Monday, March 7, 2011

A Horse back race in Arts and... we need a healer!

Arstonians getting ready to race their horses
This time Artstonians were invited to a horse race organized by the Warrios Guild... Elaine Kendra did it again. She set a wonderful fun race for Artsonians to participate:

[14:17]  Edge Fairport: We have all afternoon
[14:17]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): Afraid we'll beat ya Keifer?
[14:17]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::smirks at Alex:: got a point
[14:17]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::pokes Vi's horse wiuth a toe::
[14:17]  alice Bardenboar: *observes attentively the men in the party*
[14:17]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) wonders her horse is uneasy
[14:17]  Alex (alexius.kytori): is there a line up place, Elaine?
[14:18]  Elaine Khandr: just stand near the start sign
[14:18]  Elaine Khandr: please do not go through it or touch it
[14:18]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): Exscuse me Miss you're about to be run down by stampeding horses

Pio and her adorado Brujo
[14:18]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::lines next to0 Violet::
[14:18]  Elaine Khandr: Keifer all set?
[14:18]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::puts itching powder under Vi's saddle::
[14:19]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) tries to push Alex off giggling
[14:19]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::powdered sticky burrs::
[14:19]  Elaine Khandr: Everyone ready!
[14:19]  Elaine Khandr: ?
[14:20]  Alex (alexius.kytori): yes... come and line up everyo9ne
[14:20]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): yes!
[14:20]  Edge Fairport: nods*
[14:20]  Elaine Khandr: Countdown begins now!
[14:20]  Elaine Khandr: Ready, count down from 3, at go we start !
[14:20]  Pionia Destiny: aye
[14:20]  Elaine Khandr: 3
[14:20]  Elaine Khandr: 2
[14:20]  Elaine Khandr: 1
[14:20]  Elaine Khandr: GO!

First, second and third place..only the winner takes it all!!
[14:22]  Racing Timer Scoreboard shouts: Edge Fairport's racetime: 108.263200
[14:22]  Racing Timer Scoreboard shouts: Alexius Kytori's racetime: 122.927300
[14:22]  Racing Timer Scoreboard shouts: Pionia Destiny's racetime: 127.378700
[14:22]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::applauds Edge and alex
[14:22]  Elaine Khandr: claps *
[14:22]  Edge Fairport: Just in time ..*faints*
[14:22]  alice Bardenboar: *smiles at the winnner*
[14:22]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): Uh oh
[14:22]  Alex (alexius.kytori): well done Edge!!
[14:23]  Elaine Khandr: well done!
[14:23]  Pionia Destiny: claps
[14:23]  Edge Fairport: You too Alex
[14:23]  Pionia Destiny:             *•.¸('*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´)¸
[14:23]  Pionia Destiny:       .•*♥¨`•APPLAUSE!!!°•´¨`   ♥.
[14:23]  Pionia Destiny:           ¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸    
[14:23]  Elaine Khandr: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[14:23]  alice Bardenboar: *aproaches edge*
[14:23]  Edge Fairport: Was really close
[14:23]  Elaine Khandr: watches alice *
[14:23]  alice Bardenboar: you are such a good rider, sir ^*whinks*
[14:23]  Minniver Endsleigh: ::trots in from some indefinable point::
[14:23]  Edge Fairport: recovers the conscience*
[14:24]  Edge Fairport: hehe
[14:24]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::claps :: well done Ma!

The winner... Edge Fairport.. a transmuter mage!
[14:24]  Elaine Khandr: Well done Edge! * hands him his prize *
[14:24]  Pionia Destiny: smiles
[14:24]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): Bah! I shoulda at least looked at the course ::chuckles::
[14:24]  Edge Fairport: takes the pouch*
[14:24]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::chuckles seeing Minn come in from points unknown:: Welcome back, Minn
[14:24]  alice Bardenboar: *eyes the prize changing hands*
[14:24]  Ketty Dagostino is Online
[14:24]  Menchor Barbosa is Online
[14:24]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::claps for Edge::
[14:24]  Elaine Khandr: 5
[14:24]  Edge Fairport: Kisses Elaine cheek*
[14:25]  Edge Fairport: beaks*
[14:25]  Elaine Khandr: owww...* smiles *
[14:25]  Edge Fairport: oh!
[14:25]  Edge Fairport: You didn´t like?
[14:25]  Alex (alexius.kytori): yer bit her nose
[14:25]  Edge Fairport: First time..
[14:25]  Elaine Khandr: you kind of poked me in the eye...
[14:25]  Edge Fairport: How come?
[14:26]  Elaine Khandr: you have a beak that's why * laughs *
[14:26]  Alex (alexius.kytori): cause yer get a great ruddy beak, yer daft git!
[14:26]  Edge Fairport: rides*
[14:26]  Edge Fairport: Oh!!
[14:26]  Edge Fairport: You don´t like me anymore
[14:26]  Elaine Khandr: I didn't say that!
[14:26]  Edge Fairport: i´m going home
[14:26]  Edge Fairport: You folks have fun
[14:26]  Alex (alexius.kytori): It's an ugly beak ter
[14:26]  Elaine Khandr: throws a snowball at Edge *
[14:27]  Edge Fairport: faints*
[14:27]  alice Bardenboar: *moves away*
[14:27]  Edge Fairport: Ow Elaine!!
[14:27]  Edge Fairport: ...

Lady Minn on the snow
[14:28]  ~Azora*~ Meter 1.5.7: Minniver Endsleigh has died.
[14:28]  ~Azora*~ Meter 1.5.7: Minniver Endsleigh has starved to death.
[14:28]  Edge Fairport: leaves disgusted*
[14:28]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): (did I even finish the race before I crashed?)
[14:28]  Elaine Khandr: Ok, everyone....what!
[14:28]  Alex (alexius.kytori): MA!
[14:28]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): Minn!
[14:28]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): bloody hell
[14:28]  Elaine Khandr: Minn!
[14:28]  Pionia Destiny: oooh
[14:28]  Alex (alexius.kytori): aw shyte...
[14:28]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): Minn!
[14:28]  Alex (alexius.kytori): She ate her own dinners again!
[14:28]  alice Bardenboar: *rushes to confort the man*
[14:28]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) tuts at Alex
[14:28]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ((::dies::))
[14:28]  Pionia Destiny: *sees lady min.. fainted...on the snow*
[14:29]  Alex (alexius.kytori): Keifer... do somethin!
[14:29]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) looks around for a healer
[14:29]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): (he would if his player could stop lauging)
[14:29]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): If I do it Minn will be back as a mouse or something
[14:29]  Elaine Khandr: looks around too * Violet help her!
[14:29]  Alex (alexius.kytori): Git up, Ma
[14:29]  Pionia Destiny: *worry shows on ger eyes... The boy and he ma.. look worried, too* is she allright?

Whrek Nirvana .... the healer
[14:29]  Whrek Nirvana: [[wow, timing]]
[14:30]  alice Bardenboar: *puts an hand on keifer shoulder* ohh so sorry.. was it your wife? heart problems probably... *smiles softly and whisper in his ear* come to see me if you need confort
[14:30]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ((I'll wait for a healer))
[14:30]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) bends down and feels Minns pulse
[14:30]  Whrek Nirvana: What happened to the Bog Hag?
[14:30]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): Oh Whrek I'm releived to see you!
[14:30]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): she just passed out...
[14:30]  Pionia Destiny: healer!!!!! shouts and runs off... to the healers guild...
[14:30]  Alex (alexius.kytori): BOG HAG!!
[14:30]  Alex (alexius.kytori): oh bloody hell, if she weren't dead before she is now..::eyes Whrek::
[14:31]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): maybe she's pregnant....
[14:31]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::eyes Vi with horror::
[14:31]  Whrek Nirvana laughs uproriously at the Idea
[14:31]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) looks at Keifer then Alex
[14:31]  Pionia Destiny: *Sees the healer on the road.. workig already.. sighs in relief*
[14:31]  Nilduil Winterwolf: *Watche the frantic activity with a cool gaze*
[14:31]  Alex (alexius.kytori): She promised!!! Whrek she ent.. she ent pregnant.. ::glaring at Keifer:: What have yer done?
[14:31]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::pats Minn's face:: Minn, can y'hear me?
[14:32]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): there's a pulse...I..I think
[14:32]  Alex (alexius.kytori): There ent two pulses.... she ENT pregnant!
[14:32]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): No Alex, I'm sure she isn't, I'm sorry
[14:32]  Whrek Nirvana gets closer, sweeping his tail along the ground before he kneels onto it near her, eyeing her a bit as he sniffs, "So I just aint ta get an answer am I?"
[14:32]  Pionia Destiny: *giggles at the innocence of the boy*
[14:33]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): srtand back everyone, let Whrek work
[14:33]  alice Bardenboar: *looks at the healer studying him... as if weighing his purse*
[14:34]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) stands close to Alex putting a comorting arm around his shoulder
[14:34]  Alex (alexius.kytori): Alice ent yer the whore from the Lantern?
[14:34]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::looks relieved she isn't pregnant::
[14:34]  alice Bardenboar: *smiles* yes darling, but you are too young. come to see me in a couple of years
[14:34]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) gives Alice a look
[14:34]  Nilduil Winterwolf: *Eyebrows shoot up at the boy's words*
[14:35]  Alex (alexius.kytori): Why ent she waking up?
[14:35]  Elaine Khandr: says nothing but stares intently at Alice *
[14:35]  alice Bardenboar: *smiles mockingly around and waves* nice to meet you all, sweethearts
[14:35]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::Starts crying:
[14:36]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): She's in good hands Alex *pats his shoulder* I'll fetch a blanket..she'll freeze lying in the snow like that
[14:36]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::places a hand on Alex's shoulder::
[14:36]  Pionia Destiny: *looks at alex... * she'll be alright.. dear... don't you worry
[14:36]  Elaine Khandr: We need a stretcher?
[14:36]  Nilduil Winterwolf: *Mumble to teh woman on the horse* should I stick a knife in her?
[14:36]  Nilduil Winterwolf: *Glaring at the whore*
[14:36]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) runs for the Baine and a warm blanket
[14:37]  Pionia Destiny: nooooo...please... Lady Nilduil..
[14:37]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ((ROFLMAO NOT the stretcher!))
[14:37]  Alex (alexius.kytori): Yer sure she ent pregnant?

Elaine Khandr: YESSSS the stretcher!!!
[14:37]  Elaine Khandr: YESSSS the stretcher!!! * hands one to keifer * ))
[14:37]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): Alex, that's enough lad
[14:37]  Whrek Nirvana looks her up and down, setting his palm on the oposite side of her and leaning in close to her face, sitting back up and patting her face, then setting a hand on her stomach looking back up, "so what was she doin when she fell over anyway?"
[14:37]  Pionia Destiny: Waves at lady Rubi and smiles*
[14:38]  Elaine Khandr: She just got off her horse I think
[14:38]  Alex (alexius.kytori): She just get off her horse.. Whrek...
[14:38]  Kuibi Perian (rubi2): hola Pionia
[14:38]  Pionia Destiny: Lady Rubi... estas aqui... que bueno verte...
[14:38]  Kuibi Perian (rubi2): gracias
[14:38]  Pionia Destiny: ocurrio un pequño accidente luego de las carreras---
[14:39]  Kuibi Perian (rubi2): ??
[14:39]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi): Just standing there *leans down and lays a thick knitted blanket over Minn and rolls another for under her head* Is she alive? *whispers to Whrek, her face creased with concern*
[14:39]  Pionia Destiny: *speaks in a different language to the new comer.. explains what happeneed to lady min*
[14:39]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::Wails::
[14:40]  Whrek Nirvana: caps*
[14:40]  Nilduil Winterwolf: *Decidest ehre are enough people doing nothing and heads back tothe Inn
[14:40]  Pionia Destiny: *whispers.. el niño llora porque su madre se ha desmayado..*
[14:41]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) pulls a clean handkerchief from her pocket and wipes the boys face, holding out her hand for him to take *come on Alex, she'll be fine, come and sit over here with me
[14:41]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::follows Violet::
[14:41]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::lies there having nice dreams::
[14:41]  Pionia Destiny: *keeps on telling her friend... el curandero la esta atendiendo... la van a llevar al Baine... alli estara mejor... hay mucho frio afuera*
[14:41]  Whrek Nirvana: I didnt say shell be fine, shell ust die faster her
[14:41]  alice Bardenboar: so.. she is not dead? *a bit disappointed* well... my offer of confort is still there, in any case sir *looking at keifer straight in the face*
[14:41]  Whrek Nirvana looks back to alex with a grin
[14:41]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) hopes Alex didn't hear that
[14:42]  Alex (alexius.kytori): ::Was wailing too loudly and didn't hear it::
[14:42]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): Think we should get 'er inside, folks
[14:42]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) calls back 'someone carry her into the warm'
[14:42]  Pionia Destiny: *sighs..* That curandero needs to be more careful*
[14:42]  Elaine Khandr: turns a glare on Alice * this is hardly the time for that...I suggest you step back
[14:42]  Vi Doobie (violet.nishi) pats Alex again and smiles at him to hide the worry she feels
[14:42]  Magdalena Easterwood: Minn!
[14:42]  Pionia Destiny: *unmount Brujo and casts him away*
[14:43]  alice Bardenboar: *shrugs*
[14:43]  Magdalena Easterwood: Whrek, what happened?
[14:43]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::nods to Alice:: Sincerly appreciated ma'am. ::nods, one eye squinting::
[14:43]  Whrek Nirvana looks over at Keifer with the stretcher, "Ey you, yu seem to give two damns regardin this broad, help me get her on the stretcher"
[14:43]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::dreams of ice cold rum and cold waer and ide floes and icicles::
[14:43]  Whrek Nirvana grins and looks over to Maggy,"DUnno, I got caught right at the ass end of the ordeal
[14:43]  alice Bardenboar: (night alex)
[14:43]  Elaine Khandr: I'll help too Whrek
[14:43]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): Pardon miss Meg
[14:44]  Whrek Nirvana grabs her legs and squats down, waiting for keifer to heft up the other end
[14:44]  Magdalena Easterwood: *hurries to follow Whrek and the stretcher*
[14:44]  alice Bardenboar whispers: well, seems that the shows moves over there
[14:45]  alice Bardenboar: *starting to follow the group*
[14:45]  Pionia Destiny: feels glad.. maggie is here*
[14:45]  Nilduil Winterwolf: *Steps on thw whore's skirt pinning her in place*

At the healers.. with Magdalena Easterwood
[14:47]  Pionia Destiny: *walks and opens the door.. *
[14:47]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Godmode emote: ::hopes the healers figure out a new form of transport before they kill all their transported patients::
[14:47]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): Where shall we set 'er?
[14:47]  Whrek Nirvana passes by and makes a point to leave a large rip in the curtains as he passes
[14:48]  Magdalena Easterwood: Get her on the the bed, please.

[14:49]  Whrek Nirvana: [[first we have to dig her out the wall]]
[14:49]  Magdalena Easterwood: *kneels in prayer* Mother Cerridwen guide this soul on its journey and save it safe until it can be returned to our beloved Minniver.
[14:49]  Magdalena Easterwood: Whrek, do you want me to do the resurrection?
[14:50]  Whrek Nirvana gets fed up and finally leans over her, setting his shoulder against her stomache and hefting her up, dropping her ontop the bed and kicking the stretcher out of his way
[14:50]  ~Azora*~ Meter 1.5.7: Minniver Endsleigh has been Resurrected!
[14:51]  Magdalena Easterwood: I couldn't wait another second
[14:51]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::places a hand on Mag's shoulder:: bless ya
[14:51]  Whrek Nirvana wanders off a bit mindlessly to go gather some things up
[14:51]  Magdalena Easterwood: Beloved Cerridwen, guardian mother, Hold her Minniver safe. *tears run down her cheeks*
[14:51]  Magdalena Easterwood: Oh, God and Goddesses all!
[14:51]  Magdalena Easterwood: There's not much ceremony to this, but it's Minn.
[14:52]  Magdalena Easterwood: Keifer, how did she die?
[14:52]  Medici Baroque is Offline
[14:52]  Magdalena Easterwood: *busies herself preparing the herbs to keep the body.
[14:52]  Magdalena Easterwood: Whrek?
[14:53]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): Truth be told I dun know save for the fact that she was dismountin that blasted horse and she must ave taken a fall.
[14:53]  Whrek Nirvana returns with a bucket of water and an armfull of cabbage,"Yes?"
[14:53]  Magdalena Easterwood: Ah, good.
[14:53]  Magdalena Easterwood: um, what you gonna do with the cabbage?
[14:53]  Whrek Nirvana grins, "Cabbage soup"
[14:54]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::rests a hand on Minn's shoulder:: She gonna be alright, right, Mag?
[14:54]  Magdalena Easterwood: *puts her hand on Minn's forehead*
[14:55]  Magdalena Easterwood: *places her fingers on the long artery on Minn's neck, ever so gently*
[14:55]  Whrek Nirvana sets out a kettle and fills it with some water, crushing up the cabbage into it and setting it in the fire, filling it with some more once its there as he speaks back, "Look at her cheeks an feel her gut, looks to me like she just aint eatin in a good bit"
[14:55]  Magdalena Easterwood: I think you're right, Whrek.
[14:55]  Magdalena Easterwood: Got any meat to put in that?
[14:56]  Magdalena Easterwood: She looks faint and indeed looks skin and bones.
[14:56]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::her nostrils quiver and even in her sleep she makes a face at the smell::
[14:56]  Whrek Nirvana shakes up the kettle and says rather flately, "nope"
[14:57]  Magdalena Easterwood: *Keifer, thanks to everyone's fast thinking, she'll be fine, but she's got to eat. Can't live on love, you know?
[14:58]  Whrek Nirvana: you can youll just live hungry
[14:58]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): ::the man's patience was thin, standing over Minn. Trying his best to be silent while the two worked he blamed himself. Nodding:: Aye,
[14:58]  Magdalena Easterwood: *pours a cup of hot water and drops a small silk bag filled with herbs into it. Adds honey*
[14:59]  Keifer McDougall (keifer.landfall): Gotta keep a better eye on ya, Missy ::whispering to Minn::
[14:59]  Whrek Nirvana picks out a bit of cabbage and eats it, the leaves crunching between his fangs so he pushes it in deeper to heat
[15:00]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::She shifts as if hearing through the gauzy dreamworld::
[15:00]  Magdalena Easterwood: Minn, take small sips of this. Some chamomile to relax your body, a bit of rue for protection
[15:00]  Magdalena Easterwood: It's sweet, like I make it for Alex.

Keifer McDougall, Min and Maggie
[15:00]  Pionia Destiny: *looks at the healer work with patience and knowing what she's doing.*.
[15:00]  Magdalena Easterwood: Few other things in there, too.
[15:01]  Minniver (minniver.endsleigh): ::Feeling something against her lips she swallows almost automatically and in her half awake state is suprised when it's not rum::
[15:01]  Whrek Nirvana: Maggy, check an see what her temperatures lookin like now that we got her in here, hot er cold
[15:01]  Magdalena Easterwood: The rue is bitter, it will bring you 'round.
[15:01]  Pionia Destiny: smiles.. and walks quietly to the door.. she'll be fine...*
[15:01]  Magdalena Easterwood: Hold still just a minute, Minn. *places her lips gently on Minn's forehead to test her temperature*

A horse race in Arts and we need a healer on PhotoPeach

Roleplayers: Keifer McDougall, Magdalena Easterwood, Minniver endsleigh, Whrek Nirvana, edge fairport, violet.nishi, alexius.kytori, Elaine Khandr, alice Bardenboar, Nilduil Winterwolf, Kuibi Perian, Pionia Destiny 

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