes another shot from the bottle and turns to the fae next to him on the bar after eyeing the person that just enetered the tavern. He eyes the fae up and down "It's someone she want ta' be seein'" Elda (tosh.snook) places a coupel red gemeralds on the counter, and picks up her snifter of brandy, watching the other two converse
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   tilts her head, her eyes narrowing even more. "I might help ya find her for a price...but I would first be wanting to know who this seeker is." Turns her head towards the other woman, her dark eyes gleaming in the light as she offers her a small grin.
Elda (tosh.snook) makes only the smallest of nods and then sips her brandy, staring at the wall opposite her Jaide Nightfire knows he is in dark territory and not to trust anyone too quickly. The lycans here might take offense to him being here to begin with, given his affiliation with the shadow Claw pack. He eys the fae "it is someone that drew their goddess' ill favor. they became someone else and are back again." He thinks he must sound as drunk as he acted when he came in. he holds back a grin.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   lands on the bar, her small frame barely making a sound. She arches a brow at the stranger as she tried to make sense of his words. Her brows straighten as she dons a mask of nonchalance and shrugs "Fine be it by me if you wish not to share, for sharing from me you shall not get. Perhaps you wish not to find the Kaia fae after all."
Jaide Nightfire starts to growl then quickly stifles it. "Do you know a woma..." ~he stops himself and corrects as the mage is no longer a woman~ "a man named Daza?"
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   blinks, her dark eyes growing luminous as she looks upon the stranger "Aye, I have heard of this once mage. I hear that he is no longer but something different."
Elda (tosh.snook) nods to the two strangers and makes her way back out
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   watches the woman leave then turns her attention back to the stranger. She holds out her hand. "I will have two gold shinnies from you before I continue."
Jaide Nightfire: aye, he WAS something different but the goddess took pitty on him after being persuaded by an archmage or 2 and restored him to his old self, well...a reformed self he said.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   rops her hand, her request for shinnies forgotten as she gasps "You say the magie is now a magie again?" Her little brows furrow as she begins to pace the bar "I know you not, why should I believe your words be true?"
Jaide Nightfire thought the fae might be persuaded by shiny objects. He carried with him some freshly shined gemstones; nothing fancy but shiny indeed. He smiles and drops them into her hand. "Here ya go." He was glad he had asked someone familiar with fae before departing on his journey.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  looks down at the gems, her brows still furrowed as she thinks. She looks up, at the stranger and asks more bluntly and to the point. "Who are you, and how do you know what you know?"
Jaide Nightfire: can't you fae sense if someone is telling the truth or not? I am Jaide. I have no reason to lie to you. I was there and watched as the goddess transformed the woman into a man in front of my Thane and several other members of my pa...~he stops himself once again~ "my home land."
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   crosses her arms, her gaze level on Jaide as she speaks. "I am fae, which means I cannot lie. But it does not mean I can tell when someone else is or not....however..." she smiles mischeviously at him, her sharp teeth gleaming in the light "That does not mean I do not have my ways of finding out of someone is telling the truth or not."
Jaide Nightfire: how about if I share something with you? Something I should not being in these lands. Would that help? I did witness what I told you I did. To share what i have puts me at great risk. Would that make you feel better? You could come with me to my homeland and talk to the Thane, Freya. she will tell you.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   's arms still folded across her chest, arches her brow at Jaide. "Though I know Freya, I know you not. If I go to visit the Thane, it will be only when I see fit. Now tell me....for I am not yet clear on what you have been it the Daza Mage who is seeking the Kaia fae?" 
Jaide Nightfire: yes, as I heard it he longs to see his fae as he put it. i think he misses her greatly. He spoke with love in his heart. I could smell it. ~he realizes what he said after he said it~
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   smiles sadly at Jaide as she nods her head "And she has missed him, thinking he all but lost to her." She tilts her head "Love has a smell to it?"
Jaide Nightfire arches a brow "it's hard to explain. Some of us can scent better than others." he grins. I could not lie about this to you or to Kaia since i mentioned Freya if it were not true. I am too close to Freya to bear false witness and use her name associated with it.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  smiles as she gleans what Jaide is not telling her "you are of the pack" she whispers "tis not a safe place for you to be. Now that you have shared....i shall share as well. You wish to know where Kaia is, I will tell you...."
Jaide Nightfire nods to the fae
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   smirks at Jaide before bowing low to the bartop. Her hand rotating in a flourish before her."You have found that which you seek."
Jaide Nightfire smiles and breathes a sigh of relief as not wanting to disappoint his thane or the mage. He lowers himself down to Kaia "I think you should acompany me to the Shadowlands when you are ready. I shouldn't spend too much time here now that i've found you."
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   tilts her head and nods "I will leave when the time is right for me to leave. Take a message to the mage that his fae is safe, and will seek him out soon."
Jaide Nightfire: I will do that. since I'm here we might as well have some drinks. Do fae even drink?
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   grins and nods "Aye, that we do...honey meade would be my drink of choice." Jaide Nightfire motions to the bartender "Honey meade for the lady." he pays the bartender, tossing a silver piece rather hastilly out of his hand. "that should cover us and any damages." He laughs
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   eyes the silver piece as it flips through the air. She watches the barmaid pour her a thimble full of meade and takes it gratefully from her fingers. She takes a sip, wiping the froth from her upper lip and lets out a belch before giggling. "Thank you for the drink, Jaide."
Jaide Nightfire: you are welcome. hopefully things will be more at peace with the two of you reunited.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  nods to Jaide before turning back to her drink. Sips at her meade, the drink filling her mouth before she swallows.
Daza (daza.mistwalker) swoops in and lands with a thud
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   hears a noise and turns her head searching for the source of the sound.
Jaide Nightfire turns quickly as he hears a thud. he sees Daza standing a few feet away.
Daza (daza.mistwalker) lets his eyes adjust to the lighting and looks around, having only been here a few times, and sees a familiar face at the bar "AH...Jaide! Any luck?"
Jaide Nightfire: it's funny you should ask ~he chuckles and looks at Kaia~
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  stands quietly watching the mage. She holds her breath as she stands there, her dark eyes scanning the familiar visage of Daza.
Daza (daza.mistwalker) does not even see the small pixie on the bar but continues looking around, peering at one female who looks entirely too dark to be the pixie from what he saw....or his flies say
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   slowly lifts the timble to her lips and takes a few gulps of the amber liquid, her eyes never leaving Daza.  She hiccups.
Jaide Nightfire continues to drink then looks at Daza "Look closer"
Daza (daza.mistwalker) hadn't seen Jaides gaze at first, being somewhat accustomed to not be looking Enthro'mii in the eye and finally does turn around to the bar "Well...hmph..I thought I saw...." Blinks and looks at a pixie "You?"
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  hiccups again and covers her mouth as she nods.
Daza (daza.mistwalker) 's eyes widen and steps closer, carefully wanting to be certain "You...Juni?"
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   sticks her tongue out at Daza before palming the almost empty thimble and throwing it at Daza "Here I am known by another I am Kaia."
Daza (daza.mistwalker) looks over to Jaide and back again just in time to get bonked by the thimble "OW! Kaia?!? What on earth? Are you hiding from someone where you have to be disguised or kept secret?"
Jaide Nightfire: in these lands a few of us must keep our indentities hidden
Daza (daza.mistwalker) rubs his head where thereis a red mark
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   growls low "I did what needed doing so I could survive..."
Daza (daza.mistwalker) tilts his head " managed to escape...were you hurt?" His concern over rides his annoyance at being struck in the head for the moment
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   looks down at her hands and whispers harshly "I survived...the pain at the loss of the hawthorne was...." shivers "I survived." she states again.
Jaide Nightfire thinks about the horrors of a land ravaged by fire and lava. Morrana collected many a sould from Vana ~he says as he drinks from his bottle~
Daza (daza.mistwalker) makes a bit of a face, wondering "Oh...a tree....yes. Well...we all had to do what we had to do to survive....and I see Jaide here was fortunate enough to track you down"
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   looks up at the mage "not just a tree Daz, it was a sappling from MY tree....from..." she bites her lip as her eyes dart to Jaide, not wanting to say too much out loud.
Daza (daza.mistwalker) paces around ineasily "Why HERE of all places? why would you come here instead of...I don't know...Alasse, Sylvhara....even across the river with the Enthro'mii...why here?" 
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  looks back at Daza through her lashes, her black eyes glinting in the light. "why here? if you but look, you might see that I am not now the fae you think me to be."
Daza (daza.mistwalker) squints a bit, trying to look into her little beady black eyes "Hmmm....well Linwe said you were somehow darkened and twisted....what HAPPENED?"
Jaide Nightfire mumbles "she doesn't seem that twisted."
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  turns her head towards Jaide and smiles showing a row of sharp little teeth. "Why thank you, Jaide!" She turns back to Daza the smile still on her face, but not reaching her eyes "my mate was dead and my home was gone...this..."she gesturest o herself "is what came naturally to me in order to survive that"
Daza (daza.mistwalker) frowns "Your mate was NOT dead! And...I'm right HERE! I've been looking all over you!"
Johnnie Winterwolf lets out a howl trying to find his Ameera
Montana (montana.brianna) lets out a howl leading her Sha to her.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  spreads her wings, lifting herself off the bar and gets in Daza's face "And how was I supposed to know that?!"
Daza (daza.mistwalker) points to Jaide "Well...I sent HIM...And didn't you talk to Zos and Rhianne? THEY believed me when I told them who I was!"
Jaide Nightfire: aye this is definitely the man that was a woman when we met. There can't be too many of those running around.
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   reaches her small hand out, finger extended with the intent of poking Daza in the nose a few times "I am fae, I am a trickster when need be. therefore I look for the tricks in that which happens around me. I do not readily beleive in things such as magies becomig weeeeeee little girl elfs!"
Jaide Nightfire hears the howl of wolves outside. he recognizes one of them from his travels here a few nights ago. they seemed willing to let him pass but knows there are others not so forgiving here.
Jaide Nightfire grins "and a pretty elf she was" He swigs from his bottle again. he growls low at the bartender when he tries to take it from him
Daza (daza.mistwalker) blinks and backs up after the first poke, and shoots a glare at Jaide, remembering his lascivious looks before looking back at the pixie, trying to come to grips with ...whoever this person was and looks a bit crestfallen " aren;t see me?"
Ahnu squeezes his way in, tucking his wings Parzival Von Hamborg (sirsprocket) lands on the balcony and makes his way in, kneeling before his Empress.
Ahnu: Greetings your Imperial Majesty
Ahnu bows his head respectfully, turning his glance over to the small group at the bar and nods a greeting Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   gets momentarily distracted by the dragon before turning her gaze back to Daza and frowns "your makign assumptions that I am not."
Parzival Von Hamborg (sirsprocket) notices his Empress is distracted and rises. He gives a casual glance to the others at the bar.
Lexie Lukas gazes upon the DArk Templar "Sir Parzival.. please rise, and good evening to you" Turning to the ones who stand near the bar, the Dark Empress smiles 'good evening guests"
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  turns her gaze to the Empress and waggles her fingers in Lexie's direction, "greetins Empress"
Lexie Lukas smiles without turning toward the dragon behind her " Lord Ahnu.. your hot breath has been missed these last weeks" Her voice holds a formality yet warmth for the Lord Preceptor
Daza (daza.mistwalker) looks over and first notices the big dragon waddle and follows the conversation and the eyes to the Empress. He clenches his jaw and nods and then looks back at her "Welll....I searched you out...found you and you welcome me by throwing a thimble at me, poking me and....welll...just not seeming very glad to see me"
Jaide Nightfire turns to the ones entering the tavern. He nods to them in greeting being glad his scent is masked as an alpha his age would do. he is also glad he wore boots instead of his usual feet in pawed form. Ahnu: It is good to be home again, majesty. I trust the rest of my Order did their duty and took my place as guard in my absence
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   keeps her arms crossed across her chest, one hand idly reaching up and toying with the acorn upon her chest as she levels her gaze at Daza "I see not what one has to do with the other."
Jaide Nightfire hears Kaia refer to one as Empress. He takes another swig out of the bottle and watches the crowd for a moment. Not only is he in dark territory but is a few meters away from their queen.
Lexie Lukas: Noticing that she recognizes the pixie first, then the mage from some time long ago she speaks "Kaia, and Mage Daza.. nice to see you" Her eyes crinkle a bit, at once wearing a bit of a perplexed demeanor.
Parzival Von Hamborg (sirsprocket): We did our best in your absence Lord Preceptor.
Ahnu blinks in recognition of the names and watches the group curiously. visibly more alert and on guard Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  smiles at the Empress, and nods "as tis good to see you as well."
Parzival Von Hamborg (sirsprocket) tilts his head curiously at those gathered after his Empress addesses them.
Jaide Nightfire turns to Daza wanting to turn up the heat "You should speak as you spoke the night at the lupinar. you had suh compassion in your voice as you spoke of the small one here." ~he looks at Kaia~ "he really does miss you ya know."
Lexie Lukas listens to the man speaking, then turns her head not wishing to eavesdrop
Daza (daza.mistwalker) furrows his brow "Ummm....nice to see you, Empress.....I wish it were under less...confusing circumstances. Juni....erm.....Kaia....ummm...whatever you wish to be called.....I am here....I never stopped caring for you no matter where I matter WHAT I was...I never stopped"
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   tilts her head at Daza, her brows furrowing as she becomes a bit uncomfortable with the discussion in front of a growign crowd. She flutters her wings and clears her throat, biding time before speaking. Her voice is low so that only Daza can hear "and you think that I have?'
Elda (tosh.snook) strides into the tavern, glancing about at the faces, studying them
Parzival Von Hamborg (sirsprocket): My Empress, did you receive my message the other night?
Ahnu spots another new comer enter and bows his head in greeting
Daza (daza.mistwalker) rubs his head where he was hit with a thimble "Ummmm....that isn't exactly a kiss you welcomed me with"
Lexie Lukas: A sudden flash of heat strikes the Empress.. her eyes move slowly toward the source
Parzival Von Hamborg (sirsprocket) follows her gaze and spots the newcomer, he bows his head in greetings.
Lexie Lukas: Turning back to Sir Parzival she asks "Which please?"
Elda (tosh.snook) approaches but stops a short distance away and nods slightly to each of them in turn Parzival Von Hamborg (sirsprocket): The letter I had a page deliver to you.
Daza (daza.mistwalker) feels the newcomer without even looking and quickly dispels his cloak, not wishing to start a ruckus
Ahnu: Greetings and welcome to the Godiva Tavern
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   rolls her eyes before fluttering close and laying a soft kiss on Daza's lips "Better?" She asks as she crosses her arms in front of her once more
Elda (tosh.snook) walks to the bar and drops some red gems upon"brandy"
Daza (daza.mistwalker) finally feels some warmth and smiles "YES...a bit better...a LOT better! I wish you would have done that right at first!"
Jaide Nightfire sees the kiss but cannot hear the fae speak to Daza which troubles him slightly but he knows they can do that sort of thing. his gaze moves to the empress for a few moments. he admires her beauty but turns before he accidentally disrespects royalty. He turns back one more time then looks around the room some more as people come and go.
Ahnu eyes trail after the stranger at the bar, watching curiously. His tail waves in the air behind him slowly Elda (tosh.snook) picks up her snifter of brandy and turns back to those in the hall, sipping
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)   lifts her chin in a haughty manner "YOU did not even notice me standing there or even recognize, yet you expect me to greet you with kisses??"
Lexie Lukas leans back in her chair, the comfort of the evening resting upon her as a comforting blanket.. her eyes close as she reaches through the ethers.. silently filling the voids near her with vibrations
Daza (daza.mistwalker): Well, yeah! It would have helped with the recognition tremendously!
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  snorts and rolls her eyes.
Daza (daza.mistwalker) eyes the little acorns "Well...I see you at least kept SOME reminder of me"
Elda (tosh.snook) sips at her brandy quietly, hearing the small lover's quarral, and feeling a slight sense of power float by but then it fades
Lexie Lukas cocks her head to the charcoal skinned newcomer "Have you a story to tell of where you got your sword perchance.. or some other tale befitting our establishment ?" Her eyes glow momentarily as she notices the glowing heart
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  follows Daza's line of sight and reaches up to play with the acorn once again. Elda (tosh.snook) appraoches the table having been addressed and says" the swords are a symbol of my race, and they are made by our own hands"
Lexie Lukas curls her lip, interested in the being. Reaching out a hand toward this one she offers" Please feel free to sit at the table if you so desire"
Ahnu leans froward slightly with interest "I hope you will not consider me rude for asking, but which race specifically do you mean?"
Lexie Lukas notes where the new one sits.. her eyes glass over with a quick look to sir Parzival
Elda (tosh.snook) sits quietly but with a purpose in her movements she stops sipping her brandy" the hospitlity here is warmer then then the ranger hall I foiund earlier"
Elda (tosh.snook) hears the dragon behind behind the seated woman, but address the one at the end of the table" I am elda, of the eastern kingdom, and I am a master of fire"
Lexie Lukas looks toward the new one "We look at ourselves as somewhat civil if it is worth our while, Master Elda"
Daza (daza.mistwalker) looks around the room and feels a bit uneasy with the growing crowd, though totally unwilling to be parted from his fae after so long. So he focuses and fixes himself upon that necklace, reaching out to touch it softly, sending some of his energy into them, recharging their enchantment just enough before fixing his mind mind and his will elsewhere
Ķαϊα Ŧєα (juniper.roxley)  looks at Daza's hand as it touches her necklace and then up at his eyes wondering what it is that he is doing. Her eyes widen in surprise as realization dawns on her and her lips part slightly
Elda (tosh.snook) takes another sip of her brandy and then sets it down looking at the woman " I seem to be at a disadvantage as to your group or to whom I address"
Lexie Lukas calms her soul to its deepest depths... slowly touching the air between she and the fire one in charged energies "I am Empress Lexie" she answers continuing to sample the aura, the student within her enjoying a new challenge
Daza (daza.mistwalker) fixes his will to a much warmer place ...Alassee....and begins to reach out to connect while at the same time he gives a wave to Jaide "Thank you so much Jaide, and Empress you're ever so gracious...but I think I'll be departing now....with my fae" He gives a bit of a grin before opening his portal and taking the little pixie with him"
Lexie Lukas: "Dark Paths to you "
Jaide Nightfire speaks without thinking in his drunken state "May Luna light your path." he realizes he might have let that slip a wee bit too loudly.
Lexie Lukas perks to an interesting farewell message.. the words familiar in meaning
Kaley Quintessa had scaled the wall not wishing to be seen. She stood now on the parapet listening, waiting. Her neck would tilt back and forth with movements as s snake.. She smirks having just left Montana knowing full well what the man below was now. Her features hidden mostly by her clothing in the shadows continued her watch.

Taken from: The Light & Shadow Roleplay Group

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