Friday, January 29, 2010

Roleplaying... in Second Life

Hi, There!!! My name's Pionia Destiny and I am a character in several Roleplaying Sims in Second Life. Even though, I was rezzed back in 2007, I didn't have the chance to come back to Second Life until November 2008.

First I was just the avatar of an EFL professor who loves adventuring in new lands and is not scared of challenges.  She follows the example of her dear friend Vance Stevens (Indy as she calls him), the founder of the Webheads in Action. In the beginning, EFL professors were my first friends in SL. I used to visit places with "academic purposes" only.
Later on, as the person behind the keyboard, got more and more interested in the possibilities  that 3D worlds have to offer for education. I went on tours all over SecondLife.

One day I visited the land that later on I will  call home "Avilion". When  I first got to Avilion, I was nicely impressed by the way its inhabitants received its visitors. All of a sudden people and creatures started to address me as Lady Pionia. I was greeted at Avilion's Gate by kind greeters that told me I needed to wear a medieval outfit if I wanted to visit the sim. They also pointed out there were free medieval clothing for me to get. After changing clothes, I was taken into the sim by a little dragon that showed me the Drum circle, the social area where Avilioners gather to roleplay stories, listen to music or just sit quietly and listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the beautiful colors that the DC, as they call it , offers.

At the same time I started to visit Avilion I got the luck to land in Artstonia .. a medieval village that scared me to death the first time i visited it... They told me there we good and evil characters living there.  I joined this village and became an "Artstonia Wanderer". I kept visiting and getting to know a litte bit more about it.... Later on I took character developing classes ..that's when my story as a role player character was born.. Thanks to Meg's Class I got the basic ideas to create a story and that's how Lady Pionia came to be what she's in botha Avilion and inArstonia.

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