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Tal's Head is finally laid to rest

Tal Xenga a great warrior.. "The best"
Tal Xenga a great warrior.. "The best" for many .....was killed .... his head was left at Pionia's door on a spring morning. Someone knocked at her door and left a basquet. At the moment, Pionia was having her morning coffee. It was a cool morning, she needed the drink since she hadn't slept well the night before. She opened the door and didn't see anyone, looked around and saw the basket. *She wondered who could have left that for her*. She wasn't ready for what she found in the bottom of the basket. To her horror, the head of her dear friend and master warrior looked at her. His eyes and mouth drawn into a painful image.  She let out a cry  and fainted, falling to the ground, the basket and the head went with her.. Tal's head rolling on the floor. Later in the morning, the the warm of the sun woke her up. The basket was gone. She didn't know what happened with his head after that. It dissapeared.. she thought it was just a nightmare..but the warrior wasn't seen anymore after that.

Time past .... on a winter evening...

[20:30] Louis Khalim leans against the sofa. "I haven't seen Tal in forever."
[20:30] Relm Foxdale gets her daggers out and sheathed
[20:30] gadget Cyberstar: wanna see him?
[20:30] Relm Foxdale: Gadget, don't
[20:30] gadget Cyberstar: I can take ye to him now
[20:31] Relm Foxdale: God, why can't we do something about it...*turns pale*
[20:31] Louis Khalim smirks and looks at Gadget. "Take me where?"
[20:31] gadget Cyberstar: i aint the cleanup crew
[20:31] gadget Cyberstar: to see Tal
[20:31] Relm Foxdale: You know...I think it's time we did something. No one else will.
[20:32] Relm Foxdale: There's been vague talk of a ceremony. I say we hold it.
[20:32] gadget Cyberstar: Relm, i've been barking up that tree a long time
[20:32] Relm Foxdale: Well, you didn't bark at exactly the right pitch...
[20:32] Relm Foxdale: Or something
[20:32] Louis Khalim: "A ceremony for Tal? He's dead?"
[20:32] Relm Foxdale: Someone cut his head off
[20:32] Relm Foxdale: It's in the ice cave
[20:33] gadget Cyberstar: trying ta get people ta stop scratching their arses and sniffing their fingers
[20:33] Relm Foxdale: It's been there for...months
[20:33] Relm Foxdale: In the graveyard, I say...who's with me?
[20:33] Louis Khalim winces. "Really? Well that's gruesome. I guess they can't resurrect him without a body?"
[20:33] Relm Foxdale: Correct
[20:33] gadget Cyberstar: nope
[20:33] Relm Foxdale: No body, no killer
[20:33] Relm Foxdale: Just a frozen head
[20:34] Louis Khalim: "Where are the ice caves?"
[20:34] Relm Foxdale: I have my suspicions, of course...but she's gone, anyway
[20:34] Relm Foxdale: Under the grove
[20:34] gadget Cyberstar: the ice cave be one of the secret places
[20:34] gadget Cyberstar: like the lava river, and the crypt
[20:35] Louis Khalim bows his head and thinks. "I see. Well, might we need to leave it incase his body shows up?"
[20:35] Relm Foxdale: I should have done this ages ago, sheesh...
[20:35] Relm Foxdale: It won't
[20:35] Relm Foxdale: It hasn't in months
[20:35] Relm Foxdale: Anyway, it won't matter. As long as there's something there, it can be brought back
[20:35] Relm Foxdale: It doesn't have to be in great shape
[20:36] Relm Foxdale: Like when Omni was burned to a crisp...he got his skin back and all
[20:36] Relm Foxdale: Oooh
[20:36] Louis Khalim nods. "True. A high enough level caster should be able to get him back."
[20:36] Relm Foxdale: A thought, while we're on the topic
[20:36] Relm Foxdale: I still have my finger
[20:36] Relm Foxdale: I never decided what to do with it
[20:36] gadget Cyberstar: you *still* have that thing?
[20:37] gadget Cyberstar: it must be just a bone by now
[20:37] Relm Foxdale: I know, right?
[20:37] Louis Khalim: "Finger?"
[20:37] Relm Foxdale: I put it in the cellar
[20:37] Relm Foxdale: Yes, the one Julianna cut off
[20:37] Relm Foxdale: Gadget made me a new awesome one
[20:37] Relm Foxdale: I have been rebuilt, better than before!
[20:37] Relm Foxdale: It was either that or the original...or a necro one from Minn
[20:37] gadget Cyberstar: you still owe me fer the ten gauntlets i had to go through
[20:38] Relm Foxdale: The new one shoots fireballs
[20:38] Relm Foxdale sighs
[20:38] Louis Khalim raises his brows and odds. "ahh, i see. well that's an interesting keepsake."
[20:38] Relm Foxdale: Will money do?
[20:38] gadget Cyberstar: nah, i'm joking
[20:38] Relm Foxdale: No, seriously, I will...2 gold? Three?
[20:39] Relm Foxdale: And what's with this fire?
[20:39] gadget Cyberstar: *sighs*
[20:39] Relm Foxdale tosses gold coins at Gadget
[20:39] Relm Foxdale: Now...Tal...
[20:40] Relm Foxdale: We just need a stone to place, really...where is there stone? Oh, and a shovel, but I might have something. At least a trowel.
[20:41] Louis Khalim: "I think there is a shovel in the stables."
[20:41] Relm Foxdale: Oh yes
[20:41] gadget Cyberstar: *hands relm a shovel speckled with dirt and red*
[20:41] Relm Foxdale: There are rocks by the river, if those will do
[20:41] Relm Foxdale eyes it
[20:41] Louis Khalim: "I can grab it if you wish."
[20:41] Relm Foxdale: Not river, harbor
[20:42] Relm Foxdale: The thing with water out back
[20:42] Louis Khalim nods
[20:42] Relm Foxdale: What's the red stuff on this?
[20:42] Relm Foxdale: No, don't tell me
[20:42] gadget Cyberstar: erm... tomatoes
[20:42] Relm Foxdale: Uh-huh
[20:43] gadget Cyberstar: *walks in holding a stone slab*
[20:43] Relm Foxdale: Awesome
[20:43] Relm Foxdale: You know how to work the secret doors, right?
[20:43] gadget Cyberstar: aye, a course i do
[20:44] Relm Foxdale: Even better then
[20:44] Relm Foxdale: Well, are we ready?
[20:44] Louis Khalim: "Sure."
[20:44] Relm Foxdale: OK

Gadget, Relm and Louis send a crier into town... telling people to come to the simple ceremony. Pionia was home resting after a sparring session in Avilion. She sat to rest and closed her eyes to relax a little... 'yes, she thought.. this is all I need a little rest'. That's when she felt the voice of her fellow Master Mage Gadget....

[20:44]  gadget Cyberstar: Wanna help us put Tal's bod... erm... head to rest?
[20:45]  gadget Cyberstar: It's been just sitting in the ice cavern
[20:45]  Pionia Destiny: *opens her eyes and gasps*
[20:45]  Pionia Destiny: you found it?
[20:45]  Pionia Destiny: *tears comes to her eyes*
[20:46]  gadget Cyberstar: aye
[20:46]  Pionia Destiny: and the rest of his body?
[20:46]  Pionia Destiny: do you know where it is?
[20:47]  Pionia Destiny: *sighs and tries not to cry*
[20:47]  Pionia Destiny: when are you doing this?
[20:47]  gadget Cyberstar: it's in one of the secret rooms
[20:47]  gadget Cyberstar: and now
[20:47]  Pionia Destiny: secret rooms?
[20:47]  Pionia Destiny: what secret rooms?
[20:48]  gadget Cyberstar: *grins*
[20:48]  Pionia Destiny: now?
[20:48]  gadget Cyberstar: the ones under the village of course
[20:49]  gadget Cyberstar: i can summond you here if you like
[20:50]  Pionia Destiny: sighs ... 'just give me a few minutes'..*facepalms and cries*.. 'it was not a nightmare after all'
[20:52]  Pionia Destiny: aye, sir...
[20:52]  Pionia Destiny: please..take me there..
[20:53]  gadget Cyberstar: would you like me to now, or would you rather wait til we are out of these rooms, they are kinda dangerous, with the ice terrain and lava river and all
[20:53]  Pionia Destiny: *feels really sad*
[20:53]  Pionia Destiny: whatever you think it's better..
[20:54]  gadget Cyberstar: well, it might be a good idea to wait til we are out of the danger zone
[20:54]  Pionia Destiny: is it the vampire place?
[20:55]  gadget Cyberstar: formerly known, aye
[20:55]  Pionia Destiny: *gasps* he showed me that place when I first came to the village.
[20:55]  Pionia Destiny: I got burnt.. and he bandaged me there...
[20:56]  Pionia Destiny: how did you find his head there?
[20:56]  gadget Cyberstar: Relm found it exploring
[20:57]  Pionia Destiny: I see
[20:57]  gadget Cyberstar: *a shadow servant appears and puts its hand out for her*

Pionia grabs the hand and is taken back to the village where she joins the sad group.

[20:45]  gadget Cyberstar: hang on, i'll raise a pathway
[20:46]  Louis Khalim follows along, carrying a shovel from the stable.
[20:47]  gadget Cyberstar: *waves his hands about and all that crap, making a shadow bridge*
[20:47]  Relm Foxdale: Gosh, magic is handy
[20:47]  gadget Cyberstar: now, where is that block
[20:49]  A small chest: You look inside the chest and see the head of Tal Xenga.
[20:50]  Louis Khalim enters the room and looks around. His breath visible in the frozen room. He leans forward and frowns at the sight of Tal's severed head.
[20:51]  Relm Foxdale frowns down at it. "So nicely preserved..."
[20:51]  Louis Khalim: "He was a good warrior. It's a shame."
[20:51]  Relm Foxdale takes a clean cloth from her bag
[20:51]  Relm Foxdale: Yes, the best
[20:51]  gadget Cyberstar: Pionia will be joining in a moment
[20:51]  Louis Khalim: "You think you know who did this then?"
[20:51]  Relm Foxdale gently lifts the head and wraps it in the cloth, feeling a mix of sadness and disgust
[20:52]  Relm Foxdale: Tell her to wait until we're out of here, heh
[20:52]  Relm Foxdale: Well, I have my theories...I tend not to share them. They don't sound good.
[20:52]  Louis Khalim bites his bottom lip and nods, bowing his head again.
[20:53]  Relm Foxdale: Maybe we should let the village know
[20:54]  Louis Khalim: "If you wish."
[20:54]  Relm Foxdale looks around. "Imagine...all this time down in this place."
[20:54]  Relm Foxdale: Lesser known villagers have gotten better
[20:54]  Louis Khalim nods.
[20:55]  Relm Foxdale: Well, shall we go? I'm cold.
[20:55]  gadget Cyberstar: *nods*
[20:56]  Louis Khalim grabs his shovel and nods. "After you."
[20:57]  Louis Khalim: "Where should we bury him?"
[20:58]  Relm Foxdale: Graveyard?
[20:58] Louis Khalim: "Sure."

[20:58] Louis Khalim nods to Pionia.
[20:58] Relm Foxdale: Oh, greetings, Pionia
[20:58] gadget Cyberstar: we're heading to the graveyard to bury the head
[20:59] Pionia Destiny: *keeps quiet*
[20:59] Pionia Destiny: nods her head..
[20:59] Relm Foxdale: What's the best route?
[21:00] Relm Foxdale: Um, is anyone good at chiseling stone?
[21:01] Louis Khalim studies the ground for a good spot and jabs the shovel into the snowy ground. "Chiseling? Not I". He continues to dig.
[21:02] gadget Cyberstar: pionia, you know how?
[21:02] Louis Khalim grunts as he shovels his way through the hard ground, tossing the dirt to the side.
[21:02] Pionia Destiny: *looks lost in her thoughts...* "sorry.. what was the question?"
[21:02] gadget Cyberstar: do you know how to chisel stone?
[21:03] Louis Khalim looks up and wipes his brow. "Engraving."
[21:03] Pionia Destiny: *shakes her head...* sorry.. no
[21:03] Relm Foxdale: Could we do it with magic?
[21:03] Relm Foxdale: Or you, rather
[21:03] gadget Cyberstar: *sighs* once again it goes to jack
[21:03] gadget Cyberstar: be right back
[21:03] Louis Khalim begins shoveling again.
[21:04] Louis Khalim appraises the hole and begins to dig again. "Should be close."

You were always there for me, always a good friend, a joker...you made me laugh
[21:04] Tal Xenga's Headstone whispers: You find the tombstone of Tal Xenga, one of the village's greatest warrior. Alas, his body was never found, so he lies here at rest.
[21:05] gadget Cyberstar: *comes back with a scroll*
[21:05] Pionia Destiny: *looks at the villagers work but her thoughts are somewhere else*
[21:05] Louis Khalim stands up straight, and leans on the handle of his shovel. "There. That should do.
[21:05] gadget Cyberstar: the wonders of transmutation
[21:06] Relm Foxdale places the head gently into the hole
[21:06] gadget Cyberstar: *puts a hand on the slab and says...*
[21:07] Louis Khalim bows his head and steps out of Gadget's way.
[21:07] Pionia Destiny: *tears runs down freely... quietly says*..."farewell, sir..
[21:07] gadget Cyberstar(Infernis): A'xaembur iaaeru bae grob aem ncoy.
[21:08] Relm Foxdale wonders what Gadget just said
[21:08] gadget Cyberstar: *draws a dagger and starts carving letters into the stone, as if the slab were clay*
[21:08] Louis Khalim: "Does anyone wish to speak?"
[21:08] Relm Foxdale: I do
[21:08] gadget Cyberstar: *stands up, sheaths the dagger, and steps back*
[21:08] Louis Khalim crosses his hands and bows to Relm.
[21:09] Relm Foxdale places her hand on the tombstone, wiping away a tear. "Tal, you were my first friend in the village. You showed me around. You were always there for me, always a good friend, a joker...you made me laugh. And you were one of the village's finest fighters. We could always count on you to keep us safe. Unfortunately, none of us could do the same for you."
[21:10] Relm Foxdale: I hope one day, we can bring you back, but until then, I hope you rest well here, and I pray your spirit is kept safe, wherever it currently is
[21:10] Relm Foxdale gets to her knees
[21:10] Relm Foxdale: *knees
[21:10] Pionia Destiny: *keeps on sobbing.. holding her hands to find strength*
[21:10] Louis Khalim nods quietly.

* tal, you bloody bastard, you let them kill you afore i got ta kick yer arse!
[21:11] Relm Foxdale: Father Pelor...please keep your son Tal's soul safe and warm and happy
[21:11] Pionia Destiny: *leans on a tree.. and prays quietly*
[21:12] Relm Foxdale: And...*stops, unsure what else to say, as a resurrection isn't likely* Um...just keep him safe.
[21:12] Relm Foxdale gets to her feet and brushes the snow off her pants
[21:12] Relm Foxdale: Anyone else?
[21:12] gadget Cyberstar: i gots something ta say
[21:12] Louis Khalim nods to Gadget. "go on."
[21:13] Relm Foxdale feels tears forming again and a pit in her stomach
[21:13] gadget Cyberstar: *looks down at the tombstone, takes a breath, and says...* tal, you bloody bastard, you let them kill you afore i got ta kick yer arse!
[21:13] Relm Foxdale chuckles
[21:14] gadget Cyberstar: he was the best, i had to
[21:14] Louis Khalim smiles slightly, his head still bowed.
[21:14] Pionia Destiny: *tries to smiles.. gasps for air.. finally gets it.. remembers the good times*
[21:15] Pionia Destiny: *still can't say a word*
[21:15] Relm Foxdale watches Pionia
[21:15] gadget Cyberstar: mystra, guide the soul of Tal with the light o yer knowledge, so that he might be able to see the clear path to his home, guide him to summerland
[21:15] Louis Khalim pats Pionia on the shoulder.
[21:16] Pionia Destiny: *lowers her face and buries it in her palms*
[21:17] Relm Foxdale: Anyone else? Or are we done? Maybe we could leave flow--oh, yeah, no flowers
[21:17] Louis Khalim looks to Pionia and asks softly. "Do you wish to speak?"
[21:17] gadget Cyberstar: hmm, i think pionia might could make one
[21:17] Relm Foxdale: Or maybe something suitable for him, like a sword or something
[21:17] Pionia Destiny: *motions her hands and light s an eternal flame*
[21:17] Relm Foxdale: But someone might take it
[21:19] gadget Cyberstar: *looks down at the headstone and frowns* it aint fitting
[21:19] Louis Khalim moves closer to the grave and watches the flame.
[21:20] gadget Cyberstar: aint warriors supposed ta have a funeral pyre?
[21:20] Relm Foxdale: I ain't building one
the eternal flame becomes thousand of firelies.... 
[21:20] Pionia Destiny: *the eternal flame becomes thousand of firelies.... smiles warmly*
[21:20] Relm Foxdale: Anyway, I'd like his head to be intact in case...well, I doubt his body will turn up, but you never know
[21:21] Relm Foxdale: And a headless body would be no fun
[21:21] gadget Cyberstar: i disagree
[21:21] Relm Foxdale: Well, fun in the wrong way
[21:21] gadget Cyberstar: *chuckles*
[21:21] Louis Khalim: "I can say a closing prayer. "
[21:21] Relm Foxdale: Oh, please do
[21:22] Louis Khalim stands before the gravestone. "Tal, you were a good friend and a fine warrior. You will be missed."
[21:22] gadget Cyberstar: that was fast
[21:22] Louis Khalim stands and raises his eyes to the sky as he begins his prayer.

I pray that your Holy Light watch over the soul of our friend, Tal Xenga.
[21:22] Louis Khalim: Praise be to Pelor, Lord of the Sun, the compassionate, the merciful,
the god of the Sun, Healing, Good and Strength
I pray that you to shine your Holy Light down upon us
I pray that your Holy Light watch over the soul of our friend, Tal Xenga.
A fine warrior and a friend to us all.
That you may protect his spirit and I pray that one day you will return him to us if it is in your will.
May your Light shine upon us all.
May it be so.
[21:23] Louis Khalim bows his head again and pats the tombstone. "rest well, friend."
[21:23] Relm Foxdale nods
[21:23] Relm Foxdale: (Did we actually bury it?))
[21:23] gadget Cyberstar: ((sure))
[21:24] Louis Khalim picks up his shovel and begins covering the head with the pile of dirt.
[21:24] Relm Foxdale places her hand on the stone briefly. "Goodbye, Tal..."
[21:24] Relm Foxdale: Now, I vote we go have a drink or five
[21:24] gadget Cyberstar: i'm all fer that
[21:24] Relm Foxdale: You always are
[21:24] Pionia Destiny: *remains quietly and recites a poem ....*
[21:24] Louis Khalim shovels the last bit of dirt on the grave and pats it down with the shovel. "You guys go ahead. I think I will have a walk."
[21:25] Louis Khalim leaves carrying the shovel back to the stables.
[21:25] Relm Foxdale: You'd be happy to toast the sun coming up in the moning
[21:25] Pionia Destiny: quietly... just for her and for her friend::*
[21:25] Relm Foxdale: All right

Farewell... my friend
[21:25] Pionia Destiny:

Desde el fondo de ti, y arrodillado,
un niño triste como yo, nos mira.

Por esa vida que arderá en sus venas
tendrían que amarrarse nuestras vidas.

Por esas manos, hijas de tus manos,
tendrían que matar las manos mías.

Por sus ojos abiertos en la tierra
veré en los tuyos lágrimas un día.

Yo no lo quiero, Amada.

Para que nada nos amarre
que no nos una nada.

Ni la palabra que aromó tu boca,
ni lo que no dijeron tus palabras.

Ni la fiesta de amor que no tuvimos,
ni tus sollozos junto a la ventana.

Amo el amor de los marineros
que besan y se van.

Dejan una promesa.
No vuelven nunca más.

En cada puerto una mujer espera:
los marineros besan y se van.

(Una noche se acuestan con la muerte
en el lecho del mar.)

Amo el amor que se reparte
en besos, lecho y pan.

Amor que puede ser eterno
y puede ser fugaz.

Amor que quiere libertarse
para volver a amar.

Amor divinizado que se acerca
Amor divinizado que se va.

Ya no se encantarán mis ojos en tus ojos,
ya no se endulzará junto a ti mi dolor.

Pero hacia donde vaya llevaré tu mirada
y hacia donde camines llevarás mi dolor.

Fui tuyo, fuiste mía. ¿Qué más? Juntos hicimos
un recodo en la ruta donde el amor pasó.

Fui tuyo, fuiste mía. Tú serás del que te ame,
del que corte en tu huerto lo que he sembrado yo.

Yo me voy. Estoy triste: pero siempre estoy triste.
Vengo desde tus brazos. No sé hacia dónde voy.

...Desde tu corazón me dice adiós un niño.
Y yo le digo adiós.

[21:28] Pionia Destiny: Farewell... my friend

Farewell  by Pablo Neruda
Roleplayers: Louis Khalim, Relm Foxdale,  Gadget Cyberstar, and Pionia Destiny

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