Friday, April 12, 2013

Vocabulary Building: Horses, cooking, fighting

Well, reading here and there we can find really useful vocabulary and expressions to use in roleplay. This post we'll check on some horse talking... giggles.. talking about horses and looking after them. Next some cooking and serving fun vocabulary and finally some sword talking.

Horse Care:
Take this horse, lead him to the stable. Take off his saddle, give him oats and hay. Look after him, curry him.

The girl listening to her father, leads the horse to the stable where she unlaces his breast-strap, takes off his bridle and saddle  Throws a halter over his head. Rubs him down, curries him. Ties the horse to the manger. Puts plenty of fresh, sweet hay and oats before him.

Cooking and serving tables.

The girl prepares meals in boiling water. Brids on the spit. Ans sets the table with clothes, bread and wine.

Fighting a battle... Justing
.... takes the shield and hangs it about his neck by the strap...
Shields are pierced and broken..
Lances are split and cracked...
Helmets are crushed and made to ring
The clash of the swords is fierce...
Swords rain great blows upon neck and shoulders...
Swords break whenever they touch, cutting the shields and shattering the hauberks.
Swords are red with crimson blood....

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