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Casting spells: Vocabulary

Here, we have some examples of the use of the language to cast spells with Wands and Staves..

Casting lightning
She waved the wand in a tighter motion and invoked the proper wording with a confident articulation. A bolt of lightning shot out across the still water of the creek. Sparks and smoke filled the air, and a tree limp dropped to the ground.

Vibrancy illusion
She waved her hand through the air and chanted, drawing a glimmer of light into being. With the energy manifested, she wrote her name across the air. Each letter remained for a few moments before fading from sight.

More examples on how to describe wand spells:

* Her hand flicked from side to side, and she spoke the incantation, a prismatic light sparkled from her wand, and she drew flowers at the tops of the weeds and ferns beside her.

* Flickering her wrist, casting a spray of light at him, staining his clothes for a few seconds before fading away..

* She swished her wand at him and spoke the words, flinging a pink wave of energy.

* She casts another cone of light and changing her clothes to a sky blue color.

* She casts her spells wider and faster, coloring his clothes a mixture of pink and purple, the spell sent a warm rush through his body as it passed around him.

* With a quick motion, she cast, sticking him in the face with an imaginary flower.

* With a flick of the wrist and incantation muttered, a blast of energy strikes the boy and send him to the ground.

* She places a book in front of you. It's leather bound with stamped impressions of runes and glyphs burned into the cover.

* She spoke an incantation and waves the wand, closing her eyes as sparkles of purple flames licked the air nearby. She raised the wand to the sky when she finished the words, then trust it in the direction of the horses at the head of the wagon. With a crackling sound, the pure energy shot through the air and the smell of jasmine filled the air. The horses reared and snorted while glittering light surrounded them. As fast as they had appeared, the candescent waves disspated, and the horses resumed their stirring.

Spells with a rod

* Ismerelda produced a rod made of intertwined shiny metals which seemed to have been bent in a spiral by the hands of a giant. A fiery red stone was set into the top of the scepter. The appearance of the rod of great craftsmanship and ornamentation. She spoke a phrase of magic words and made a swaying motion with her casting hand. Glints of white luminescence dripped from the end of the rod like a font of shimmering light.

* She brought forth her rod and flung it towards him with the utterance of an incantation he didn't recognize. Erupting from the tip of the scepter, a ball of energy flew across the room, then exploded with a flash when it struck an invisible barrier in front of him.

More on wands and staffs... Taken from Wikipedia..

Magic wands commonly feature in works of fantasy fiction as spell-casting tools. Few other common denominators exist, so the capabilities of wands vary wildly. Note that wands fill basically the same role as wizards' staffs, though staffs generally convey a more 'serious' image; a fairy godmother would often use a wand, possibly with a star or some form of decoration on the end, while Gandalf would most likely not (however, in The Hobbit, he is said to use a wand, referring to his staff, to fight the goblins of the Misty Mountains and their Wargs). Gandalf's name is Northern Mannish (one of Tolkien's invented languages, similar to North Germanic languages) for "Elf of the Wand", a reference to the staff he carries. In dramatic fiction, wands can serve as weapons in magical duels. Personal Wands are common in the fictional world of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter, as necessary tools to channel out each character's magic; it is the wand which chooses its owner. A wand is also present in the Children of the Red King series in the possession of Charlie Bone as well as the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft where caster classes such as the mage and warlock use wands offensively.

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