Monday, March 7, 2011

The Mage seat for the Village Council

Edge Fairport
Master Pionia Destiny was designated as the responsible for carrying out a clean election for the new Mage representative to the Artstonia Village...

The candidates were: Sir, Edge Fairport and Gadget Cyberstar. Both experience mages of our dear guild. 

[16:56] Pionia Destiny: Time to announce the winners..... !!!!! last chance to cast your vote...
[16:56] Pionia Destiny: the winner..oops
[16:56] Anna (anna.begonia): *presses her ear to "Radio mage" and hold her breath
Gadget CyberStar
[16:56] Unsubtle Melody votes again for herself.
[16:56] Pionia Destiny: it's a male mage... the winner... nods*
[16:57] Unsubtle Melody: ((just kidding))
[16:57] Pionia Destiny: wears.. black.. most of the time...
[16:57] Ashe Bubble: That narrows it down
[16:57] Pionia Destiny: *giggles**
[16:58] Ashe Bubble: Could be Keri, you never know
[16:58] Pionia Destiny: Last call to cast your vote.... !!!!!
Edge, Pio and Cyber
[16:58] Anna (anna.begonia): *knows that people wear dark colour because so the stains and the dirt is not so evident and they can wash their clothes once a year*
[16:58] Edge Fairport: is full of suspense*
[16:59] Pionia Destiny: if you haven't sent your scroll with your name and your choice.... do it now!!!!!
[16:59] Unsubtle Melody knows an easy clean cantrip, and uses it daily. When she remembers.
[16:59] Anna (anna.begonia): *remembers melody that's only for 500 gr of things.. very little. a cloak weights much more than that*
[17:00] Unsubtle Melody: The one I know can do a whole creature or a 5m radius area
[17:01] Pionia Destiny: *looks for sir Gadget...* have you seen Gadget... we need both candidates to be at the Baine.. to announce the winner...
[17:01] Anna (anna.begonia): *mmm thinks she has to talk to melody... and start measuring by eye the mage guild floor*

Unsubtle Melody
[17:01] Ashe Bubble votes for the Kraken.
[17:02] Pionia Destiny: chuckles.. the kraken.... shakes her head...
[17:02] Unsubtle Melody: Of course, Melody Seelie hasn't been seen much of in the village lately...
[17:05] Anna (anna.begonia): dont' tell us pionia that now we have to wait for sir Gadget. He's always in special mission or summoned somewhere...
[17:05] Anna (anna.begonia): we can wait weeks before seeing him...
[17:06] Unsubtle Melody: I just checked his other haunt I see him in sometimes that I know about. He's not there either... and one not need be present to win, right? Just announce it :)
[17:06] Pionia Destiny: considers...mmmm
[17:06] Anna (anna.begonia): ok, so let's make the other win.. is he present?
[17:07] Unsubtle Melody: I see him in the chat. Whether he's actually there...
[17:08] Pionia Destiny: ok... we have a total account of 11 votes...
[17:09] Pionia Destiny: one of them got 5 and the other got 6... it was really closed
[17:09] Pionia Destiny: both of them deserve to win

Anna Begonia
[17:09] Anna (anna.begonia): (how many active mages there are in total? and... do we need a certain percentage to have valid elections? can abstention be interpreted as a mistrust of the mage population towards their leaders?)
[17:09] Pionia Destiny: they are excellent mage... the finest
[17:09] Anna (anna.begonia): let's make them fight. the survivors will be in the council!!
[17:09] Pionia Destiny: chuckles...
[17:10] Pionia Destiny: as I told you before... the winner...... is.......
[17:10] Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::leans forward to hear::
[17:10] Pionia Destiny: a mage!!!!...
[17:10] Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): GAH
[17:11] Pionia Destiny: Ok...ok..ok.... for 6 votes.... the new mage representative to the village council ..... is...
[17:12] Pionia Destiny: *drums*
[17:12] Unsubtle Melody: Piona, there are certain offensive spells that I have only studied in theory and never cast at a live target. I'm starting to think I need more practical experience with them.
[17:12] Pionia Destiny: giggles...
[17:12] Seraphina Valeur listens to Lady Piona
[17:12] Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::makes a note to lure the kraken closer to Pionia's house::
[17:12] Pionia Destiny: are you ready?
[17:12] Seraphina Valeur: aye!
[17:12] Pionia Destiny: well, the winner is ...... Gadget Cyberstar ...
[17:13] Anna (anna.begonia): *claps* my teacher! *proudly*
[17:13] Pionia Destiny: there.... let's not support our mage for the council...
[17:13] Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Applauds:: both did a good job o' runnin'
[17:14] Unsubtle Melody: let's not?
[17:14] Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): not?
[17:14] Edge Fairport: yes , and I bet G adget will do great..:)
[17:14] Pionia Destiny: oooohh... let's now... support our mage... chuckles
[17:14] Pionia Destiny: I meant now... *feels embarrassed*
[17:16] Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::smiles:: good job and well done t' all th' candidates
[17:16] Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): drinks are on Gadget
[17:16] Pionia Destiny: yes...
[17:16] Pionia Destiny: smiles warmly...
[17:17] Anna (anna.begonia): drinks are on gadget? even the strange flaming thing he's drinking? i want to try it!!
Roleplayers:  Anna (anna.begonia), Edge Fairport, Minniver (minniver.endsleigh), Seraphina Valeur, Unsubtle Melody and Ashe Bubble.

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