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Believable Fantasy:The Mage

Ondine Ninetails

Pio went to a class.. a mage class in Sylvhara. There, she met the archmage.. Ondine Ninetails. She belongs to the Sylvhara Mage Guild. She explained really good tips on how to be a good mage and how to roleplay believable fantasy. Here, it is the class.

Believable Fantasy:The Mage
By: Ondine Ninetails

When you hear this phrase " Believable Fantasy" what comes to mind for you?
When we apply this term >Believable Fantasy< to RPing a Mage, we hope that those that we engage as a Mage “believe” within the exchange of discussion IC that we ARE a Mage.

The actions we perform must fall into the agreed upon description of what a Mage is and what a Mage can perform within the rules of the Mage Guild  and according to the ROE to accomplish this goal.
A Mage is a person skilled in the mysterious and hidden art of magic, and has the ability to attain objectives, and acquire knowledge by supernatural means.
To do these things a mage will harness and bend energy with staff, wand, hud,spell, ritual, and ceremony…and sometimes with just a word or the gesture of a hand will suffice.
A Mage is wise; esoteric, serious and mysterious.

How a mage RP various occult practices, traditions, and components of magic will be colored:
First by the mode of MAGE behavior,
Secondly it will be colored  by a race and culture.

This may include deities depending on the mage’s background. But know Since some of these dieties and "gods goddesses" actually exist amd interact, a Mage would still consider  homage or worship of this diety/god misplaced .A Mage would see all existing creatures as results of energy and deserving of only what they *earn* weather respect  homage etc.
The superstition part is that the clerics or druids see them as omnipotant . To the Mage "AS ABOVE SO BELOW" :all things die
..... even gods.....thus ......abandoned religions and temples
we are the scientists of our time

Remember the basic racial traits. The race the player chooses for their character will influence the actions of the Mage a great deal. A Drow will be moody , a Dragon will be aloof and neutral , and an Undead may well be quite bitter and/or sad, having been recently killed and brought back to life.

KNOW your race and its characteristics .Let people know a bit about you in your initial interactions. And the reverse is true as well. Know the race you are talking to. Learn about them so you know their culture and can act accordingly when visiting their territory.

Many misunderstandings IC and OOC are merely not knowing the race’s culture and manner.

  When Captain Kirk approached a new civilization, he learned its culture so as not to offend.

 If one is male and enters the Drow realm, he would be expected, out of respect for the race, and the culture, to bow before the Matron.
The list of knowledge and behaviors within the boundaries of the Mage Rp is endless, but several can be found with a little research.

Mages draw on the magic of the universe, elements, and their own inner energy, in order to create or change, protect or destroy. Magic itself is neutral, as is Nature and the Universe.
What each Mage intends and chooses to do with his or her skills and powers define them and their life path.

As you progress you will be encouraged to specialize in one of the Magical classes of magic. This too will color yoru weapons, abilities and interactions.
 a CLASS of mage as listed on the site
  A necromancer will engage a situation much differently than a Elementalist or Warlock
Arcane being a more general term of a balanced magician. And anyone aspiring to be Arch mage must be Arcane.

And an Elementalist. >>>Here it is important to remember and know that an ELEMENTALIST is DIFFERENT form an elemental.There is sometimes confusion on this.
An Elementalist Mage bends and works the elements.....An elemental IS energy and usually in the form of fae/sprit/etc
... again on different levels
...much as undead are on different levels

What we need to remember
 that this is a game,
and games have rules to insure all can enjoy the fun.


 In roleplay you can't see profiles, titles, tags or names. You do not address people by name unless you have met them before or been introduced.

When you consent to play the game of becoming a Mage, and join the guild, you agree to RP the process that brings you to that goal as a Full Mage.
When you become an initiate and learn the use of particles and RP the process of  what it is to have the desire and talent to become a great magician within the Agreed upon RP in the guild.

Make sure to always check the weapons page so that you know you are using only what is level appropriate

if you have any questions on weapons..ask lexie

 You RP your LIMITATIONS as well as these acquired skills.
That is, if you are an initiate and a demon is going to attack you ,…
you can only defend or attack  in return with knowledge and weapons of an INITIATE.

 The results depends upon your clever manipulations and skills of that level.
Or, if you like,  you can use the dice to decide the results and RP *why* you won.

As an Initiate,you cannot use the skills and weapons of an Adept or Mage.
Even if you steal or gain a staff, you would not know how to use it
( ….other than hitting the demon over the head.)

Even if an initiate stole a Staff and read scrolls on how to use it,
 he would still most likely harm himself.

The use of magic is to be a RP knowledge process
 as well as having all the bling and bang weapons that anyone can buy and pretend with.

The game of becoming a mage comes under the practice of skills and studies RP within the structure of the guild.

And when you join the guild you agree to play the process within that structure , so all are able to have fun without godmoding or playing out of character.

RP is a balance, its not all about you, its about everyone involved and having fun throughout.  RP is about giving and taking.

A note here on RP;One thing the guild discourages is the use of being a shapeshifter as member of the guild. Although there are tines it might works in a well crafted RP,...within the guild you have Transmutation and illusion to use to accomplish this. And being a shapeshifter only MUDDLES the RP.


Let’s quickly  review the different forms of RolePlay and common rules of IC and OOC.


Private Roleplay:
    A roleplay occurring between a small group of people, most often only 2 or 3, that has little or nothing to do with other players or events in the realm.

Casual Roleplay:
    Roleplay that occurs between groups or individuals that has not been predestined or planned out. It usually takes place on the spot, and is created by only those who are involved, each adding their own input to it.

Realm Roleplay:
    Roleplay that roughly flows from an existing plot line that has been initiated by several players throughout the realm has escalated from individual players participating in casual roleplay, to the involvement of realm wide institutions such as race and or guild groups as a whole.

Epic Roleplay:
    Roleplay who's storyline has been approved by Council , leaving sufficient latitude for individual contributions . It involves several key players who follow the predetermined plotline( ezample -SYLVHARA LEGENDS).  Epic roleplay can last for an hour, or up to several days, even weeks or years,..


* READ AND FOLLOW the Realm rules. Not knowing the rules of the Realm, does not exempt you from them.that include skirmish rules

* What is In Character (IC) stays IC, and what is Out Of Character (OOC) stays OOC. What you learn OOC can not be used IC.

* This is Roleplay, don't let it slide. People play sides. If a player is playing a baddie it doesn't make them a bad person, they are just good people playing baddies. Don't take it personally.

*Don't chatter too much in ((OOC)) during a roleplay. Go into ims to ooc chat. Same goes for disagreements, always go into im. If you must argue, NEVER argue openly
Something to contemplate in yoru RP

The difference between Light and Dark Magic and Neutral magic is :
neutral magic relies on thought and the Will, while Light and Dark magic relies on feeling, emotion . All have intent behind them.A CAUSE to draw on the magic of the universe, elements, and their own inner energy, in order to create or change, protect or destroy. Magic itself is neutral, as is Nature and the Universe. Which of those 3 Magics would be the most powerful? And Why?


We use our eyes and judge a person on what their character looks and acts like.

Look and Act like a Mage,that is, unless you are trying to be hidden within the context of the story.
its part of the staging

In roleplay your senses are limited. Using radars or maps to see or locate people isn't real IC unless you have developed in Rp these skills or have reached the level that these are your tools..

Listening through solid stone walls or buildings isn't real unless it has been established you have that skill.

 We are mortal characters, not Gods. If you get hurt, act hurt.

If you get killed, you are dead.

Ghosts don't interact with mortals (again ..unless that is part of the story).

Don't make things more complicated or twist events to suit you unless worked through the format with others understanding the why and where it is going. (COMMUNICATE)
Giving peolpe a HINT of where it MIGHT go is not scripting. Its good Rp to have people informed on basic outlines. All that happens within the RP...... win or loose or come and go happens because of peoples skills and imagination.
Don't 'Godmod' This is All actions (unless incapacitated) should have a reaction.  Meaning, you RP an action and you give others the time to RP an action back.
You do not RP someone else's actions, but you can give hints as to what your actions could do or effect them.

 Be creative, and think of yourself in the position for real. when a player starts to dictate how other characters will react, for example,

”The dragon swoops down and grabs the elf by his jacket and lifts him into the sky .”

This gives the elf no choice in the rp!

 Better to say
 ”The dragon swoops down aiming for the elfs jacket so as to lift him into the sky.”

This gives the elf a choice to either “SEE”  or to “NOT SEE”the dragons approach and run or else describe what it is like when the dragon grabs his jacket and lifts him.

Don't be afraid to use emotes.But avoid long thoughts...noone can react to yoru thoughts ,it stifels RP. however sometimes the thought is used to remind someone what they SHOULD have known

A character can be made interesting even if they're not doing anything by simply typing /me and a description. For example "/me looks up at the stars and smiles" or "/me looks lost in thought". The /me will be replaced with the character name when it is posted.

Don't use smileys or text speak in  character conversation.
Role players generally don't mind bad spelling as long as an effort is being made to stay in character.

You do not have to be a member of a guild in order to roleplay in the Realms
However, if you roleplay as a Caster, and use magic in roleplay or combat and are not  a member of a Mages Cleric or Druid Guild or other caster guildsc your abilities will not be recognized.
To join a guild, pick one you deem most suited for you.  Contact the Head of the Guild and process with your course as a member.
 You are not bound to stay in any one guild, but we do ask that you inform the Head of your Guild before pursuing another course.

AND the change MUST be RPed

And lastly…..

Do be generous to the rp of others and allow them to add or comment
Do take the time to be caught up on a running storyline before you contribute roleplay to it
Do be a good listener and reply thoughtfully. Listen for a bit and get an idea of the flow of an rp before contributing something more than a nod or short comment.
Do be creative with your character. Even the baker or, storekeeper can be engaging, and add his perspective to the roleplay.
Do be patient with those just beginning. Share your roleplay knowledge kindly, and help to make better roleplayers
Don't use non-rp words like Ok (okay), lol, omg! or, common phrases like"Its a done deal" or "Gimme a break!"
Don't draw focus from the roleplay at hand, such as fainting, becoming ill or, announcing something outside the context of the rp.
Unless your realm is being attacked, then you can run up and yell, "We are being attacked!"
When a Rp is going on try asking questions rather than interrupting with your own story and history
Don't comment or, ask questions that divert or interupt the flow of the rp. (ie) Player 1 says: "My lord, do you believe the volcano is going to erupt tonight? Player 2 says, "the ground has been rumbling all day" Player 3 says "Have you seen my frog?"
Don't choose a character that cannot be affected by anything. Unless you are playing in a land of gods, where everyone has the same footing, characters who are all powerful or, have no vulnerabilities bring roleplay to a dead stop. They can also undercut and trivialize the roleplay they enter by not being the least concerned or affected by it.
Don't interject a different roleplay storyline into an RP already in progress, interrupting the flow.!"
DO Be consistent in your character at first. Establish who/what kind of Mage you lean toward,begin now creating your characters persona ,so others will understand enough to interact with you.

If you are constantly changing race /character/etc …people will avoid interaction.
be sure!!!! you have picked the race you want to go with

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